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  1. You can do this in the Ka-50 and section 5-10 of the Ka-50 manual calls it the "funnel" manoeuvre.
  2. If you've ticked the box in the special options it is on all the time. Why do you need to check?
  3. I think he's called "Petrovich" because its a default name for AI gunners in the Russian sim community.
  4. You need to use the "Radio trigger" binding not the "communication menu" binding. Comms menu only works on the ground, radio works in the air.
  5. Getting pedals hugely improved my heli control. I have no idea how I would have held a stable hover in the Mi-8 without them.
  6. I thought this until I realised that the 12.7mm Kord door gunner in the Mi8 can kill IFVs
  7. If it all becomes too annoying remember that the Mi-8 is one of the modules where the NS430 actually integrates into the cockpit. I've not had to go there yet though, even on flights from Al Minhad to Fujairah.
  8. I had already convinced myself to try the Hip but I certainly wouldn't have gotten very far without the tutorial series. Some of the best tutorial videos for, well, anything that I've seen.
  9. Yeah but in rl the tree would be out too.
  10. The trees on Syria can stop a Maverick. They should probably start strapping them to tanks.
  11. Flying co-ordinated in a helicopter is not the same as flying in a straight line. He explains in the video that you need to have a slight right-down attitude to fly the Hip in a straight line, which will cause the ball to be slightly right of centre. That drift indicator works regardless of whether you've turned on doppler nav, because it is showing the ground track relative to your nose. Basically, don't correct with rudder input, correct with a gentle right bank.
  12. Awesome, if you just switch back to ANF from SPA you can attack the fix you had selected in SPA mode, though the manual doesn't actually say that you can do this.
  13. Are you able to then attack a target you've marked in SPA mode?
  14. WRT to the NAVFLIR, was the HUD switch on "Night"? "Auto" doesn't seem to let you repeat the FLIR onto the HUD.
  15. You can "fix" these fonts by editing one of the lua files in the cockpit folder for the AV8B. You just change a couple of numbers and it looks a lot better. I'll update this post with the exact change when I'm back from work.
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