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  1. Just quickly jumped into the F-16s Caucasus IA "Hot at ramp" mission and VHF 130 (Gutauta ATC) worked just fine for me. So it's at least not a common issue. Just to rule that out: did you enter the freq into the ICP via the COM2 button and double checked the freq?
  2. TLDR: 100% guesswork wall of text because it's a boring Sunday.
  3. As the initial question of OP has not been addressed: will there be bug fixes in the next patch? There's a range of bugs urgently waiting to be fixed.
  4. Roughly the same spot, just to compare. Looks like this for the whole map, which really is pretty sad. Avoid to fly on Caucasus if possible tbh. (shot is from grid LN07)
  5. Nice to see how much progress is made on the Hornet (bit selfish here because there's lots of tech that will be transferred to the Viper next soon™)
  6. What @Qiou87 is talking about: if one installs a game that has free content, and that content isn't up to current standards (Caucasus isn't and let's not talk the Su-25T) most folks won't even bother to ask what the pay-content looks like. It's the first impression and more than in the past, this impression counts a lot. That's also what he means with "immediate cash" i guess: Caucasus nor the Su-25T drop any "immediate" revenue when brought up to date and improved, but it's THE gateway that drags new customers in and later, encourages them to pay cash for more. Secondary effect in
  7. Big +1 Would be nice to have such simulated as well as tires blowing due too overstressing.
  8. Having both a free and a paid Caucasus would divide folks too much i think. But i would too love to see the map fleshed out too: more and more accurate towns mostly, right now its a clusterfuck really. And textures... Resizing was problematic due to the mapping tools iirc, but dont nail me on that one.
  9. Actually... was just taking a long walk an thought about how this issue (mounting the Mav on the pylon mis-aligning it's seeker head) should, in theory, not only affect TGP handoff but aligning in general to some external source, or am i wrong? If i align the Mav in the F-16s PRE mode to a steerpoint for example, how does the Mav seeker know where that steerpoint is (or: that it's actually pointing there exactly), when it is mis-aligned? It's pretty much like hitting a pinata when you are blindfolded and took a 360. You don't know if it's been a 358 or a 363 until you peek...
  10. Could try paint.NET which should have everything needed without being bloated, easy to use and free.
  11. Bumping thread simply because this stuff is so awesome. Thanks for all the work you guys put in and the fact you make it public for us to use.
  12. I'm guessing so, since hardware and method are pretty much the same (align Mav seeker to TGP). Already opened a wishlist thread for the A-10C (II) (was wondering there wasn't one already) to have it implemented. Not flying the F-18 tho and i got no clue if you can slew/handoff from TGP in the 18, so i didn't make a thread over there. The blokes from 476th doing an incredible job recreating NTTR and RL procedures in general. Their download section got a good load of helpful documents and if you register on their website, you'll get an additional NTTR tab with a
  13. +1 Just been rolling off the apron in Syria while having the crew get all the stores off my wings.
  14. Loadout in this mission is quite strange: 5x CBU-97 which already gives some funny turn behavior. Additionally, for whatever reason, the bombs drop from left wing first, where 2x CBU-97 are located, and not from the right, which got 3x CBU-97 at start. Makes it even worse having 3x right and 1x left when dropping one (dropping ripple 3 leaves you with 2x right and none left) Quick and dirty track attached. (also the mission got no success triggers or anything and the targets are not counted at all but only the SAM on the other side of the lake, guess this needs a sepa
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