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  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug. I mean it could be if it doesn't work that way on the IRL Shark, but that might be exactly how it works. Tactical Information - those ABRIS threats can't be changed from in-mission - at best you can hide it. Data Link Targets can easily be removed by selecting them and clear (no 2nd row button selected). Anything PVI-800 can't be deleted in-flight - you can only change the points that are already there. Like Cheetah said - not sure these really need clearing unless you were running a multi-sortie thing and chose to repair lasers instead of r
  2. Weird. Some stuff to try: Check your system resources as you do it, including video ram - maybe rendering the screen tips it over the edge Lower the helmet mounted device. Then look around while holding Uncage Shkval - see if that also causes stutter. If it doesn't then it might not be a frames / cpu / resource issue Change your slewing keys from the defaults to something else - see if it still causes an issue. See if there was any specific key, like only slewing left, that causes it or all directions Bind slewing to Axis instead of K-031 keyboard inputs. Genera
  3. Moving the Shkval around would force DCS to use more frames to calculate both your normal cockpit view as well as what's rendered on the Shkval. So maybe doing so bleeds off too many resources that OpenTrack then struggles to track properly. Though I'd guess it would lag or slow down in general though instead of shaking like that. Do you maybe have any keybinds/shortcuts in Opentrack (default or otherwise)? Like maybe it's paysing the camera tracking or something on one or more of the slewing keys?
  4. Sorry, under Misc. tab. Assuming it's not another setting/curve/saturation/double bind/actual hardware issue with the trimmer button, the below might help.
  5. Alternately try another button for your Speedlink stick's trimming. Could be that's bust or that while it's depressed it messes with the stick's x & y inputs (ie in axis tuning screen, hold down trim and then move stick to see it behaves differently). There is also a Force-feedback tickbow in the general settings that you can turn off. Not sure what that does but heard it helps some folk.
  6. I don't fully recall, and I don't think I have footage of that from an external view saved. I think weight on wheels it did stay down, but when it re-arms it levels off again (or at least angles as per uncaged shkval angle).
  7. For what it's worth, I've played around a little in the Ka-50 and couldn't find a feasible way, including turning off Nav, INU, think even K-041, which of course isn't advisable, to 'reset' the PVI-800 waypoints like one can easily do with the Data Link, but no luck. So I think you're stuck with whatever has been pre-programmed from the mission or what you've coded yourself. All you can do is change the coordinates to something else.
  8. @baldeagle611 you could try a different stick. Maybe it's best if you go on Discord or something and use that to livestream your screens so someone can diagnose what's wrong - assuming it is a setting and not maybe a bust button on your physical stick.
  9. It was specifically designed to give enemies a false sense of hope, seeing the launchers pointing down so they'd assume the Shark is toothless and then lull them into coming out of cover so that the flanking Raptor wingman can take them out ;-) Whether it should point down after going winchester IRL I think is one of those really obscure facts one just won't get the answer to.
  10. You didn't do anything wrong - once they're spent the launchers tip down. No need to deselect them or such specifically. Once you re-arm the launchers will point forwards again until the Shkval points it at another angle.
  11. @Vantskruv yeah that's right. I've been reading and answering @Fakum's request out of "on a mission" = in mission editor. The mission editor forces consecutive waypoint numbers, and duplicates them ABRIS & PVI-800. The ABRIS ones you can load/unload/delete/mixup quite a bit, but the PVI-800 waypoints - once that number is loaded, it's there to stay - all you can do is override those numbers. I have yet to check if one can in-mission clear the PVI-800 memory, might be possible, but also might not be something you can do given in a cold-start in the sim it still has the PVI-800 memory,
  12. Just by extension to tha:, 3 and 4 will still be on the PVI-800, and if you were to engage Route mode, then the Ka-50 would follow the PVI-800, so it will automatically go to waypoint 3 from 2, then to 4 and finally 5. So once you reach waypoint 2's end, you'll need to manually select "5" on the PVI-800 for it to do the skip. Unless of course you went and coded over WPT 3 on the nav panel of course.
  13. Waypoints set in the mission editor add a flightplan on the ABRIS and PVI-800 Nav points. In-game/mission you'd need to do them separately. I don't think you can delete nav points from the PVI-800 (only replace them), but you can definitely edit/clear your FlightPlan (FPL) on the ABRIS - I think that bit's in your manual. Is that what you're trying to do? Target points and other references get a bit stranger - I should be finding time again soon continue my data link series - of which the ABRIS vs PVI-800 vs mission editor is the next in line, though that won't necessarily cover na
  14. Unfortunately the dials only affect what you (the pilot/human) sees on the IT-23 screen. It in no way affects the Shkval's ability to gain a lock. You get set it to be completely grey and it can still lock. Lock is seemingly only affected by (a) being in the maybe 9.5km max distance, (b) weather effects like haze, (c) time of day - it can still appear to be broad daylight outside, but the approximation ED has implemented means you can't lock something at 2.5km out and (d) fast moving targets or those in clutter can be harder to lock or lose the lock more frequently.
  15. well, crissiloop finally got his answer and closure ;-)
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