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  1. Using HP Reverb G2, thumb-sticks and buttons still not working although laser is back! It would be great if can have the same functionality as prior version (v2.5..) Thanks BIGNEWY
  2. Dear ED Team, I am playing DCS exclusively in VR with my HP Reverb G2, the new update was superb in every possible way, virtually no (or not much) performance hit eventhough with so many enhancement and eye candies that ED have put in. Was happy and excited for a while until when I found out that the old VR controller scheme has disappeared (with the laser pointers), that turns my excitement into a major disappointment. ED, please bring back the old VR controller scheme especially it is not broken. The new VR controller scheme is a welcome change but not eve
  3. I've just completed the F86 campaign and I'm simply speechless by the quality of the campaign. The story lines, the immersive and the fun factors of this campaign are beyond my expectation. (compared to many other campaigns that I've played thus far) Beside those minor spelling mistakes in the briefing, I did not encounter any hiccup or game breaking issue. One can tell that the creator has put in a lot of effort to make this campaign, and the attention to details were exceptional. Also it is extremely value for money, you get 22 missions each for F86 &
  4. Dear Reflected, I've finished the campaign, it has pretty good story and very immersive. I played it in VR and that's boosting the immersive to another level. Did not encounter any more issue, smooth sailing all the way till the end. Also did not suffer any big drop in frame rate. I do find the ending could be a bit well written as it was ended when I was least expected. Also, I noticed some of my wingmen flew in "inverted" and in "super slow motion" to Neverland (see attached image) This happened after I completed the mission objective i mi
  5. Indeed the story of this campaign and the atmosphere is very tense for a new Jagdflieger! Sure I will activate stealth mode whenever possible, just like playing Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell
  6. Dear Reflected, Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried again before reading your reply, indeed you are right. I was having issue initially when I turned toward to form up with the lead aircraft right after I took off from the runway, hence I did not hit the trigger zone along the runway. So I tried again and flew runway heading for a few more seconds and bingo, I received "Adler Zwo airborne" message and forming up message, and the lead aircraft recognized me straight away. Well what a fun first mission, I did not expect to have any dogfight
  7. Hi Reflected, I have also encountered similar issue. I flew almost every where around the lead aircraft and it still did not trigger. (yes I flew right side, left side, behind, in front, below and above still not activated the next trigger), eventually i flew so close to the lead that i touch his aircraft and crash his and mine. I tried both Stable and Open Beta (both are with latest update), same result. Now because of this issue I can't even play! Please look into it thank you. Cheers
  8. Thank you Bignewy for the prompt clarification. I asked because ED's online store does not recognize those license key products (I've both A-10C and Flaming Cliff 3 in this category), and the "Buy" option is enabled when I viewed these 2 products in the store. Those that I bought directly from ED's online store certainly no issue (recognized and indicated as "Bought") So I wonder how I can buy A-10C II @ discounted price since the store doesn't recognize my A-10C! Hope it will be no issue when it is finally released. Thank you again!
  9. Hi Bignewy, How about for those A-10C owners that with active license key? Can we buy @ discounted price too? Thanks!
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