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  1. Су 30КИ полностью равен DeKa J 11A + MFI 55. Здесь вам просто нужно будет переименовать Су 27 и переместить DeKa J 11A + MFI 55, и появится более современный русский фланкер! https://www.airplane-pictures.net/type.php?p=1730
  2. С тем же MFI 55 можно было решить проблему Су 30К. Все находится в таком же салоне, что и Су 27 в игре + MFI 55! Су 27 ПФМ готов, никаких секретов моделировать не нужно, ИЛС такой же, как у Су 27. Deca помогает с MFI 55, и еще один модуль FC3 готов для многих!
  3. Deka Ironwork Simulations разработан с системой J 11A MFI 55. Для МиГ 29С этим MFI 55 будет МиГ 29СМ. Почему это развитие невозможно решить Deka Ironwork Simulations с помощью? МиГ 29СМ салон самолета МиГ 29СМ подробнее:http://www.airwar.ru/enc/fighter/mig29sm.html Почему ЭД возражает против любой возможности иметь в игре более современную русскую машину? НАТО Симулятор?
  4. When I came over from Flaming Cliffs 2 to DCS World I thought I could fly with a modernized Flanker and Fulcrum and in 2013 they promised a lot of types that nothing became. What they promised could have been done as an easy module so not to simulate secrets. There could be plenty of modules in the game, mostly Russian, that could be implemented in the form of a simplified module. For example, a Su 25TM cabin is already there, a lot of things have not changed, there are still plenty of other weapons that would bring forward those who have been flying the same plane for 10+ years and want so
  5. Elitism kills the game! Propaganda works well that you can only do a full clickable module because you can ask for more money. Many forget that in Flaming Cliffs 2 and earlier, nothing was completely clickable. With lighter moduls, you can bring more people into the game. Not everyone needs to read 500 and 1000 page manuals / module. Not everyone comes to DCS World because they want to be a professional fighter pilot or a strike or combat helicopter pilot and do command every day. Each clickable module could have a light version nodule, generating more revenue for ED and other developers
  6. Here is a MiG 31 mod! Try what the R 40 can do with a maximum turn value of 4 G if you don't believe me! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312528/
  7. They flew away the MiG 25 because there was nothing else! Good luck with the MiG 25 against aircraft still flying today! Then smile when you see the F16 on the MiG 25 radar! Tell us about our flying 18,000 - 20,000 meters high from the 4th generation. Describe why the MiG 25 is better than the F 16 or the FA 18. Describe how you defend yourself against an AIM 54 flying at 6000 km / h that is capable of 12 G! You will find that the only thing against which SR 71 and SR 71 make no sense in DCS Worl is because all the maps are small for it. This is how questions could be asked on a Mi
  8. MiG 25 was created against SR 71 and can still be used as a reconnaissance! Pls no joke! You want to simulate sitting on the concrete and waiting for the SR 71 to break into the air and when you can fly on it to intercept and all of this in DCS World? 3 gen interceptor vs 4 gen multi role. Do you know which machine is for what at all? It’s a shame to write here because everyone writes their own little wishes not what is really ideal against FA 18, F 16, F 14. R 77 shorter range than AIM 120B and AIM 120C! R 27ER SARH weaker than ARH AIM 120 family! Do you understand? FA
  9. Пожалуйста, не смейтесь! Многие хотят увидеть эту машину в DCS World! :)
  10. Su 35S destroy all enemy in multiplayer, Su 35S + Irbis E + RVV BD = welcome to hell! Su 35S launch RVV BD!
  11. Please don't joke about a 4 G capable MiG 25 away against FA 18 and F 16! Real life R 33 maximum turn 4 G and R 37 alias RVV BD maximum turn 8 G, 8 enough and: https://www.defenseworld.net/news/26659/Testing_Commences_of_Russian_R_37M_Hypersonic_air_to_air_Missile_from_Su_35_Jet If the J 11A can TWS + manual lock to STT (pilot decides when to lock the target) it will be enough for me for 10 years. All normal Russian techniques are secret. But I would really be happy for him. N011M Bars + thrust vector control and she is the most beautiful Flanker in the world! Su 37 FC3 Style!
  12. And the ECM jamming? Enemy turn on ECM TWS go garbage like Su 27 or MiG 29? If there is no TWS like F 15C it is not good for anything. Once you have that, progress begins!
  13. L 150 total russian military secret! In my opinion, all versions of the N001 are weak and outdated. The N011M is best suited to compete with the American TWS + AMRAAM concept. Better but AMRRAM remains strong anyway. What MKK knows is what J 11A knows! I think because of military secrets, Russian modern is completely out of the question! Chinese J 11B would be more competitive!
  14. Пользуюсь симулятором ED 12 лет, летаю только на российских самолетах, самолеты НАТО совершенно неинтересны. Для меня нет контента, и я могу только видеть, что это все о НАТО, я цель на онлайн-серверах, а не опасный противник! Его можно было вести с легкими модулями, с более современными истребителями МиГ 29СМ и Cy 27CMK, не нарушая секретов. Многие люди моего возраста уже перестали летать из-за этого.
  15. Су-27: https://558arp.by/ru/products-and-services-rus/services-rus/modernization-aviation-materiel-rus/su-27-30-aircraft-rus МиГ-29: https://558arp.by/ru/products-and-services-rus/services-rus/modernization-aviation-materiel-rus/mig-29-aircraft-rus Су-25: https://558arp.by/ru/products-and-services-rus/services-rus/modernization-aviation-materiel-rus/su-25-aircraft-rus Было бы хорошее обновление для FC3! :joystick:
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