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  1. One of the best I've seen so far!
  2. Hi, I have the problem that when I start DCS I can log in, but it stucks on the loading screen at 10%. I tried to revert to an older version, did the repair... nothing works for me :( Below is my log file. I would be very thankful for any help... Best regards
  3. What about the AH-56 Cheyenne? I know it never was in service. But I think it's a very interesting airframe! In combination with a South East Asia Map (which is something I'm desperatly waiting for, MiG Alley ) it would be :pilotfly:
  4. This thread brings me to the question if there's a document that explains what parts of the sim (esp. the physical variables) is controlled by the DCS enviroment and what is controlled by the developer... and how they interact with each other...
  5. I got it solved!!! Gucksdu hier: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215509&highlight=premature+eof I should use the forum more wisely...:music_whistling: But I was afraid that I couldn't start the F-14 on its release... :pilotfly:
  6. Hi fellow! Today I got this message, when trying to start DCS: Even the repair function doesn't start anymore. :doh: Does anyone kknow how to repair this? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. The F-15 is considered as a beginner aircraft. I think it has been discussed here some time ago. Coming from BMS I also went this way, and I can proove it was not wrong... :thumbup:
  8. When... will we be able to fly the Hornet in the "stable DCS"? :cry:
  9. :) I love it! Can't wait for this bird to fly with me. We'll get a very intimate relationship, when it crosses my way... :megalol:
  10. ED should provide a small tool that allows the user to: 1. get a quick overview about installation status of the modules and 2. manage the licences in an easy way Or did I miss something...?
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