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  1. @Flappiethis happens to me and all my squadron on SP and MP. Time varies from machine to machine but it's clearly a thing. Thanks!
  2. Hi @Flappiethank you for answering this. This was before may 20 update. I´ve tried today and it seems now it's fixed after said update. You may close this thread. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, I am reporting 1 bug and 1 possible bug. BUG: After setting up a TGT Code in PB HARM Mode, if you touch Heading Set Switch the TGT number gets scrambled on MFD. POSSIBLE BUG: While trying to use PB MODE in F18 it seems nothing can't stop them. Not even long shots that results in low speeds and impact angles. I've created a mission with several different sams (SA10/SA19/AAA/SA19) at the same spot and seems nothing can stop them. Please see track. Thanks. HARMS.trk
  4. I know it sounds weird bit I had Wireshark in front of me when the same port appeared. In any case I've noticed that some other ports are failing but some other not. On the other hand I've used some Outgoing Port Testers for those ports and they seem to work so it seems is not my ISP. I wonder if I am the only one with this issue.
  5. Flappie, excellent data, thanks! I've tried some more and here is what I've found: 1) Ports are not so random, 49720 appeared again 2) So far, other ports are working, but 49720 is not 3) i don't have any ports forwarded except 10308 and 5002 for DCS/SRS 4) I could try to forward 49270 and check stability 5) If that's the case, do you have a list of ports so I can forward them all or something like that? thanks!
  6. Hi Flappie, Thank you for answering. Here is the file (I hope I did it right). Some notes: 1) This is happening to my server machine and to my gaming machine now (both 100% clean W10 machines with almost nothing installed, not even external Antivirus) 2) Only change done before this happens was to install W10 update (2021-02 Cumulative Update (KB4601319) and 2021-02 .NET update (KB4601050). I don't typically touch these machines at all since I only use W10 for DCS 3) If you check the file I am uploading you'll see that contains IPV6 traffic. Just in case, I
  7. Hi Everyone, I host a dedicated server that was working fine till last W10 update. The machine starts and shutoff automatically every day. Since last W10 update DCS doesn't start and gives me "timeout was reached" message. When I close the window (cliking ok in the message) everything works but it takes a lot to log in. I am getting this in the log when it fails: 2021-02-10 16:23:39.614 ERROR NET: HTTP request dcs:settings failed with error 28: Timeout was reached 2021-02-10 16:24:09.630 ERROR NET: HTTP request dcs:login failed with error 28: Timeou
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