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  1. The gear, flap and flight control indicators also look rather strange now. (could just be me or some weird lighting glitch though).
  2. From Hoggit of all places...
  3. Looks like at least the helmet rail fixes didn't actually make it in - just checked the texture files after updating. Will report later on the other items though.
  4. Also keep in mind that there even were B(U)'s without the Sparrowhawk HUD - VF-102 flew them until 2002 for example.
  5. Because ED haven't actually fixed it. The SC is probably the saddest module ever.
  6. Sure, there are blindpots, limitations and counter-interference blinking methods with other sensors. in DCS it's usually a 45 deg. cone above and below the aircraft, which if an amraam or phoenix is lofted and de-lofts at the right angle might very well not give any warning.
  7. Can someone yeet this guy from the forum already? This is borderline mental disability at this point. EDIT: As for the Flanker, the SPO-15 is technically very limited and might not even detect an active Phoenix IRL. It also works nothing like described in the manual or by former Flanker pilots. FC3 can not be held to the same standard as FF modules. And defending only upon receiving a launch warning is just.....what are you doing.
  8. Yeah no. Empty weight should mean empty weight. It's the extra avionics and IRST system etc. which made the 14D heavier.
  9. Well, yeah but the later you go the more classified stuff usually tends to get. Afaik. the reason why there isnt much of B(U) stuff out there is because of Iran potentially getting their hairy hands on it (meant as a joke by the way before the fairies get offended). I prefer the 70's and 80's stuff for DCS, or even earlier than that, since that tech is usually easier and more realistic to re-create accurately within the sim. It's also more fun when pilot skill and tactics matter more than various digital system crutches for SA and employment etc. Ideally we'd also have the 14D but we all know this is not going to happen anytime soon or even ever. I personally love the legacy, non DFCS B the most as it's the most rewarding and powerful aircraft in terms of raw thrust to weight.
  10. I would sure welcome a B(U) - as we alredy have liveries for the B which are B(U)'s. All depends on whether HB can get the needed info on the PTID, Sparrowhawk HUD and needed interface and changes. I could see it as a future expansion pack or even a standalone module for those who never liked the purely analogue and basically no HUD nature of the Tomcat (yes those people are out there lol).
  11. In terms of strike package, sure. Even though the SC technically allows for 16 jets. Kinda silly though, since it is technicaly possible.
  12. Since this will have Stennis feature parity, you can already place statics as you like and thus "make" it spawn you in a certain spot (afaik). 4 Spawns is also more than enough for most coordinated MP missions, let alone SP with a full package. I just want the thing to finally come out after numerous delays...
  13. Let alone the fact the Iranians had early batch, probably downgraded 54A's.
  14. VDI or simply remember the visual picture you see (nose cutting across the horizon) for a level turn during the break.
  15. Interesting. Haven't seen this working properly on my end yet. And yes the CASE I/III thing is annoying. Like, why have the comms for it if it's not even adapting to the current WX and lighting?
  16. Then why does the nose drop if the CG moves aft?
  17. That was with the release of 2.7 several months ago. Up until now it is fairly unclear as to when the Hornet will leave EA and when even to expect the #1 most requested features which is the FCS and FM updates - as they already started to move people over to the Viper...
  18. Heck, it'd be great if lights turned off after a night-to-day transition....
  19. Turn off MLC, switch to pulse or get a TCS lock. TCS + Pulse is probably the best option. TCS is technically too good when it comes to ground contract and clouds (not affected by it) but a pulse STT should be fairly reliable apart from getting potentially chaffed.
  20. Surely wouldn't mind a B. Any naval variant for that matter - especially since HB are doing the Forrestal class CV's have invested in advanced hook physics etc. it only makes sense and would sell like hotcakes.
  21. It's the center of lift that moves aft which makes the nose drop. Trimming is also done off forces in real life and you have different cues as well. Do you fly in real life, even GA?
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