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  1. or they can forget the solid vegetation and etc and have them only in cities and important areas... an overall map with low detail containing only the elevations... plus an RNG machine placing trees and houses and shacks and whatever randomly in "not important" areas of the map. in multiplayer these can be received from the server... just plain data on type and position of objects... so no need to download gigs as you fly.... just a few kilobytes of data. I am no IT scientist or computer geek but I have read a similar suggestion before.
  2. that... +1... and more of northern Iraqi mountains. with addition of this country to a new map, or preferably, as an extension to Persian gulf map, many scenarios can be added: 1- Iran-Iraq war with the most extensive use of tomcats in the world (plus lots and lots of MiG-21 vs F-5 scenarios) 2- The Gulf wars 3- Invasion of Iraq 4- Insurgencies and ISIS rise to power, and of course hammering ISIS etc...
  3. it makes me sad to see how much Do-335 is being neglected. not even could find a post in wishlist, wishing to have Do-335 in DCS. some planes had great impact potential but arrived too late or few of them were readied. The 7,5 cm bordkanone duck was one of them as well as the Pfeil.
  4. I am not sure if this was posted before or not, but I looked and didn't find any. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the drum looking gunsight camera from the cockpit. It is not and never was a mandatory instrument AFAIK and obstructs the view.
  5. The refresh rate has reduced... and about the speed and altitude ladders, it has got a 4-5ish frame per second update now, instead of the smooth rising or lowering ladder we had on the sides.
  6. I know it might sound stupid but I didn't find any answers on the net. next to the Su-27 HUD there is a tube connected to a pericscope-looking device facing down. is it the camera? if it is, why isn't it facing forward like the one in Su-25 and is facing down?
  7. +1 also PG map requires lots of rework as people have mentioned. so +1 to that too
  8. Finally! Let's go hide and seek in mountains with the mighty ET!
  9. well at least I am relieved now knowing that it isn't about my client, and it is about the game update. thanks should we report it elsewhere? or mods just add this to the list of problems from here??
  10. Hello to all, I am not sure if I am posting in the correct area but please allow me to go straight to the point. 2 months ago, (not sure before which update - I play on OB) my flanker's mirrors worked just fine. Mirrors showed tips of wings and stabilizers and it showed behind me. at the same time my Hornet mirrors were way off and were only showing the skies. (no pic of this one, but you see the very same example in the following) 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the flankers mirrors have gone corrupt just like hornet, and hornets mirrors now work fine, hornets mirrors were showing tips of wings and stabilizers and if you raised your head a bit you could see the pilot helmet too. but flanker's mirrors showed way above,,, six of plane but 60 degrees up, and very zoomed you see what I mean... if I want to see the HORIZON behind me, I must nose up 60 degrees! and it is a very zoomed view I searched everywhere I could and no one pointed out to this problem. there were some people who lost the texture of their mirrors but this one seems new and just for me. I play on a Legion Y540 IRH laptop with 1660 graphics, 16gb of ram and corei7 9750 processor. Any tips and help would be greatly appreciated. :helpsmilie::cry:
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