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  1. Stumbled upon that last night. Such a stunning landscape Maybe even having some selected texture mods pass IC would be an option? This dull ever repeating vanilla green really does not look that good
  2. You can simply use the general search field for that. Took me some time to find it works for user files too
  3. Yay, here comes the "uh, but there is X being unrealistic already. So your criticism of further unrealism is invalid. Uninstall DCS if your pilot dies, THAT is realism!" argument Boy... Your choice if you feel included there. Don't make it other peoples fault.
  4. Why exaggerate it till ad absurdum? Would be nice though to see some more love given to the Su-25A - apart from having it full fidelity (uninstalling DCS now and refunding because texture missing!)
  5. This. Looks amazing and telling by the C-101, this will be a quality module.
  6. It's a meme dude But it's coming closer. Definitely!
  7. Marianas in two weeks confirmed! Looks awesome, looking forward to this.
  8. Sounds legit. +1 Ugra is setting the bar quite high with this map. It's a digital diorama and i love it!
  9. I paid attention at school. Some others should have too i guess.
  10. Weight imbalance -> higher weight on one sides' wheels -> bigger contact surface on those wheels -> increased force transmission -> drift -> drift increases with speed. Basic physics, literally 7th grade level.
  11. As this seems to be a DCS core limitation and not related to the module itself, @BIGNEWY can you guys pull it from there and feed your bugtracker with it or is there a dedicated bug thread to be made in the DCS 2.7 bug section? Cheers!
  12. A lot of work put in this fabulous plane again Thanks for your dedication guys!
  13. The Sea Eagle has never been a real thing on the C-101. It's more of a theoretical ordinance. Hence no need to put yet another of these fantasy loadouts in MP after we got 4 HARM, 6 Mavericks and similar freakshows elsewhere already.
  14. We really got enough fantasy stuff in MP already you can't disable. No need to have one more really. If this can be put in via mission editor, hoggit/designers can just do so if it is really wanted.
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