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  1. How many Tornado or F111 threads are there going to be lol?
  2. I've hit stuff at 70-80nm. Really depends on RCS, closure and altitude + how well (if even) someone defends. Realistically within 35 is a good sweetspot.
  3. Yeah it's fairly whack ever since they touched transsonic drag. The FM rework can't come soon enough imho.
  4. The Mig-21 does not have a first person pilot body (yet).
  5. That's what I meant. Forrestal for the A's and Saratoga for VF-103 and VF-74 B's.
  6. Well, according to their Trello board Forrestal and Saratoga are planned initially and Ranger + Independence are to come later as those need more modeling work and changes. I think for an 80's to early 90's scenario the initial two ships are a must since you could operate the 14A and B from them. Let alone the fact that Saratoga could be used for the 14B capaign to make it so much more accurate.
  7. Will the Saratoga ship with the initial release as well or is this one planned for later?
  8. Currently if you get a STT + TCS lock then break the lock so only the TCS is slewed to the target you can fire and actually guide the Phoenix without it ever goind active or giving the enemy a spike (as far as we could tell during tests at least). Either way it is unrealistic and some sort of exploit rn. The way it should work is maddog off the rail with the seeker looking at the target (no midcourse guidence).
  9. https://www.radartutorial.eu/01.basics/The Radar Range Equation.en.html Plug in the values you can find and you'll see. The current one might be underpefroming slightly for a 73 but it is MUCH more realistic than it was previously, where it was basically an F-15C radar. The biggest issue with it in DCS is not the performance itself but the way too low RCS values for larger fighters like the Flanker family, Tomcat and Eagle as well as some other jets. And even then, unless you have used the real radar in combat and detected various known fighters you simply won't know.
  10. Yes, TLDR is all of them except the MH don't guide past 10nm. Within 10nm they all work normally. Surprised HB hasn't fixed this critical issue so far...
  11. It should actually be the other way around. Radar slew should be fast and HUD slew should be rather slow and precise.
  12. I mean, yes if a Tomcat wants to stick to the BVR gameplan he never busts MAR and lobs missiles at people. This is literally what the plane was designed to do. This also only woks against new, unexperienced and unaware people and you'd have to get a lot closer against competent players. Depending on the mission and the criteria you obviously would want to get a lot closer to secure the kill with a Sparrow or Winder. Also keep in mind that the Tomcat is about the erliest 4th gen out there and platforms like the Hornet and 16 have a significant SA advantage over it. And SA wins fights 99% of the
  13. There are limitations as to what DCS can and also should do. I'd rather have realistic taxi physics and the plane not sinking into the ground during turns instead of a tire burst model or gear strut collapse if I absolutely plant it.
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