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  1. Looking for a squadron with weekly campaign missions, realistic IADs, a great community to hang out in, and place to learn your aircraft? https://tvalhalla.com Join Us on Discord! Task Force Valhalla was founded as a place for DCS members to fly together in realistic, coordinated operations while minimizing the milsim nature of most DCS squadrons. While we do have ranks, they are solely tied to the proven proficiency in your airframe, and our squadron commanders are chosen by community vote for their dedication in their airframe. We try to dem
  2. Hello everyone! We've just had our two year anniversary and CSG-8 is pleased to announce that we're starting a new campaign with our work up week being this Saturday! We're currently in need of more F-14 and F/A-18 pilots but we'll always take new RIOs as well!
  3. Virtual Carrier Strike Group 8 is currently recruiting F/A-18 Hornet and F-14 pilots and RIOs! Founded in February 2019, we are a casual milsim carrier group, comprised of two squadrons: VF-11 for Tomcats and VFA-81 for Hornets. We currently have 50+ members on active roster, flying operations every Saturday at 9PM CST! We just have a few basic requirements to join • Must be 17 years old to join • Must own the Supercarrier module, Persian Gulf, and either the F/A-18 or F-14 • To fly in weekly ops, you need to carrier qualify which just means you need to be able to land
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