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  1. Thanks, will try the torrent. What happens with activated modules if I install a full new version? Do they stay activated or should I deactivate first? Cheers Keith
  2. Hi Coming back to DCS, have v1.2.5 but the update to 1.2.7 was going to take many hours so I cancelled it. Would it be best to download the full 1.2.7 (twice the size of the update but maybe more efficient?)? Or is the 1.2.8 beta due out within a week or two? Thanks Keith
  3. Hi, thanks both for advice. I do know the principles - it's being able to finely control the collective that's my issue. With the 1.2.5 update applied I can no longer display the control options page,b so can't try modifying the curves as suggested!!! OTOH I made half a dozen landings last night without a single crash so maybe 1.2.5 also fixed some things... Cheers Keith
  4. Like many people I've been having huge problems landing the Huey, to the point where I almost made a stroppy post and shelved it...but then I decided that my real issue was the collective - the tiniest movement is having a disproportionate impact on the in-game collective and instead of slowing my descent I'm going back up, correct that by the tiniest amount - nooo too much - boom. Again. Part of the problem is my Sidewinder FFB - it's excellent for Huey but the throttle is VERY loose. Jamming some card into the mechanism stiffens it up and is a big improvement but not enough. Most advice
  5. And I thought the Mustang was going to be simpler....... Cheers keith
  6. Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 has reversed axis. Options > Controls > FF tune > Swap Axes Yep, that was it, all is now fine and dandy! Cheers Keith
  7. From the Wiki (and as PeterP points out) Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 has reversed axis. Options > Controls > FF tune > Swap Axes Not 100% convinced but will try it tonight, if it works will be time for 'embarrassed smiley' Cheers Keith
  8. Sorry, yes, FFB2. Posted that previously but should have repeated Only done SP, but always occurs. Have had BS1 since 1st russian release, never a problem. Used the FFB2 in BS1, A-10C, FF5 and FSX last night without a problem. Cheers Keith Win XP 4GB E8400 GTX 460
  9. Cant do a track, but have done some testing. With reference to the diagram below of the control indicator, where X is the centre .........B .........| .........| A-----X------C .........| .........| .........D On startup control indicator is at X when no force applied to joystick and I can then fly normally, but with a lot of force. If I push Trim and move the indicator to A (leftbank) on release the stick jumps to B and stays there unless I apply a counter force. If I push Trim and move the indicator to B (nose down) on release the stick jumps to C and stays there unless I app
  10. It seems to be even worse for me - releasing trim kicks the nose up AND rolls firmly right. Pretty unflyable. :-( MS FFB2, Checked the joystick works fine in BS1 and A-10C Tried enabling / disabling all the autopilot buttons, the waypoint, the trim centring option... Is there something else I've forgotten thats on by default? Cheers Keith
  11. Is this the same for all MS Sidewinder FFB2 users? That was the best joystick for BS - surely they wont have broken it... Means no purchase for me if so. Cheers Keith
  12. Can I upgrade my russian version 1 with the patch version? Quite happy for BS2 to be in english... Cheers Keith
  13. I use a MS FFB Sidewinder 2 in BS and it works well, BUT it took a while. You have to invert the feedback axis on the options page and ensure the 'return to centre' trim option is not selected. You can fly with a non-FFB stick but it feels unnatural...if you ONLY fly BS (and no real world flying) then probably soon adjusted. I suggest reading http://www.simhq.com/_air13/air_421a.html for a heretical view on trimming and flying the BS. Cheers, Keith
  14. Even if its encrypted you can tell that something is going on, and by the volume of traffic the likely number of aircraft :) Is military ATC encrypted? They would need two sets of radios - one to talk to the aircraft with encrypted radios and one to talk to everybody else, and everybody else would not know that (e.g) four A-10's had just been 'cleared to cross 27R and take off on 27L departing to the North at 1,000 feet' etc. Cheers, Keith
  15. Operationally, shouldn't radio chatter be kept to a minimum? Back in 1940, in the Battle of Britain, we knew when Luftwaffe raids were being launched and approximate strength, by listening to radio checks and take-off chatter long before radar picked them up. I'm sure that lesson was learnt and that operational airfields run (ran?) with the minimum of chatter on pre-briefed times and clearances, a good look-out and running lights. So I wouldn't be expecting the equivalent of civilian ATC. Maybe just a 'rolling' call, and any exceptions (ie aborts)? Cheers, Keith
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