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  1. Thanks to all who’ve watched and subbed so far. Next video is on boresight alignment process and tips.
  2. Downloading but at 7mbs. I should be getting 8-10x that. Hurry up internet!
  3. Has the patch become available to download for anyone yet?
  4. I agree that it seemed like a weird feature to implement whilst the MAV/TGP bugs were still happening. Hopefully as of Wednesday and the new OB release, the improved MAV/TGP behaviour will mean the boresight procedure is less tedius. The two videos i've seen (Wags and GR) either use an armoured vehicle at a steerpoint (unlikely to happen in practice) or a BTR conveniently placed at the end of a runway. Neither ideal, especially in a scenario where you don't have control over the .miz file. I tend to use little villages or distinct features (costal towns, bridges etc)
  5. The last two missions i've flown out of incerlik, my T + 0:00 takes off goes fine, but the 6 other flights I have stacked after me @ T + 5, 10, 15... etc never activate. Annoyingly most of my assets are at Incerlik. Still, love this mod so much!
  6. This time, CBU-97 with the F-16. Thanks for watching!
  7. It is the rocker switches that you need. Bottom left is brightness, bottom right is contrast. A combination of the two should do the trick. It certainly works as planned for me in Open Beta.
  8. I’ve started doing tutorials with HOTAS button presses shown with an onscreen overlay. Any feedback or questions, let me know! I'm still working through the kinks but happy with where it is for now. Hopefully NVIDIA Share won’t murder the microphone audio next time!
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