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  1. So, now that the map is officially "complete" in terms of airfields and locations - can we have default kneeboard charts and airport diagrams with this map? Since ED's maps like PG and Nevada have these already. And I know that you can technically mod this but something official and simple would be great. Thanks.
  2. Again, not true and I don't know where you get this idea from. The Iranian "confmed" kills are very much confirmed by the west and multiple independent sources and the unconfirmed grey area is much larger. And that Tornado guy was just a dude who knew nothing about the Tomcat nor the Phoenix (why should he as a brit and no US sec. clearence) and was probably "proud" about his fancy F3 or ADS. It is a subjective opinion not based on the facts at hand. Again, there are literally hundreds of reports, trials and accounts for both the A and C models proving this. The missiles design criteria even dicatate this. But we really are getting offtopic at this point.
  3. yeah exactly and that gate should even deal with beaming targets rather well, in theory.
  4. So TLDR leaving the aspect switch in NOSE for pretty much all intercept scenarios should be the way to go? Unless someone is literally in a hard notch/beam and/or running cold?
  5. Also, can you include the closure gates for each aspect position of said switch in the manual for reference?
  6. That too, you'll need way more GCI for good SA. On the other hand you'll be able to differentiate types based on your RWR readings.
  7. Oh boy, here we go again...
  8. Yeah this looks like a ME preview issue. If it's fine in game then I don't see this is too big of a deal.
  9. That might be true in the 70's to late 80's. Not disagreing there - but that doesn't in any way mean there weren't capable of intercepting these types of targets with a reasonable success rate.
  10. Well, no one is bringing 50 bombers every day, that's just as silly of a math question. But I get what you are saying. Since for DCS weapon stocks don't really matter this logic doesn't apply here. The point is, the 54A was very well capable gainst fighters and cruise missiles as cited from various documents, trials and SME's (not to mention the Iranian use of it against all kinds of fighters) - but in its infancy stocks were limited and primarily meant for those bombers, yes.
  11. Indeed. It offers a ton of intereting options and will be the first true soviet full fidelity jet in DCS. Even the 14A's radar is "too good" but that is 70's tech. And the Phoenix would sure as hell been used against any air targets or threats as well as cruise missiles. But depending on the ROE's you need to get VID first and so on maiking the 7M a more suited option. And once we get the F-4 it'll be even more interesting.
  12. Well, against a Block 50 Viper or Lot 20 Hornet it most certainly isn't. But against say a Tomcat (A) and even era-specific 18C's with 9M's and Sparrow's it's gonna be just about the biggest threat in the visual arena. Sure, if the Migs get shwacked in BVR that's it but given how easy it is to defeat missiles or stay undetected in DCS that's not really an issue. A properly flown A can still put up a great fight against a Hornet or Tomcat and especially an F-4 once that comes out. But I agree that the FC3 jets will be much easier to employ and win with since they are so dumbed down.
  13. Make sure to set the fuze to nose/tail.
  14. Unless it's calculated on a plane basis and isn't just some effect casted by the carrier unit since it should have a slightly different effect for each unique airframe.
  15. No, on the hydraulic pressure gauge next to the engine instruments, you have FLIGHT and COMBINED hydraulic system indications and it should say "COMB" for the combined system. Simply reference various real A/B/D Tomcat cockpit pictures or videos, or the NATOPS.
  16. Also, once you tackle the B EIG, make sure to correct that typo on the hydraulic gauge reading "COMP" intead of "COMB".
  17. Good stuff! Really glad to see the AUX and BRAKE PRESS gauges be finally modelled. Can't wait to test the new deck and hook physics on the Forrestal. Any update on when to expect the early and IRIAF A's as well as more liveries and some livery fixes for the current A?
  18. It's pretty annoying to have this game-breaking bug be present for this long. Can't think of any patch where Sparrows on the Tomcat worked as intended.
  19. I hope this was finally fixed in today's patch.
  20. How many Tornado or F111 threads are there going to be lol?
  21. I've hit stuff at 70-80nm. Really depends on RCS, closure and altitude + how well (if even) someone defends. Realistically within 35 is a good sweetspot.
  22. Yeah it's fairly whack ever since they touched transsonic drag. The FM rework can't come soon enough imho.
  23. Rshift + P doesn't work?
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