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  1. So how do you like that trackpad, just sent back a trackball to amazon. Not fast enough with it like a mouse. Can you button hold and slide to turn a dial or knob?
  2. Hey all, I recently enabled the VSPX feature to VAICOM. Once enabled in VAICOM, it does show the green active light in my editor tab. Of course when I hit the test feature it doesn't complete which is correct based on the message "VSPX Processing mode is active". Now I do hit finish and and go back to VoiceAttack to paste my updated keywords. When I select all and paste my new set of keywords in my "Keyword Collections" inside my VoiceAttack Profile, my keywords go from 1176 down to only 77. Is this normal?
  3. Updated original post to include my profile LUA files: I have added my working DCS LUA control files as well as my VPC/Virpil config tool file that I have modified to support my current F-16 profile in DCS. This is still in progress, but have pushed to keep as many controls universal to support multiple aircraft to have similar if not the same layouts for basic controls, etc. I also use the same profile for VR. I will update as I make progress...
  4. Thank you @Lynchsl62 I added your templates to my first post Google Drive archive links...
  5. I am trying these, I will make my own mount plates out of MDF. I want slide and rotate the left throttle and right stick back and 180 degrees out of the way under the desk when not in use. Should be here tomorrow... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082NKBM62/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I'm still playing with these, so very much in progress to see what works and what needs to change. I also am using these in both standard monitor and VR. My TM-50 "B Buttons" are more for my VR support for no need for keyboard. I push to keep as many universal as possible so I am not learning new layouts from plane to plane... F-16 Viper TM-50: https://share.getcloudapp.com/Jru4n2jr NXT Gladiator: https://share.getcloudapp.com/9ZuxRZk0 P-51 Mustang: TM-50: https://share.getcloudapp.com/bLuAdE8b NXT Gladiator: https://share.getclouda
  7. Lets share those Virpil TM-50 CM3 Profiles... Hey guys, just got my Virpil TM-50 CM3 Throttle which I will be using alongside my Gladiator NXT Stick. I am excited to dive in and start creating some new profiles to share once I get the kinks worked out. I will post my profile starting with the F-16 and maybe a warbird or two as I get time. The F-16 will be my priority though... If anybody is willing to share their profiles please post here. I will be using the templates linked below for my final layout. Feel free to post your LUA files here regardless if you have a PDF showin
  8. I loaded both current and beta version demo versions of SimShaker for Aviator to test my new setup but it crashes during startup. I excluded it from my firewall/virus protection but it doesn't help. Tried running it as admin as well. SimShaker Wings, Simshaker Sound Moduel all work. The only issue is Aviator. Any suggestions? (Windows 10)
  9. @SkateZilla Like all, the links are missing since the forum updated a few days ago.....
  10. got it... was missing: Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR BETA:
  11. Man, cant figure out how to get DCS Flight Simulator working with the HP Reverb G2. Have WMR running, installed SteamVR and then start DCS in VR mode. Just keep seeing the cliff house from WMR in the headset. I am running the open beta non steam version of DCS. This is my first headset, HP G2 doesn't come with any info so just guessing at this point. I do see a message on SteamVR to connect headset even though it's on and working with WMR. Tried just launching DCS solo and no luck there either.
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