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  1. I am a bit slow and a lot more questions to bombard you guys, thanks.
  2. Just wondering that I paid this version for last few days and had it delivered and installed this morning. Now, is the module available only in instant mission, because it is still on open beta. The reason I ask, the plane is not available in my Mission or Campaign room.
  3. Thanks for all the advices guys, appreciated. My plane is still grounded and still figuring out how to steer the beast. Thanks to all EDIT: finally I got the beast under controlled simply using the rudder. Happy now
  4. After updating firmware for my HOTAS warthog and configuring profile now my joystick's pitch is not responding, the plane dived to ground or sea helplessly. I tried to fly the plane with DCS default setting...no keys binding and of course joystick is useless now. Any advices from our vets community will lift my spirit up, thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Flyers, I am a brand new flyer and just joined the club recently. So DCS world is free for downloading which is including with 2 airplanes A-10C and SU-25T with Caucasus map. As the matter fact, I would like to know that is there limitation playing these planes and map? the reason I ask that when I cold started A-10 and pulling out from parking bay, I couldn't steer the plane to the runway or trying taking off from other mission the plane is just veering off the course, OR something wrong with my TM Hotas Warthog. Anyone has any idea? please be adviced, thanks.
  6. I have Nosewheel on or off, I used rudder pedals and keyboard to get this god damn beast to steer and guess it is too heavy to do that:helpsmilie::helpsmilie:
  7. I have turned that on. Is it suppose to turn on right?
  8. I am totally new to DCS world and I have joint the flying community just about 2 weeks now and have taken me this time just to learn the cold start of the plane and communicate with ATC. I was so happy to go thru all of these and ready taking the plane out of parking lot for taxiing, now I have a hiccup of steering my plane to runway when rolling out the parking...it just have gone straight into anything on its way, and if I fly solo in training mission the joystick has no problem of responding. Is there anything that I have missed. I have used a couple Thrustmaster HOTAS warthog configutio
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