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  1. Yes thank you for the fast it is fast, and radical, for the moment SSAA in 2 and no crashes, great job thank you testers and the DCS team for a reagent so well done
  2. Hello, DCS crash and crash by modifying the SSAA OFF value to 1.5, F / A 18 C Gulf Landing Case 1, I reset the value to OFF SSAA no crash?
  3. Yes very stable for the moment since the last update, congratulations to all for this feedback to understand and find the solution in front of these crashes, thank you to the Beta Testers Team for your work.
  4. A beta software remains a beta software, not close in development and search for possible problems, so the 2.7 is a beta, it is for me logical that this crashes, the 2.5 stable is there to play and enjoy, I cannot find these crashes as a problem, just logical for a test version.
  5. You make us dream there, because it's getting worse and worse, no way to do more than 2 flights without having the crash, I drop the beta for the moment and switch to stable 2.5, there at least we can play without risk a heart attack in front of your screen ....
  6. Yes I am from France and I use a French version, same problem to reassure us
  7. Good evening, you want to have full logs of any DCS crash do this. Add the lines opposite in your regedit [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Windows Error Reporting \ LocalDumps] "DumpFolder" = "C: \\ CrashDumps" "DumpCount" = dword: 00000010 "DumpType" = dword: 00000002 Create at the root of your system disk a directory with this name CrashDumps (either \ CrashDumps) Restart your PC During each crash of DCS or other a Dumps file will be created and complete. Please note that the size of the logs is or will be very large ... Do not forget to empt
  8. Driver updated Nvidia 466.55 WHQL beta, still crash, damage .....
  9. Maybe the reason that my DCS does not crash I do not have the F14 module, and my DCS does not crash absolutely no crash, but I run in Win8 mode without a script folder, if I put this folder back DCS crashes immediately
  10. No, I think there is a coding conflict, due to the DX11 error, almost identical for everyone, if it was a material error it would be present on the stable version which is quite identical to the beta 2.7 except the more extensive coding present on the beta
  11. No crashes and crashes are only present in Windows 10 mode with the script folder, in Win8 mode with script folder guaranteed crash with 3 or 4 game loading, in Win 8 mode without script folder no crash, I just changed 20 times of flight, mission, plane, places, map syria, OMDB, caucasus I confirm no DCS game crash. I reactivate by renaming the script crash folder when reloading the automatic flight. In compatibility mode, check the options before testing the DCS Beta 2.7. See image link opposite https://servimg.com/view/20326109/257
  12. No, unfortunately, I don't have a backup, my last log if necessary dcs.log
  13. Yes, like many others, I had the second crash when loading, the reason for my contact with DCS support Script folder deleted no more crashes DCS works in Beta 2.7 mode under Win 8 mode. With the Sscript folder present crash and variable crash over time
  14. Hello, for information here is the response from DCS support subject to the script file Copy paste of the response from DCS support Konstantin "MotorEAST" Kharin Please delete all unofficial mods if you use it and delete Scripts folder from C:\Users\RogSimu\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\ Run cleanup and write the result https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/repair/#2463807 Best regards and many happy landings ! Konstantin "MotorEAST" Kharin Eagle Dynamics IT Team Alexander Maximov Yes, I see you have an updated version of the driver. But ... ple
  15. Good evening, Update mode today, to verify I switch to W10 mode, crash at launch, so I switch to Windows 8 compatibility mode as before, no crash, crash, DCs takes a long time to launch and close, but since 4 days in Windows 8 mode absolutely no crash of DCS Beta 2.7 update on May 20, 2021 Sorry for English not really my language, French ...
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