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  1. Never had a problem with the Mirage 2000. Now, the Harrier has a serious issue with chocks, but that's another ship entirely.
  2. Well, in Viggen's case, overheating the airframe (as opposed to the engine) wouldn't do much to kill it. Prolonged, it might jam the landing gear, speedbrakes and RAT doors, but that's about it. IRL, the airplane would be as good as totaled, but in DCS, we don't have a system that would account for that. I hope they fix it in the dynamic campaign. Flying the plane that far outside its limits should, realistically, cost you the aircraft, even if you get away with your life. The gap between "only good for spare parts" and "instant fireball" is actually considerable, and there's also
  3. Well, ED is working on AI, so maybe we'll eventually see them become somewhat smarter. Right now it's not unbeatable, just dumb and in some cases cheating egregiously. Most notably, they have a strange thing for fighting in vertical, even in airframes utterly unsuited for this. Jester is another matter, unfortunately that one's for Heatblur to fix. He's not a very good RIO, even with magic AI vision.
  4. ArmA videos get mistaken for reality a lot. Wouldn't be surprised if that happened to DCS ones, too. It speaks to photorealistic graphics of both, but in this particular case, they could have looked at it more closely. It looked like a gatling gun of some sort (M113 VADS?) engaging an A-10. The actual Shilka in both mods that provide the VADS sounds much closer to reality and fires in shorter bursts.
  5. It was, I think that's what you're hearing. The sound is really something else, both interior and exterior ones are great.
  6. Oh, and one more thing: hose on the thirty. Get into AA mode, and there's a number "30" to the right of your pitch ladder. Put that on the hose until you get into the basket. Then shift your focus onto the gun cross, it should be under and to the left of the refueling pod. Or if you like simple, just aim it at the pod and keep it there. Oh, and don't adjust you seat, or it'll not work.
  7. It's likely something like that. Windows 10 does have a few cool features included, but few would lead to such hard dependency. Hopefully it pans out, DCS really should perform better than it currently does.
  8. Not curves, technique. This, in particular, you need to get a feel for. Try putting the base of your hand on the panel, and adjusting throttle with finger pressure. That's about what you need. Alternatively, more coarse, but decisive corrections can work, you'll oscillate, but the response is so snappy that you should be able to stay within the connection area (this won't quite work in the Hornet or Mirage, but on the Harrier it would). I use the latter technique with my CH Pro Throttle, since it has a rather short throw and is not very precise, but very easy to move. Also, don't f
  9. IMO, modern (2000s) assets should be a part of the core. We can have "80s asset pack", "Vietnam asset pack" and so on, for era-specific stuff. A visual-only upgrade pack for the core would be acceptable, too. Anything else would split the community too much, I think.
  10. Well, the R-27 probably just used Sparrow symbology, they're both SARH missiles, after all. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they just made the F-14 think it's a Sparrow. Whether the F-14's radar would actually guide it is another question.
  11. That collective grip looks absurd - I love it. Someone should make a 3D model for printing. That looks like it'd be fun to build.
  12. It doesn't, it presumably refers to Cortana, which you can just turn off. Also, M$ wouldn't send anything to Google without your express request - they already are trying to push people into Bing. They wouldn't abuse your privacy just to enrich their competition, after all. My microphone is on a USB camera that turns on a LED whenever it has power. So far, the only thing I noticed accessing the mike without a good reason is Oculus (and I'm getting rid of that as soon as my Reverb G2 comes in).
  13. OK, I didn't consider thermal limits. However, keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily mean it wouldn't go that fast. It's just that the engine might not be good for much afterwards. There is that story of a MiG-25 getting clocked at M3.2 despite normally not being rated for such speeds, that didn't do wonders to the operational life of the engines, but neither would a missile up its tailpipe, so there are cases where it could be warranted. Perhaps dynamic campaign could simulate some of those consequences, such as locking out the airplane with a "pending engine replacement" caption.
  14. It's not unrealistic, there's a reason it's called "AJS-37". Remember, it's a supersonic aircraft with a very powerful engine and canards, meaning it's actually a surprisingly competent fighter. Yes, M1.45 at sea level is realistic performance for an engine this powerful. It can turn and it can climb, and it can carry four Sidewinders. This would put it in league with the MiG-23, sans the radar. However, if you're launching heaters under GCI guidance, the Viggen's radar works just fine... which is also how you would use a MiG-23 with GCI. Viggen isn't very competent in guns combat,
  15. It can already happen, I've had this sort of thing in the A-10. However, it seems it was implemented as a random roll, only somewhat related to where you actually got hit. Generally, I found hits from the tail and front usually made the engine quit, while hits on the belly seldom did much, I even took a MANPAD on the chin and kept flying, more than once. However, they would sometimes wreck the gun or landing gear. Even on AI aircraft, I found that shooting up a big plane's fuselage seldom brought it down, while shooting out the engines brought on the black smoke and all that jazz. So it's al
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