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  1. Having not flown DCS or been on the forums for a looooong time, could I please ask one of the moderators to delete this account. I leave as I have been taken on another journey in life. Thanks to all I have had the pleasure to fly online with or chat with on the forums! It has been a blast! I wish you all blue skies, happiness and health.
  2. Awesome little video!! Loving the Bee Gee's music :thumbup:..... .....nice flying!
  3. I have installed DCW World 1.2.0 and copied my DCS World missions and saved joystick and keyboard commands into it. So far all seems well! :thumbup:
  4. Hey all, Just a quick question, I have DCS World 1.2.0 downloading and have copied my already made missions for and my keyboard and joystick commands. Is there any reason why I can't copy them into the new DCS World 1.2.0? Just don't fancy messing around with setting up joystick etc again if I don't have to. (BTW I don't have the TM Warthog) Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  5. Hi, Have been flying with DCS World and noticed 2 things while flying multiplayer. 1. Some of my multiplayer clients can't see some of the unit's on the ground even though some of my clients and I can. It seems to be only with freindly unit's. I was flying last night and had one of my MP buddy flying formation on me and we flew several times over the freindly unit and he coudln't see them. 2. I have disabled the "who killed who with what" text in the network settings and none of my clients can see the writing, but it still shows up for me. For me it takes away some of the realism as I
  6. THANK YOU!!! :wub: You don't know how many ways I tried to get that to show embedded, but nothing would work. Loving all the different hobbies....tick in the box of life!! May have to try a few! Always amazes me that we all have so many differnet hobbies, but we all love flight simming :D
  7. Just uploaded my skydiving video.... :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmT79VlzLPU&feature=g-upl
  8. Bringing back an old thread....but I have another hobby which is also to do with aviation!! I'm on the right as we come out the plane (Skyvan!!) Me on the left with one of my mates...at about 10000ft
  9. Yes! Bought LOMAC and FC2 about 2 months ago, ready for when FC3 comes out. Still fly A10C more at the moment, but waiting with anticipation for FC3 :D
  10. Hi Hickory, Welcome to DCS and don't worry, most of us are 'ole' fella's anyway :smilewink: If you decide not to go down the torrent route hopefully this below will help and is how I did it: Download the 4 files. I've done this from the FTP1 site for each file. This should give you 3 .bin files and 1.exe file Make sure they go in the same folder and once downloaded click the .exe file. This should then install DCS A10C
  11. Certainly wasn't retreating blade stall :music_whistling:...... At least everyone I ok! The heli can be fixed!!
  12. Voted yes, only because if you did have 1000 players, did have the computer power to run it...then it would be an awesome online battle...probabley never gonna happen though (sure some real life military simulators are all linked together??) What I would like to see....DCS TOR!.....You would fly the A10C/KA-50 sim exactly as we do now, except one or more of the Tor's at or near the target area would be controlled by a real person. :joystick:
  13. Thanks for the info, will try when I get home. Really need to start figuring this stuff out........still can't get my head round it lol
  14. Hey all, I was pointed to a post before reference realistic payloads, downloaded, installed and loved it. It was originally made by Eddie from the 1st VFW. One thing I found was that when I installed it it didn't have any KA-50 payloads when I edited missions in DCS A10C. For me and belonging to FSF I build my mission with both KA-50 and A10C in my missions so we can have more people flying. To that end I edited the .lua (with the standard KA-50 loads) so that it had the realistic payloads by Eddie (Big Thanks!!) and also allowed you to arm the KA-50. I have uploaded these for others
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