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  1. JNelson, I though is neeeded RIPPLE-SINGLE, Thanks for your correction. About axis, (STAB AUG always on) before engage autopilot I always have a progresive turn to left, rudder in 0, and need continuos inputs. After disengage AP, the straight flight is posible. i've tries many times and don't think is a placebo.... I feel It more stable in dving also. Maybe after AP the rudder is more perfect centered? Anyway, if it's a placebo, is a nice placebo!
  2. In CP-741 mode, must be select RIPPLE - SINGLE, but you can choose the number of bombs to drop in AWRS. DROP INTERVAL works also in Computer Bombing. I note that after engage and disengage autopilot, in heading and alt modes, the rudder is much more stable and don´t have the sighly turn to left. Nice. All axis works better, with the same calibration, of course.
  3. Just found the rudder, under the throttle, sorry...
  4. Would be possible to make a ethiopian skin? F-5 have a strong history at Ogaden War. https://warisboring.com/which-is-better-the-f-5e-tiger-ii-or-the-mig-21/ Thanks if anyone can do It! And maybe somalian MIG-21 too...
  5. The beta-3 is great! Just one issue: the plane always have a small turn to left, can't go just straight. And I can't find where ajust the rudder. Thanks for that work, is a piece of art!
  6. JorgeB2

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Thanks for the great skins, Denis. In Burkina livery, the pilot's face should be black. And maybe un Dominican Republic livery too if you make that.
  7. Thanks,, Rudel, I'm using 2.5.6 and last A4 versión. Always fliiying with AFCS on. Nobody have the same problem? Seen is very sensible in inputs...
  8. Hi, l find the A4 inestable in dive flight. Can't make acurate diving bombing. How do you adjust yours axis, especially roll? I tries some curves but none work well on stability. Thanks!
  9. JorgeB2

    A-29 Super Tucano

    I´ll wait for any new lua. By now returned to turboprop. Thank, Luiz, for your great creation.
  10. JorgeB2

    A-29 Super Tucano

    With the A26B lua that come in repaints, I get nice sounds.... but have too permanent overheating in engine. Anyone with the same problem? What I´m doing wrong? Thanks!
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