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  1. This is the first German a/c mod I've gotten and the compass confuses me. Do I set the outer ring to the heading I want/need to fly and then align the little plane in the center? I have noticed the little plane wonders if there is any banking input.
  2. I can get the plane started but it won't move on throttle up. There doesn't appear to be parking brakes so what would keep it anchored?
  3. What is the convergence distance for the guns of the WW2 aircraft? Is it possible to change it? Are all Allied planes set the same? I can't find any info in the manual.
  4. I have had a problem spring up yesterday with the Jug. When trying to taxi the plane circles left no matter what control input from my toe brakes. I tried to adjust the brake settings, curve, etc. didn't work. Turned the jug off and on in the mod. manager, didn't work either. Checked my other mods, P-51 and Spitfire they work fine. Tried to remove and copy the saved version in the temp file I created to keep copies of my mods, now it isn't available in DCS. When I tried to redownload from the DCS main page it tells me I already have the license for the plane. Not sure what to try next.
  5. Are the IFF features active in WW2 maps?
  6. The problem turned out to be a conflict in resolution between my monitor and DCS. I have trains! lol Thank you Blech and AUS_Heracles!
  7. No I can't scroll, no scrollbar.
  8. This is what it looks like when I try to add a train.
  9. Hi and thanks Blech. Looking at our screen shot you have entries in the window under the train cars option, I don't. Also don't have the two drop down menus under that window. If I can learn how to take a screen shot I'll post one.
  10. Trying to build a training mission for myself using trains in the Normandy map. I set the time to 1944, drop a train icon on the tracks but when I go to add the locomotive and cars the window is blank. I do have the WW2 asset pack so there should be a DRG Class 86 loco. How do I get them to show?
  11. I can't find how to select the P-47 variants in the instant action missions. I have the Caucasus, Channel, and Normandy maps. This started after the recent update. How do I fix this?
  12. I have the open beta version of dcs, had some issues so I saved my P-47, Channel, and Normandy files in a temp folder. Then I removed and redownloaded the open beta, on start up I went to the installed mods page, restarted the P-47, worked fine. When I open the instant action option the Caucasus and Normandy maps are there but the Channel map is gone. I thought oh well I'll just repurchase it but I already have the active license. How do I reactivate it. All worked fine until the update yesterday. I'm using win10..
  13. I found the clock and now have the jug! Thank you gentlemen!
  14. I'm using the beta version. When I first open the editor my first option is coalition presets, I pick WW2 and hit okay. The next page shows the map with all available options. On the left is a column with objects, when I click on the airplane a window opens named airplane group 2016. Clicking on type give me a drop down list of aircraft with no P-47. Since I don't own any modern aircraft nothing can be changed or added.
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