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  1. Should i uninstall the stable version first or will having it make installing OB quicker?
  2. aah ok, when is it coming to Stable?
  3. Running the update checker and it keeps saying 2.5.6 is the latest version
  4. Just wondering how many mods have a proper cockpit modelled? Im not bothered if they are clickable. I have the A-4 and F-22 but wondered what else was out there
  5. As an old school gamer i did love the older PC games that came in big boxes with chunky manuals like in the Falcon series. I have been buying up a lot of the old games/sims I had in the 90s because of the big boxes and manuals. Whilst DCS do a great job of crafting their modules I do wish I had some sort of physical product and wondered if anyone else would want physical versions of the module manuals? Know I know I could get them printed myself but it would be much cheaper if ED bought and sold in bulk.
  6. Ok follow up question, would you guys want ED or a third party to make a Comanche, knowing alot of it would be made up from current AH-64D avionics, guesstimates and feature expectations? Obviously it wouldnt be a super serious module but do we want something like this in DCS?
  7. Just wondering, as it never went into production how this affects licensing and making a realistic module? Oh and how likely are ED or a third party likely to make this (and a eurofighter)?
  8. How long will this be in reduced price pre order status?
  9. Cool, time to put some money aside
  10. Couldnt take advantage of the Lunar sale so Im wondering when the next might be?
  11. So I am getting on a bit of a retro gaming thing and am buying old sims from the 90s/00s and I wanted to get an F/A-18 sim but there are quite a few and i am not sure what to go with, I remember Janes FA-18 and FA-18 Korea but a google search found more, FA-18 3.0, FA-18E Super Hornet, Carrier Strike Fighter IFA-18 and FA-18 Precision Strike Fighter and others. Is there one that most would agree was the best? Kinda leaning towards the Jane's one right now.
  12. So I just grabbed FC3 in the sale as its good value but I do want to add to my one hifi plane (A-10c) but I am leaning towards getting the AV8B/Nevada map or the Mig-21/Syria or PG map. I do single player mostly as I still need to learn this sim. And I do want the F-14/16/18 but they are still a bit price for me right now
  13. Decided to order today, was getting frustrated trying to use EO Mavericks on the A-10, even though my stick is brand new that mouse nipple is close to useless, no subtlety in the controls at all. Looking forward to receiving its replacement
  14. Not sure what country you are in but this is where i got mine: https://shop.thrustmaster.com/fr_fr/catalog/category/view/s/products-joysticks/id/93/ But they seem to be out of stock again
  15. I ordered my Warthog a few weeks ago straight from Thrustmaster That Virpil grip is good but its not 100% accurate...I will get if if I cant find anything more accurate. I would rather have something new rather than try to modify an old stick, hence why I asked if anyone was making them
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