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  1. Problem solved. Solution: I made a cleanup and repair of DCS Then I renamed the "pluginsEnabled.lua" from C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\ into 123.lua. And then I got the NS430 tab in the options/special and it worked.
  2. Thanks for your replies! I have tried again to uninstall the modules and reinstall them. I also removed my mods from DCS. Still not working unfortunately. I can see the NS 430 and NS 430 for Mi-8 are installed properly in the module manager but still not showing up in the options special tabs. And not in the game either.
  3. Hi. I bought the NS430 and the NS430 for Mi-8. But they're not showing up in DCS. They exist in the module manager and are downloaded correctly. Twice. But in the options/special menu they're not showing up however. Very strange. Are they not compatible with OB 2,7 yet or what? /LYNX
  4. Yeah I hope so too. I'm gonna send my computer back to the retailer now so they can troubleshoot it. Tried to do benchmark tests on the computer and the computer shuts down and restarts whenever I do the stress tests on it. Thanks for your support! /Lynx
  5. Hi Fastbreak! Thanks for your input and I'm sorry to hear you too are having problems. I believe my problems stem from some broken hardware somewhere and I have contacted the company where I bought my PC and asked for a refund.
  6. Alright, I've tried starting instant actions with Hornet and on random MP servers. Very weird then. 2. Okay, I understand. Thanks!
  7. This worked, cool thanks for the tip! Two questions though. 1. metashaders2 folder is still empty. Cause for concern or what's that about? 2. What causes DCS to dislike the GPU as it is in it's OC state? Are there any limits in core or memory clock frequencies? Many thanks for your support! /Lynx
  8. Yes, I believe the GPU is overclocked as standard from factory.
  9. Hi! Was unsure where to post this, but I recently reinstalled my windows and then DCS OB. However I cant get DCS to play at all, it always crashes when I load up the aircraft and about to start flying in Caucasus. (I press fly and then it dies. Sometimes CTD, sometimes computer reboots. I have noticed it don't build any shades in my saved games/dcs/metashaders2 folder. It's empty. I have tried repairing DCS, deleted the prementioined saved games/dcs ob-folder (entire folder). Tried different graphic settings and so on. But every time DCS dies. Win 10 versi
  10. Hi guys, hope to maybe find someone who've had the same issues as myself. Flying online last evening I started experiencing flickering both in VR (Rift CV1) As well as on the 2d screen. Eventually the image froze and I was able to end DCS via ctrl alt delete. Retry and could fly a bit longer (5-10 minutes, same thing happens again.) I try flying without VR alltoghether, and the same thing occurs. Unable to play for even a few seconds after entering instant action and multiplayer servers. Now the computer totally freeze and I have to shut it down completly by forcing the p
  11. Hi I'm experiencing that when on a MP server (any MP server) and you extend the crew boarding ladder. The inside of the access panel is all black and no textures shown. (On every skin) However in SP the textures are visible. Very strange.My friends also observed the same issue. Regards
  12. Operation Bactria perhaps? I'm in the same boat... Tried adding in the db_countries.lua but that didn't work for me.
  13. Hey ED and congratulations on renewing this masterpiece and securing it for the future. Really nice to see and I love all the new features. Thank you for that. I am trying to create textures for the aircraft but figured out I want to paint serial numbers on the tail/nose and all other places. I think they're called bort numbers at least on the Viper. Is there a smart code I could add in the texture/description.lua like on the Viper? Would very much appreciate some assistance. PS I tried changing the following from true to false, but that only generated a missing texture on the pla
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