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  1. Greetings, We have four active FA-18C squadrons and many other opportunities too. See this:
  2. EDIT: Our A-10C2 squadron is at full capacity, and we will not be accepting any more pilots for that squadron at this time!!!
  3. Hey! We'd love to see you over in the JTF-191. We are a US-based group (Eastern Time), and we fly the FA-18C, F14B, F16C, AV8B, and the A10CII, and will eventually incorporate an Army air wing when we get the Kiowa. We usually play together on Tues/Thurs, and will do a mission on Saturdays. We also run campaigns for several months at a time, in which our mission planners take much time to create a story and clever dynamics for a fun series. We offer plenty of training time for those who would like it, and we would love to help you become more proficient in whichever airframe you prefe
  4. Zimpow, we'd love to have you. Our F16 program is growing every week, and our instructor, Datajack, is very willing to teach you anything you'd like to know. He is very knowledgeable of the airframe. If you're interested, please shoot me a message, add me on Discord (Payno#8263), or visit our website at JTF191.com and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Best,
  5. Hey Hallsy, The JTF-191 is a group of enthusiasts from all backgrounds who fly semi-seriously with all types of Western aircraft. The JTF-191 also represents the Air Force, the Navy, the USMC and eventually Army aviation. Most of us in the 13th MEU here are ex-military, and a handful of us are Marines, and we have us a good time. We fly the Harrier and the Hornet, and eventually helos (but probably army focused). Also, we would love Harrier drivers. I'm one of those few who appreciate that marvelous airframe and fly that in the group primarily. Hope this is within the scope o
  6. Just a bump for my beloved AN/APR-39 :)
  7. As I have had some questions as to our attendance standards, please allow me to clarify: Our official rules and our website does say 2-3 nights a week, T/TH/S at 2030EST. this is more in place to deter those who join, get all set up with the group and then become a ghost. Most of us in our group are married, have kids, have life commitments, some of us are deployed, etc. Obviously, these commitments are way out of bounds for even us. We like to interpret it as this: As long as you continue to show an interest and an effort to remain engaged in the group in some way, you are more
  8. And that thought is why we steer clear of that. We used to keep attendance rosters, but that's silly. As long as you continue to show interest in participating when you're able, that's all we could possibly ask for.
  9. Greetings Hursta, I represent a group called JTF-191, a group that focuses on a tactically realistic take on DCS and incorporates it into a densely-planned, action packed experience that we plan and execute over the course of several months. Throughout the week, most of our squadrons are flying here and there, whether on a custom mission or ganging up on a public server to wreck havoc and have fun. Within our 13 squadrons, we host the 14th Fighter Squadron, F-16C, and 5 F/A-18 squadrons as well. Upon joining, we induct you into a brotherhood of like-minded fellows who have, like you, co
  10. Hey Animal! The JTF-191 has a very strong A10CII presence with almost 2 full flights. These guys are typically flying every Tuesday and Thursday, with more days possible, and then every Saturday for our operations. They are a hoot to fly with, and it seems like they have the most fun of any of us. If interested, please visit www.JTF191.com or message me at jtf191@gmail.com or via Discord at Payno#8263. We are a East USA group. Best, Payno
  11. Greetings Oxcart! I am part of a group that operates in many roles with most Western aircraft, to include the Harrier and the A-10C/CII. See my prior posts in "General Squadrons" for more information ( ), or you can reach out to me directly, either here or via Discord (Payno#8263). We do large joint-operations, with the Harriers and the A10s acting exclusively in A2G missions. For more information, or if you would like to check us out, please see www.jtf191.com We'd love to have you as a Harrier pilot, but those A10 boys sure have a helluva good time too. Best, Payno
  12. Right, so make sure you're in bright and early to load keys for the entire fleet. Rah
  13. Welcome to the VMA-311 "Tomcats"! VMA-311 is a squadron of Harrier enthusiasts committed to working in joint operations alongside members of the VMFA-314 Black Knights and the 13th MEU, with our operations centering around supporting the ground component of the 13th MEU. The 13th MEU falls under Joint Task Force 191 - Task Force Jupiter. JTF-191 was formed in June of 2020 and is composed of 13 squadrons with 65+ active members. We operate as a tactical realism group with an emphasis on joint operations with all branches of military aviation. In the VMA-311, an
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