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  1. When you have TGP as SOI, you can TMS AFT once or twice depending on current mode to get it into INR mode I think it's called. Then it will stay focused on the same position when you roll back in.
  2. I won't be able to test until later but I believe I was within 25 miles of the target. I will check to your parameters and reply. Not to go off topic but I believe these and the JDAMs were plagued by likely the same issue if you could also test those.
  3. Are you on OB or Stable? After the end of September patch I was getting this behavior with the JSOW A, but after yesterday's OB patch they are now working correctly for me. Edit: I'm playing the newest OB if that wasn't clear
  4. The HUD doesn't appear on the EW page. The EW data (contact direction, etc.) appears on the HUD when you have the HUD OSB clicked on the EW page.
  5. I am also experiencing this problem. When radar is activated it seems to drop my GPU usage from 99-100% down to around 30% according to task manager. I am running a Gigabyte 1070 G1 Gaming.
  6. The way I did it was to not bind the DCS in game radios to my HOTAS, and left them at their default bindings (\, SHIFT + \, etc.). You then bind PTT 1, 2, and 3 directly in SRS. Then there is a specific setting called "always allow srs hotkeys". You want to enable this in SRS. What doing it this way does is allow you to use your radios on any plane without having the comms menu come up every time you go to talk. In most planes this doesn't happen but it always happen to me in the A10.
  7. I'm having the same problem. Haven't used the F/A-18C in about a month and it seems the JSOW-A just turns off and dives into the ground. I haven't had 1 deploy the bomblets correctly after testing in both MP and SP when using in TOO mode with a TPOD.
  8. +1 Confirmed this happening multiple times after turning in multiplayer. It's normally not off very far but it is off the location I had set to point track.
  9. Upon further time playing it actually appears to be the WPN page in general being too sensitive. I'm noticing it with the Mavericks as well.
  10. When using the HARMs, the WPN page radar cursor is extremely sensitive compared to the Radar Cursor on the FCR and the WPN page when, for example, a Maverick is selected. This makes selecting a target with the HARM very difficult. I could fix this by adding curves and adjusting sensitivity of the Radar Cursor axis for my analogue stick, however this would slow down all of the other uses for this input.
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