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  1. No comment on the ACL or if/when it'll be implemented in DCS... but wow, that was a lucky escape from becoming a smear on the stern of the ship! Well worth a watch.
  2. If what you're looking for is to be launched from one of the waist cats while another aircraft is being launched off the bow, this is probably the best way to do it. If it's an AI aircraft on the other cat, just watch the crew members in action, and you'll know when the other launch is about to happen.
  3. Totally support this 100%! It would really unlock a lot of real-life functionality for the Supercarrier, as well as allow more than the default 16 spawn spots. Pretty please?
  4. Thanks for the feedback and info - good to know. The USS America sounds like it will be worth waiting for!
  5. Totally agree with both points. The Tomcats cause more on-deck collisions than the Hawkeyes do, which seems strange. And as far as dynamic deck changes go, I'm envisioning something analogous to MOOSE, where there's a deck management script running continuously that tracks the count/location/state of all aircraft on-deck and can suitably deal with the aircraft and the deck routes. For example, when aircraft land and park on the bow, they will automatically despawn after 30 minutes. A script like this could catch this despawn event and spawn the same type of static in the exact same
  6. I don't use a full Lua development tool (yet) but that may be the way I go eventually. For now I'm using Visual Studio Code as a (free) smart text editor that makes working with Lua files much easier visually. It also has an extension that validates Lua (any errors are highlighted in red), but this doesn't seem to catch everything. As I mentioned, one missing curly bracket or misplaced comma will blow up the entire file - fair, since it isn't valid Lua - so I found the online compiler a good next step before I get a LDT like https://www.eclipse.org/ldt/. I also think there's something
  7. I'm making some progress, with 8 aircraft spawning and parking on cat 2, which is out of service in this mission/demo scenario. I'm finding the USS_Nimitz_RunwaysAndRoutes.lua file to be extremely touchy in terms of crashing DCS at mission load. Certainly any kind of Lua syntax error will do that (this can be checked in model viewer or with an online lua validator like https://rextester.com/l/lua_online_compiler), which is totally understandable. The config file seems to be very sensitive to the order of the spawn/takeoff spots so far. It seems like it's best to leave the first 4 6
  8. A question for @Admiral189 or any other ship modelers: is this the type of 3D model that you can turn into a DCS unit? https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/uss-boxer-3d-model/690634 It's the USS Boxer (LHD-4) and we don't have the Wasp class ships in DCS as far as I know. Nor do we have any static CH-46 models. I know basically nothing about how to do 3D modeling, so I'd be curious to know how this particular 3D model's polygon count/texture size/etc stacks up in comparison to the great work you've been doing. I'm using all of it.
  9. This just put a whole lot of sunlight into the black box. I have heard about model viewer but I think I've only opened it once before. I certainly didn't know you could load routes like into it like this. Big DCS knowledge gain for me - thank you for sharing it! Reminds me of something I heard in school: when you get a bachelor's degree, you think you know everything. When you get a master's degree, you realize you don't know anything. When you get a doctorate, you understand that nobody knows anything.
  10. I've been digging around in the various Lua files that appear to control the carrier configurations, including the taxi routes at issue. Here's an overview of what I found that I think relates to aircraft movements - not the general ship unit/weapons/sensors stuff - perhaps this might help shed some light on the what's happening behind the scenes. From the searching I've done, there doesn't seem to be any public documentation for these config files. I'm posting this not to reverse engineer DCS, but with the aim to improve it for my own and others' enjoyment. Supercarrier main config fi
  11. These look outstanding. Thanks for the hard work to date and count me as another person looking forward to deploying these!
  12. This is excellent work. Thank you for sharing the results so far - I took a shot at this last night, but found that DCS kept crashing. I think I will wait to see your results before I do any more work on this! ED and @BIGNEWY please take note of the above video, and ideally provide a map of the coordinate points for these taxi routes! EDIT: never mind the bit about the coordinates, this is available in the model viewer.
  13. This would be RJAW which can be seen here: https://goo.gl/maps/4pPML9obzZZYdHrp7 It's 629 nm / 724 mi / 1,165 km from there to Saipan PGSN. This could get it into the upcoming Marianas map, for example, but I'm unaware of the exact location of the map's bounding box. I've read that there are 400x400, 1000x1000, and 1000x2000 km possibilities. It would suit all carrier aircraft in the Marianas map, of course - not just the Hornet/Tomcat/Goshawk/etc.
  14. +1, I would pay for an add-on that had this and a few other airports in the map
  15. I've also got the Navy Equipment Mod and have set up the IFLOLS trailer and the associated runway lighting (and assorted other static vehicles nearby) in the Caucasus theater. It looks pretty good, but I've never been able to get the IFLOLS lights on. I think the trailer (with the correct glideslope, etc) should be a default DCS component, along with FCLP training missions at one of the airfields in each theater. ATC could be optional for touch & go FCLP. This would be a great minor upgrade to suit the upcoming T-45 Goshawk as well as the Hornet.
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