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  1. Hello all, Is there a condition that activate an action only when my aircraft has been detected by enamy radar or cap? Thanks
  2. Is there a list of all the known issues?
  3. Thank Night_Geist, Every thing is exactly as you mentioned. i dont understand whay the laser stop transmitting after 30 sec or so. is it seposed to?
  4. Hello All, I cant hit targets with laser Mavarick. i use auto lase but after launch a counter appers at my right side of the HUD and when it goes zero the ATFLIR stope lasing and the missle just drop to earth in the middle of its flight... What am i doing wrong? Thanks!
  5. In recent days I am having a problem with my D/L. I found that every time the mission start time that I enter in ME is 16:00 or later, the D/L system does not work at all. can this problem related to the fact that 16:00 (LTime Nevada) is 00:00 (ZTime) and the next minutes is a new day? It drives me crazy :helpsmilie:
  6. After a lot of attempts, I found out that my D/L glich is related to the time i enterd in ME. the D/L glich is appears whenever the time I enter is late from 15:00 (local time Nevada). i think this is some kind of bug releted to the fact that 16:00 local time (Nevada) is 00:00 Zolo time. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
  7. Have you encountered this problem in the past? OB supposed to solve the problem of D/L malefunction in cold start while for me the glitch also appears in hot start.
  8. Hello, Since i downloaded the last beta version i'm experiencing problems with my F/A-18c data link system. most of the time the system does not work (i can't see icons on my SA page). I tried to check my MIDS page (i dont know whether it's already functional) and i saw that it ask me to check my time (the date written is indeed not the date of my mission) - am i doing something wrong or this is some kind of bug? I would greatly appreciate your help.
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