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  1. Hey @Arbil, sorry I didn't see you post in February. I came back to this thread because I recently restarted the Raven One campain for another go. Yes, you were right. All weapons use the LAT/LONG/SEC format and not the default LAT/LONG/DEC. That's why my targets were all offset. I did set it up to run the correct format and all weapons hit precisely as intended. Thanks for your input but I have to say I had someone helping me on this earlier. But, you did remind me of this particular setting. Thanks a bunch.
  2. I did a search, not a deep search I confess but didn't find it. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Condition: Aircraft - F-16C Viper Map - Caucasus (not a factor) Environment - Multiplayer hosting a server (not a factor) Weather - "Overcast with Rain 3" Preset Time of day - Morning (not a factor) Mission - Scramble mission (not a factor). Description/Report: Flight begins cold and dark. Canopy is either opened or closed, no rain droplets are observed. Bug/error/glitch description: Checked the menu option and tried several different aircraft previously known to depict rain droplets on the canopy. No change. Addi
  4. Hello all. I found out that a small script for the F-16 was causing this. This is the F-16_50.lua file for DCS Exporter in order to work with Stream Deck, Ikarus or DAC. If you ever have this issue, just use @Tess modified file found here: Thanks for your patience @BIGNEWY and all others. This was driving me mad...
  5. @ctytler I have an issue with your plugin using DCS: F-16C Viper. The issue began with a strange freeze I reported here: As you can see, if I don't have Stream Deck running your plugin, by removing the export.lua file in scripts, I can start the F-16 and operate the TPOD with no issues. I am only using your interface and the export script for the F-16 1.2.1. I don't know what to do. I can run all other Airplanes using the stream deck, only the F-16 will freeze. Got any ideas? [UPDATE] [UPDATE] [UPDATE] [UPDATE] [UPDATE] [UPDATE][UPDATE] For anyone with t
  6. hi The track file may be corrupted because I have to terminate DCS via task switch. Find the log attached. dcs.log I have now narrowed it down to one single issue: - Elgato StreamDeck using DCS Interface. If I disable the export.lua line to use the script to run the DCS Exporter for the Stream Deck, the TPOD lauches with no issue. Weird...
  7. Yet another issue I found with DCS: F-16C Viper. Now I know this airplane is very much work in progress but it appears this is a very specific bug I was unable to replicate until very recently. Condition: Aircraft - F-16C Viper DCS Version - Open Beta Map - Caucasus (not a factor) Environment - Multiplayer hosting a server (not a factor, also happens as a client) Weather - Clear (not a factor) Time of day - Morning (not a factor) Mission - Simple AGM-65 Maverick mission (not a factor). Description/Report: Flight begins c
  8. Hey all, just an update. I managed to find a F-16C lua file and it's now working. I ended up making my own programming I did mess around with DCS Bios but It was causing some tremendous frame rate drops. Which is ironic since they claim it doesn't on the documentation. It does. And it's pretty noticeable, about 10fps on the ground on average... This is, of course, my experience, your mileage may vary. Cheers and thanks for this plugin. It's now working fine.
  9. I figured it out. I was using the F-16. There's no F-16.lua in the ExportsModules. So I guess this particular exporter doesn't work with the plane I fly. I'll just uninstall and try DCS-Bios
  10. Hi all I've done all the steps, but I can't get this to work. Everything has been checked and double checked. The one thing that bugged me is this: I don't think the exporter is working at all since there's no log file created. Refresh DCS module not detected. Check that DCS mission is running, there is a .lua script for the module within "DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules\", and the port settings above match those in "DCS-ExportScript\Config.lua" on the DCS.log: 2021-03-26 22:24:53.174 ALERT EDCORE: Can't execute Lua file C:
  11. I see. Well, then I am onto something. TOO mode fed by the TPOD isn't working properly. At least in this situation and on Persian Gulf.
  12. @baltic_dragon As I say above, that was what I chose to do, PP mode with coords input on the weapon. The first misses the mark, but not by much.
  13. Hi again So here's the latest on my attempts in this mission. I redone the exact same procedures regarding the Lat/Long coords given by the Harrier flight. I took the first and third passes for the targets, giving my wingman the second and fourth (aborted). I input the first coords as a waypoint (8) exactly as given: N26265400 E57033200 33ft This was what the TPOD was pointing at. This is a river, my targets are on the left side, right side are Silkworms to be attacked by the Harriers. And this was what the JSOW receiv
  14. Hi @baltic_dragon I honestly think I did all things correctly. I input the coords into new waypoints created using Precise mode on the Hornet. I can try to drop the JSOWs using PP mode, inputting coords directly into the weapon, but if there's a problem in the coord interpretation this won't make a difference. I'll try it anyway.
  15. First of all, thank you for this fine Campaign. Enjoying it a lot. Here are some issues I found: On the first part of the mission, I am supposed to take off last and reach Raven 3-1 to fly in what I assume is finger four, just like mission 10. However, Raven 3-1 keeps making hard banks left and right, about Angels 5, when the kneeboard clearly states Angels 15 anchored at waypoint 1 (before the SEAD team pushes). I decided to ignore this behaviour, even after he committed to waypoint 3 but kept his altitude at angels 5. Climbed to the assigned altitude and dump Raven 3-1
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