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  1. Agreed. There's also the untextured TCS internals and that misaligned bumpmap on the engine necelle where the strut reinforcement attaches. Just sticks out pretty obviously. I'm also mostly fine with having these "mixed features since the F-14 like you said way pretty diverse in variants and rebuilt versions. It just has to look authentic and not have obvious glitches or even missing textures.
  2. Can only second that. Probably why the userbase puts it under so much scrutiny and wants all the details to be right. The module has a huge potential and I am certain we'll get there in the end.
  3. I've said it numerous times and I'll say it one last time, this isn't CSGO or a competitive FPS game in plane form, there is no place for balance or gameplay-adjustments for the sake of some inferiority complex. Each plane should be faithfully modeled and represented within the realms and possibilities of DCS. Missiles as a whole have been broken for a year now anyway and you can't say that before the Tomcat the AMRAAM wasn't outranging and doing exactly what you describe the Phoenix does. Let alone the fact that most airframes to this day are unjammable. A Mirage or Mig-21 wont get "adjusted"
  4. Regarding the new clouds, I wonder how older or existing missions will be affected by this change of weather system and the fact that you'll only have "presets" for the initial release? Really hope this doent break all the missions or campaigns.
  5. Second this. I also think Heatblur would be the prime developer to take on this task given their success and experience with the F14. We'd already have the fitting Forrestal class carrier and assets. While the E could be used for a lot more countries, I do think the J and S models are much cooler.
  6. I love how you never provide any sort of evidence in the forms of tracks, videos, constructive discription or tacviews for any of your claims. Let it go dude. Like I said previously, uninstall the game and go do something else and not waste everyone's time with this. I know exactly who you are now.
  7. In an ideal scenario yes. There's also an advantage in not emmiting anything and sneaking up to say an unsuspecting Tomcat with GCI guidence. Literally how iraqi Mirages and Mig-23's got kills on Tomcats. Point is, no matter your airframe, no one has "global SA".
  8. You don't use it as a dogfighter. The AJS37 with 4x AIM-9L's is an excellent interceptor and boom and zoom aicraft. Does it better than anything in the game since the operational limit of 1350kph doesn't seem to apply in DCS.
  9. I did not say it outturned anything I said it turned fairly well all things considered if you kept the speed up. And it for a fact will outclimb a Mig-29, F-16 etc. People need to stop looking at EM charts and start looking into employing the jet properly. And as a matter of fact I have used the Viggen online in the past against 4th gens with pretty decent success.
  10. Nah dude, it's only "competitive" in your head. You are on your own with this one, buddy.
  11. The fact you can go M1.45 at sea level until your fuel runs out should raise somequestions. Despite what some people say the thing can turn and outclimb anything in the game.
  12. I can appreciate the work you are doing dude but you are really wasting your time here. ED is not going to use any of your data, nor did you have an accurate 3D model for each missile (ET will be different from ER) to have real accurate values. There are unclass. and published flyout and EM graphs for these missiles. Given the fact ED are still tinkering with the AMRAAM and Sparrow and breaking it ever other update I wouldn't have too high hopes they'll re-visit the russian missiles again. Let alone the whole thing with the russian DOD, even though the missiles in talk aren't actually of russi
  13. Hopefully it has something to do with Metasim or maybe even a FF A-6E or F-4. But above all I really hope to see the Tomcat and Viggen out of EA by say Q2-3 of 2021.
  14. Yes because comments like these from someone with "CSGO" in his name clearly show that the person treats these games equally - like some sort of team deathmatch where the K/D ratio matters. This isn't what DCS is all about and if you are this emotionally involved and mad at people doing certain stuff online you probably should step away for a bit. Just my opinion. This isn't ED's or the developer's fault in any way.
  15. Is this a current high prio for January or something for after "EA" completion?
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