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  1. @Symbiont Can you use the track files I've already uploaded here (F18-JSOW-25nm-Test-MISS+HIT.trk) and the information I've provided a few posts above to proceed with the report? I'm pretty sure I've narrowed down the issue to something that is totally easy to replicate, so they can work on it.
  2. Thanks, man. I'm already participating on some other topics related to the same issue on that thread. And yes, I've tried after the beta patch on the 4th (already playing Open Beta) but nothing has changed. As per one of my posts on this topic, the issue seems to be related to the distance the 154As are launched. At a speed/altitude of more or less 280/33.000, the range of 25nm seems to be the key, where all launches from distances greater than 25nm will 100% miss, and all launches from closer than about 25nm will 100% hit, so it's clearly some sort of bug, as the "IN RANGE" area for this a
  3. I've done several tests yesterday on OB, after updating it with the latest patch (DCS Open Beta - 04.11.2020). Are your JSOW launches being from closer than about 25nm of the target? As I've posted yesterday, across several tests, all launches from distances greater than 25nm (from 33000ft at speed of 280) miss the target, but all launches closer than 25nm work as intended. Maybe you could quickly try the two possible distances and see if both work as you said? Here is a test I did just a few minutes ago. 2 launches, one miss and one hit, clearly proving that there's a distance-
  4. Here I'm having this exact behaviour, the JSOWs just bank to one side, fly over the target and hit the ground. This, however, is only for releases from distances greater than 25nm from the target (@33.000/280), anything closer than this works normally.
  5. Hey guys, I'm having the exact same problem with the 154A (the 154C seems to work fine) in both TOO and PP modes, however after several tests, I think I've got something: By doing launches on targets (SA-11 for my tests) from around 33.000ft and at a speed of 280 (using F/A-18C), ALL missiles shot from longer than about 25nm will miss, exactly as described above by Eagle7907, with them banking right or left 45 degrees and impacting the ground, completely missing the targets, despite the fact that they enter the "IN RANGE" area at about 38nm from the target (at this given speed/alt)... Ho
  6. Hey guys, So, I've been trying to employ some AGM-154A in TOO mode into a SA-11 on a quick test mission I've created, and it doesn't matter what I do, the JSOWs always fly away from the target when they get closer (at around 3.5nm). I've attached 2 tracks that I've saved today with some tests, so you can see clearly what I'm referring to. I'm using TrackIR, so apologies for the shaky camera. F18-JSOW-Missing-FLIR-Only.trk F18-JSOW-Missing.trk I've tried with both the "Waypoint Designate" option from the HSI and by assigning targets using the FLIR, also in both "area track" and "po
  7. Many thanks for the detailed reply. I'd like to know your thoughts and impressions on your Pimax, specially considering that you already own the Reverb, so it will be a very good comparison. My main concern with the Reverb is more with losing the situational awareness on enemy treats, specially SAM launches and sneaky enemy planes, due to the narrow FOV. It's not easy to find a decent video on YouTube showing what exactly you see and most importantly how it feels, and unfortunately I don't have a place to test it, so that's why your opinions here on the forum are so important.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, guys! Would you say the lower FOV kills the sense of speed? And also, did you ever faced a situation where you had to be constantly moving your head to one side and the other to keep checking your 2 and 10 o'clock looking for enemies or SAM launches, when you could do it without having to move your head on the Pimax?
  9. It does help, thanks! Would you say it's possible to identify SAM launches and enemy AA missiles quickly, or due to the reasonable lack of visual clarity this is something that gets a bit more difficult?
  10. Hey guys, new DCS player here (<90h) and aspiring VR user. I've been doing some really deep research about the VR options, and I'm interested on both the Pimax 5K+ and the HP Reverb. However I'm not convinced yet if the vertical FOV of the HP Reverb is sufficient for not having problems identifying SAM launches on the peripheral area of the plane (let's say a SAM launch at 2 or 3 o'clock), as well as not losing situational awareness and sense of speed (I also do simracing). So, I'd like to know your opinion on these topics, is the Reverb or even the Reverb G2 (for those who tested it
  11. Hey guys, new DCS player here (<90h) and aspiring VR user. I've been doing some really deep research about the best VR options for DCS, and I'm more interested on the Pimax 5K+ over the HP Reverb G2, due to its large FOV (I also do simracing). However I'm not convinced yet that the visual clarity of the Pimax 5K+ is sufficient for reading HUD and MFDs texts without having to zoom, and also to spot ground enemies (I love doing Air-to-Ground missions). So, I'd like to know your opinion on these topics, is the 5K+ good enough in terms of clarity for small HUD and cockpit elements, as we
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