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  1. Hi, first of all, thank you for this wonderful S.carrier. What I want is a new perspective. In the current environment, we only have the perspective of catapults, catapult crews, and LSO (was it?) Hangars. I think we should increase the perspective of the bridge and the perspective of a small place (forgot the name) near the catapult.
  2. Hello there. First I refuse, but I don't have the proof right now... I will post in a reply soon...:( When you place an infantry in the edit, specify a course and start a mission, there are rare infantry who do not move forward and go round and round. The other soldiers are moving forward and engaging, so I see it as just a minor bug. However, it's a problem, so I'll report it. Patterns that appear When deploying and advancing a large number of pawns. It just happens, so I hope you'll give it a try. Merry Nightmare
  3. A problem has been Settled! Thank you to everyone who suggested the solution. The problem of obscuring objects was fixed by removing certain mods. It's not comfortable now ... (because my PC specs are low) but i enjoy making scenarios with an editor.:book: If I can't handle it myself, I will ask for help again. Thank you every one :smilewink:
  4. Hello, Rudel_chw. Thank you for reply's. Please check the attached file. If there are any problems that can be easily solved, I would appreciate it if you could list them. dcs.log
  5. Hello,My name is Merry Nightmare. I'm posting to the forum for the first time, but I'm sorry to start with a problem question.:( I am not good at English, but I would appreciate it if you could have a warm discussion. What I'm having trouble with is that the land and sea weapons aren't showing up on the mission because "Option.lua" isn't read correctly. Immediate missions made by the computer will also return home before starting because land weapons are not displayed. The error message at that time is, "Username/Saved games/DCS/config/Option.lua Not found." I tried something counterplan,For example,Ask Steam to check the integrity of the file,Deleted,some mods and On the contrary, is the display of airplanes okay. (The aircraft was displayed,but,land weapons were not displayed even for stationary objects.) DCS World is a great simulator, and I also enjoy playing it, so there are errors. I was very shocked when I got out. What I tried myself did not improve, so I decided to post it on the forum. We would appreciate it if you could help us solve the problem.
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