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  1. Hola a todos. Me gustaría preguntar una duda a ver si alguien me la puede solucionar: He estado haciendo pruebas con los cazas de FC3 y los misiles, y me ha pasado lo siguiente: volando con el Flanker contra un F-15C, 1vs1, he disparado un R-27ER, y a su vez el F-15C me ha disparado un Sparrow M. Mi misil derriba al F-15C, y el sparrow, en lugar de ponerse en balístico al perder el avión lanzador el blocaje, sigue persiguiéndome durante varios segundos y finalmente me derriba. Esto lo he replicado varias veces, y con otros aviones lanzadores, como el Phantom y el Tomcat. Hasta donde yo sé, el
  2. I´m not going to buy this or any other new modules until RAZBAM 100% finishes the ones already in the market. :disgust:
  3. Please, UGRA, finish 100% your current products before starting another project. Some of us are tired of half-finished products and eternal betas in DCS World. Please, don't be as other developers (won't say names) that don't actually finish the products because they are always jumping from a project to another.
  4. :thumbup: But that kind of things should be done by the developer of the map, even if the situation of the military objects are not the ones of real life por political reasons or something. They should provide templates for making missions easily, not just wait that eventually the community will do the work.
  5. Could be possible to create some SimCharts, both visual and instrumental, adapted to the simulator for at least the main airbases of the map? It´s not easy to find real life charts for most of those airbases, and some of the procedures in real life are not possible in DCS World... Also, it would be great a manual with some documentation about the map: a bit of story of those airbases, planes and squadrons operating from there, historical places, historical battlefields... Planes have manuals, so maps should have too. :thumbup:
  6. +1 PLEASE. An airbase as big and important as Ramat David and only has a NDB? Please, do the base fully functional for modern jets with TACAN and ILS, even if it's exactly like real life. 99,9999% of as simmers are not going to fly never in real life to Ramat David, so who cares? Some "SimCharts" for procedures, adapted to the sim, would be great too.
  7. If your main priority is to kill other guys in multiplayer, buy the JF-17 since it has probably the best FOX-3 missiles in DCS World.
  8. So, you want that we have to buy another GPS for the ZA in order of being able of using the weapons with the GPS? Do you work for ED, by chance? :megalol: This is not a civilian simulator. The L-39C is not a simulation of a GA aircraft in DCS, but a military trainer and light attack aircraft. 15 years ago, when GPS wasn't so common as today, it could happen that civilian GPS, or even just car navigators where mounted in older military jets as "field modifications" or something like that. And that's what could be simulated here with this NS-430, not a GA plane. If it's a GA plane what they a
  9. Sadly I don't think there is a way to fix by hand the other mayor bug, the artifacts in the cockpit of the ZA.
  10. Alba57


    Hahaha, this is "wish list" and we are trying to convince those guys to make the "C" model after the A/PAN. If you are so into trainers, why are you trying to sabotage it? :lol::lol::lol: :doh: You should be saying to the guys of IndiaFoxEcho "Yes, yes, you make it, please" :thumbup: Anyway, seriously, the announcement of a fighter-bomber is the "train of hype" at full speed for 99% of simmers, but another trainer is just "meh, it's OK" for most of the people. Since there are already 2 of them, they should try to give something different. Modern avionics could be one, a campaign of training
  11. Alba57


    Well, It's true that the F/A-18, the F-16 and the JF-17 are pretty similar, but it's true that most of the people find more "sexy" those kind of planes than the C-101 and the MB-339. I think most of the people would like to find time to learn and fly several fighter-bombers, but would not several trainers, I´m afraid. My case: I like a lot the free MB-339. I think it´s a brilliant free mod. And I'm sure that you are going to do a great job with it as a payware. But I already own the C-101 and the L-39. Well, the L-39 is a ex-soviet plane, different avionics, weapons and systems... but the
  12. There are videos of GA L-39 with a commercial GPS fixed to the plexiglass of the canopy with a sucker. They could have put it anywhere. They could have put it in the right panel, as it's in LOTUS's L-39 for FXS, for example. I think what makes sense is not stripping away the weapons capability of a plane IN A MILITARY SIM for a GPS. We should not have to choose between a GPS and the use of weapons in a sim like DCS World.
  13. Te lo agradezco mucho. Llevaba algún tiempo detrás de estos documentos y no había forma. Por supuesto cualquier otro documento que puedas compartir (sin que se enfade nadie de ningún escuadrón virtual, se entiende), será muy bienvenido.
  14. He visto en internet que la gente del Escuadrón 111 tradujo hace tiempo tanto el manual del M-2000C como la guía de Chuck, pero todos los enlaces de descarga que he encontrado están muertos. ¿Por casualidad alguien tiene por ahí esas traducciones, y querría compartirlas? Incluso si el manual está un poco desactualizado, sería interesante. Gracias de antemano :thumbup:
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