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  1. Hey! Great set of missions! Just wondering if it's intentional in Mission 4 (AAR and BFM Training) and Mission 5 (ACM Training) that weapons don't work? Mission 4 says guns only but it seems enemy has guns + my AI wingman has guns and I have nothing (or pulling the trigger does nothing). I get into a kill slot behind Bandit, shoot cue and just follow around until Bingo. Most of the time the AI wingman is useless and then it becomes a 2 v 1 and I end up defensive until I run out of fuel (and I did refuel before the BFM). Is that how the missions are supposed to work?
  2. I seemed to have fixed it by creating a new windows user and running DCS from that account. I have no idea why that works, but if a quick user switch fixes it I'm happy.
  3. I've started getting a crash on start up. I've looked at the Logs but they make no sense to me so, don't know what is causing it. I played, then closed the game, and when I came back for another session a couple of hours later it crashed on start and hasn't run since. So far I have: - Steam Verified the integrity of the game files. - Updated NVidia Drivers (v456.71). - Uninstalled and re-installed DCS (including trying a different location). - Run sfc /scannow (nothing came up) - Renamed/moved the DCS saved game directory. - Tried just the base game with no DLC in stable and open beta
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