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  1. Ya. Same here. I was surprised when I found that the window options did something. I'm hoping someone has/finds the info for the ones I couldn't. I'm always looking for a way to customize my ride.
  2. That's not how it works. If you turn them all on, then they will show up in all reject modes, so it will always look the same. For example, you can have your airspeed disappear in reject 1 but not your altitude. Then have both gone in reject 2. • ON: Parameter always displayed in NORM, REJ1 or REJ2 Reject modes. • LEVEL 1: Parameter only displayed in NORM mode. • LEVEL 2: Parameter only displayed in NORM & REJ1 HMD Reject mode. While this isn't what the chucks guide claims, it is how it is working currently. Blanking is to make the HMD disappear when you look at your hud. The new part is that the WINDOW 1..10 options under REJECT SETUP now seem to have a function in the game.
  3. For those who don't know, the helmet display can be custom set to show specific symbology. If the HMD has been turned on and BIT checked, then the HMD button is available on the DDI SUPT page. There you can set the REJ level similar to the HUD. Additionally, you can click the REJECT SETUP button to choose what is displayed on each level. I'm not sure who else might be looking for this, but I noticed today that the settings labeled as WINDOW 1-10 now have some function. I've been offline for the last few updates, so I'm not sure when this was implemented. The Chuck's Guide dated 21/08/2021 (page 352) shows these as No Function in DCS. What I've found out so far through trial and error: Window 2 - RDR/FLIR - Displayed when sensors are slaved to radar/FLIR Window 3 - MAV/CCIP/etc - Displayed when ATG weapons are selected Window 4 - GUN - Displayed when gun is selected in ATG mode Window 7 - ATC/NWS - Displayed when throttle lock or NWS is activated Window 8 - target/waypoint distance - Displayed when HSI is tracking steerpoint I haven't found what the other five do as of yet. If you find out, then post it here. Maybe someone has this info already, but I haven't been able to find it.
  4. Noticed that when in the operator seat, the "Autopilot Trimmer for yourself Switch Cover" will open my canopy when you play with it. It looks like the cover is linked incorrectly to the canopy. Open the cover, canopy opens. Cover down, canopy down.
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