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  1. Welcome. Did some texture work for other sims in the past hence why I know this. Too bad other livery creators in DCS don't seem to.
  2. Discord ID on MVP Discord: Airhunter | Hellcat 1-1#3153 Contact person Discord ID: Airhunter | Hellcat 1-1#3153 Aircraft Selection: F-14B
  3. Any news on the water transparency fixes?
  4. Can we all like wait until the FM changes are in before we continue this discussion? This just seems like one big circlejerk at this point and people arguing about what speed is what.
  5. The 9.12 can't fire ER or T/ET. I'm sure if there is no secret with this plane you can provide ED with all the needed documentation and manuals.
  6. Y'all should let the MFI55 go. We need a new FF module from Deka.
  7. Yeah, I know who you are now. Your use of flares is pretty wrong, try spacing them out more and dropping more in an interval, not just a program. Aspect matters as well - there is no reason to notch a heatseeker or a Flanker to begin with. Are you going to full MIL or to idle thrust? TLDR - you want multiple bursts of say 10 flares per burst, it's always better to flare a bit too much than too little and die, after all every flare you drop is a RNG diceroll. However I do agree with the fact that the "small" flares ED introduced should not be 50% less effective, this is pretty stupid. There is stuff like rise to peak time, actual heat output and IR spectrum + fadeout time. And if this is the last patch then it might very well be, haven't really done much PvP against reds or testing lately.
  8. it's mip maps and using the wrong texture format and compression.
  9. All they need to do is clone the missile and create a second instance with the same properties but different textures. We have that for Mav's and the AIM7F/M.
  10. I'm sure once the ED 29A releases it'll be an eye-opening experience for you all.
  11. The same way EO works in the FC3 planes essentially or a TGP a2a track.
  12. GA glass is also different from fighter jet canopy glass and 99% of GA aircraft don't have a bubble or frame canopy (DA-40 or RV-8 being somewhat closer). These types of reflections are very much a thing in real life and can vary greatly in intensity based on lighting conditions - however, in a real jet you have depth perception and can focus your eyes on the outside, alleviating most of these effects. They still can be a problem at times though and having used the current build 21 in PvP, dogfights etc. I did not find the reflections to be too much of a hiderance in terms of spotting or keeping sight (unless you have a hard time with that to begin with or your settings make it worse). Spotting in general can be fairly sketch against the ground or water in DCS, with planes seemingly disappearing out of existence at times but 2.7 seems to have generally gotten better in that regard.
  13. FC3 is no comparison. Overly simplified.
  14. Mig-29A will be great, even with all its shortcoming and limitations in terms of combat. Hopefully we can get some version of a lazur datalink, which would make it way more capable.
  15. Offline or online? Are you using a default mission or one you craeted yourself?
  16. Don't have the 14A specific charts for max and norm braking but for the B/D (assuming RATS has the same ground idle thrust as the TF30) it's around 2300' with max braking (full flaps and dlc) and just shy of 3000' for normal braking and no headwind. The real issue is in DCS you get even shorter distances with no wheel brakes at all (just stick to dick for aero braking). I'll record a couple sample videos with spoiler brake on/off and antiskid on/off etc. later at Nellis for a comparison.
  17. Good stuff! Really hope ED considers adding this.
  18. It for sure isn't a top priority and should come after all the important issues but it's till an issue. And it's not just taxi speeds, not at all even. It's power required to start moving and keep moving as well as the tire drag causing an absurdly short landing distance with no use of brakes as well as extending the required takeoff distance by quite a bit. It's also the fact that this was reported in the first week after release (more than two years ago at this point) and is yet to be addressed among other much more important issues. It's just thet people don't want to wait 5 years for a module to be fully polished or the issues/bugs they reported to be addressed.
  19. I think they are fine. They are not baked in but pre-rendered ray-traced reflecitons actually.
  20. Yeah, post 2.7 most modules need display brightness readjustments. Same thing can also be seen in the Hornet.
  21. Which there are none in service apart from proposals. Best we could do it either the 77-1 (way too new to get any data on) or the chinese PL15.
  22. I mean, have you played DCS? This is a pretty bold claim to make as the T/ET and 73 are really easy to flare out and defeat based on aspect and burner use.
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