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  1. Well, if it didn't, it wouldn't have a limiter, wouldn't it? It's a nimble fighter, so handle with care, it doesn't have FBW and will not stop you from getting into trouble.
  2. I don't think sales will be less frequent, however the Turkey hardly gets discounted, anyway. They were never frequent in first place, but the Steam Summer Sale should have it, and DCS store should get a sale in parallel. What I'll be missing are the free trails on Steam. There were a few things that I wanted to check (admittedly, mostly out of curiosity, I'm not in the market for them). I can't install standalone because I don't have that much room on my SSD.
  3. OK, so I'll try the PD trick, and I'll also have a look at overclocking the CPU. I have a small water cooler, so I've been meaning to get around to squeezing some more performance out of the CPU. IIRC, this particular example had a problem of not overclocking very well, but it was air-cooled back then. I don't think I can get 5GHz, but maybe I can get it to 4-something. Upgrading the CPU outright isn't on the table ATM, mostly because I'd need a different mobo to go with it (also for DDR4 memory, I'm currently stuck with DDR3). I won't say I have no budget for upgrades, but for now
  4. Two words: Robin Olds. Badass with a badass 'stache.
  5. I've recently got the Reverb G2, and I'm currently in process of trying to optimize the settings for the best experience with it. However, I ran into a problem: all recent guides assume I have a recent GPU, such as the 3090, and I don't. I have a 1080Ti, which is a bit weaker. Still, the G2 came out before the 3090 did, so I'd expect it could be made to work with the second best GPU of its time. Right now it's playable, but barely. I'm running about 20-30 FPS (as indicated by the counter you get with RCTRL+Scroll lock). I'd like to nudge it up to 45, but neither lowering the resolu
  6. Sometimes such simple solutions are the best. High-tech appliances are nice, but then you have my grandmother's fridge, which just works, and it does so reliably for years, while newer ones would need the compressor replaced several times over across the same time. Say what you will about the switch-flipping bar, but it's certainly not something you replace very often. The Americans have their peculiarities, too, BTW. Every. single. thing. has a three (sometimes more, occasionally two) letter acronym that it goes by. If this was a US helo, this would be called something like "
  7. Can you bind an Xbox controller in DCS, though? I think they use their own system and not a standard HID interface like every every other controller. If you can get it to bind, then sure, though there'll be a lot of keyboard usage, and throttle might be a problem.
  8. It might be that the fire control system can't handle asymmetrical loadouts. If you can only select the hardpoints as pairs, it might not be possible to actually use anything loaded opposite the Atakas. In fact, with the wings being reduced on the Mi-35M, it probably carries them like that simply because that's the only way it can carry 8 Atakas.
  9. That's because of how the control system works. It was explained in detail in one of the weeklies, and the selector dial doesn't go beyond 8. I think the rack was developed for Mi-28, and "back-ported" to Mi-35M. Of course, you are flying lopsided as a result, but it allows you to carry 8 missiles while freeing up the opposite hardpoint.
  10. Actually, given the prevalence of threads like this, I hope they will make it a free DLC. I know it's pretty common on Steam, and I don't think it'd be impossible to implement in the Launcher. Of course, that's beside the point for me, since I'm really looking forward to the map, and I'm planning on getting the Corsair, so I can't even leave out the WWII version... In fact, I would be OK with booting one of those sims to the HDD, if it wasn't for the fact that SteamVR has this terrible flicker when loading and there's no native WMR support in either of them.
  11. Again, mid-2000s, REDFOR really was overwhelmingly using late Cold War assets. The good stuff that the Russians made during that period went to India, which is not really featured in DCS. LOMAC was made in 2003, and featured a pretty realistic lineup for what was, back then, the current state of affairs. The planeset mostly carried over to DCS, which is particularly obvious when looking at many of the AI models.
  12. The I-16 had no radio IRL. The pilots communicated with hand signals, signal flares (fired from a flare gun) and wagging their wings. Admittedly, this isn't all that practical in DCS.
  13. There is an exception to that, though: German (and Italian, though we don't have any in DCS) WWII aircraft. They trim pitch by moving the entire tailplane, and this affects elevator authority. In a dogfight, trimming the tailplane can be helpful for squeezing just a little bit more performance out of those aircraft. Yes, you don't want to be in a dogfight in those birds, but either way, a properly trimmed tailplane will have both less drag and better authority.
  14. There's a certain threshold below which the wind isn't taken into account. RWY 07 is the default, if the wind is close to zero, it'll be used regardless of its direction.
  15. Still, DCS represents the mid-2000s. For those keeping score, it was 15 years ago. Time files, doesn't it? Yeah, body armor is much more common now, with what was top-notch systems back then being available to poorer countries and even sometimes insurgents. There's also plenty of commercial solutions on the market by now, both civilian and military. But this is a recent development, and by the time DCS is set, it wasn't the case.
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