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  1. 1. Ground power on (presuming your CDU wasn't damaged, this keeps you from needing to realign after the repair). 2. Shut off non-damaged engine. 3. Push extinguisher handle back in and check your fuel pump switches. 4. Repair. 5. APU on. 6. Restart engines. If you skip step 3, the engine that was extinguished won't be able to spin up properly when you get to step 6.
  2. You would use it if you didn't have a TGP.
  3. There's never been an issue with bombs dropped from the middle of the DLZ staple. The problem has been that bombs dropped from the top end of staple come up short (over a mile short at one point, but it was down to a few hundred yards, the last time I checked) and from the bottom end of the staple overshooting. Your test just shows that what already worked fine still works.
  4. Need to do some more testing, but I didn't run into any issues with the GBU-54 coming up short or flying weird today (didn't test 38s or 31s), so they may have fixed the DLZ bug.
  5. The bug report topic (https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/252217-reporteda-10c-ii-jdamljdam-range-staple-and-cep-issues-dcs-25657264/) I put in was marked as "reported" and locked several months ago. I've heard conflicting reports as to whether or not it was fixed: Some people say it's fixed, some people say it's fixed if you drop below an altitude of 20,000ft, and others say that it's simply not fixed. Now that I'm no longer working at home and don't have to clear desk space to play DCS, I'll have to hop on and run my test mission again (the test mission uses an invincible T-90 as the target, which
  6. Hrm. The other thing that comes to mind, that I'd honestly never really even thought about, is that the front wheel is offset to the right as a result of the GAU-8, so it could be that it naturally wants to drift left somewhat as a result?
  7. Oh, I missed that. Hrm. Without watching the track (I'm not on my PC presently), what was your loadout? The first thing that comes to mind is that it could be a weight imbalance? On takeoff, I'm usually pulling *slightly* to the left when loaded up with my "typical" unbalanced loadout (ALQ-184 or GBU-12 and a rocket pod on the left, AIM-9 or empty and TGP on the right) but it's never been anything more than a slightest annoyance with the keyboard (but was very noticeable with the pedals).
  8. When I had TFRP pedals, I had the exact same issue with both the Hog and the Hornet. I suspect that it's because the pedals had poor ergonomics (too narrow) and were very touchy (springs were too light), even with strong curves. Using the keyboard for controlling the rudder and brakes, this simply doesn't happen. For the record, I presently use Q/E for rudder, W for brakes, and control my throttle during taxi and takeoff using my forearm. Haven't had any issues at all.
  9. I'm expecting (read: hoping) them to fix all this and add more preset options into the mission editor when they add the ARC-210.
  10. The ILS actually works at some airbases? I had thought that it had been completely broken, because it never worked whenever I tried to use it. Last I checked (probably 9 months ago), it didn't even work in the tutorial mission...
  11. I've had up to six simultaneously for GBU-38s, and used all of them. On the same pass, no less.
  12. Terrain 100% does the trick, but, yes, trees don't. That's usually the problem that I run into on the (admittedly rare) occasion I run 82AIRs.
  13. Low level, terrain following attacks on stationary targets. SAM sites, airbase parking/taxiways/runways, fuel depots, etc, etc. Without scripting magic, this can be real hard because SA-15, SA-19, and Mr. Shilka know exactly where you are, even when they shouldn't.
  14. https://www.476vfightergroup.com/ would be my first thought.
  15. Right Engine Set OFF and Left Engine Set OFF do exactly that. I use the same keybinds for both startup and shutdown.
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