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  1. You can very easily make your own mission like that. You just have to set a trigger that will start playing an OGG format audio file. I actually did that with the Huey, where the music starts with the start of the mission. Flying the Huey at sunset in VR while listening to all those classic Sixties rock sound tracks is an amazing experience!
  2. I'm also having performance issues with 2.7. in VR (Rift-S). What helped me quite a bit was switching from Steam VR to Opencomposite and Oculus Tool Tray. OTT Default ASW Mode set to 18Hz. That may seems to be a very low frequency setting, but fps appears to be MUCH smoother now. Any Rift/Rift-S may want to give it a shot. I also use an older Nvidia driver 457.30,which is said to perform well with DCS: NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL My spec: i7-8700 RTX2060 32GB Ram
  3. I got lost after been asked to check in with ground for taxing. According to the kneeboard, I'm supposed to be on CH3 (G) and CH1 (R). Trying to contact Nellis via comms menu, I have to ask permission for engine start-up, but no response whatsoever. Am I missing something?
  4. Thanks for the confirmation and upcoming fix.
  5. Same problem here. I got all the radio chatter from Ghost and Cheavy 5-1 while hanging around WP2. Once I turn towards WP3 (after been cleared in hot), no more comms except players voice. My radio settings are Green CH3 and Red CH1. Checked both with simplified radio comms ON and OFF under options, which made no difference.
  6. I have the same issue. The 2.75 inch rockets don't appear on the top of the MPCD and can therefore not be activated by the upper OSB. Pressing the pylon SEL buttons on the ACP seems to select the rockets inside the MPCD (a bracket appears on one side), but nothing is shown inside the HUD. This also happens if I only have one type of rockets loaded. The ZUNI MK-71 are working fine. I haven't tried the FFAR yet.
  7. That's good to know. Thanks for the confirmation.
  8. Does the Zone 5 campaign allow to have labels on in-game (on all the Youtube videos I've seen so far there were no labels displayed)? As a VR pilot, been able to turn on labels is crucial. Can anybody please confirm? Thanks.
  9. No luck with the lock here, either. I'm on latest Beta. Funny things is, each time I try the training mission first, I'll get a lock with my first trial. After that, games refusing to lock again.
  10. You're right - my update wasn't properly installed (I'm on Steam version). Now it works!
  11. I already tried this yesterday and again this morning. It works in the menu but still no joy when in the cockpit. Oh, and I'm on the latest Beta.
  12. No pilot body here yet. Toggling pilot body on/off doesn't show any results, either.
  13. Great mod indeed! I'm using it together with Ga-Bika's Texturepack 2.5 and it looks stunning in VR. Thanks a lot for sharing.:thumbup:
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