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  1. Again thanks for those comments of "1 module 1 month"... I respect guys focusing one thing at one time. While I think 1 month is probably not enough (maybe I am a slow learner). I have been learning BFM of hornet for several months, and I found myself still in a middle way. This topic, actually I mean (doesn't mean other modules are not good), is to share the idea that it's a great fun when diving into one module, and enjoying the great battles designed for it...
  2. Many thanks mate! The zip file you provided works fine!!!
  3. Thanks mates for discussion and advice of "reshade". I read and download (from thread DCS World and Reshade - DCS Mods - ED Forums (eagle.ru) ) however, it can work in my 2D screen, but cannot take effect in VR valve index. Did I miss any step?
  4. Nice comments. So happy to see guys same as me. Also learn something from those different... Thanks to all of you!
  5. Whatever reason: the first module ever learnt so systematically... so far the most developed module with the best manual... lots of CAS funs with air - ground force interactions... Looking forward to more sound campaigns.
  6. Yes, I do swap many times recently between G2 and Index. And stay with Index more now. BTW where can I find the “re shade” mode?
  7. Had both running for many months, and recently I got many apple to apple comparison and stay with Index more now. No doubt the G2 has much better resolution than index, which really made me working on it for pretty long time (nearly 5 months). While valve index makes me feel more compatible with: - wider field of view, feel better during enjoying the scenes - higher rate of refresh rate, this really make the eye comfortable - more enjoyable color This comparison is very personal. While I cannot refuse the G2's high resolution which really help to read the inst
  8. mlMy experience on this topic: I have 4x32 inches monitors, I tried 3 landscape layout, also tried 4 in portrait, and 4 with 2 landscape in the middle and 2 portrait at side. They are all really good views in details in 2D displays. The total resolution are even better than one large 4K monitors. I also play with VR. I had valve index and recently got HP reverb G2. Eventually I stay in VR.
  9. Moved from Steam to standalone. (After 1300+ Game hours) I like to have more direct connections and updates... that’s it. BTW don’t know if others feel the same, the color quality looks a little better in standalone.
  10. Great details and solid training info. thanks. Looking forward to the campaign.
  11. Thank you ! I thought I was coming to help others to know this module better. I didn’t realize it’s me needing help.
  12. Hey guys, I have the 4 helicopters and most jets in steam version. And these days I decided to turn to official platform (for the sense of origin) and to buy the favorite modules again.. And Gazelle is the first helicopter I will re-buy .
  13. in setup make it both eyes. realistic is a rather personal judgement when we are sitting in a room on a chair. anyway, it's at least the closest we can get.
  14. Stone shield mission 04. It should be a CAS task during our side ground attack. But the ground attack doesn't start no matter how. With many times flying there I found the problem maybe: I saw our group of 3 heli CH-47D, during their flying to the point, 2 of them crashed. I think that's why it doesn't move on. Can someone fix it?
  15. Same problem. I know why now. It's AI problem. And I saw it, the heli with 3 Ch-47D, I saw two of them crashed during their flying to the meeting point. I guess there is a trigger when this heli group arrive there, they will initiate ground attack, and the mission will move on. But it can't now. Can someone fix it?
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