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  1. I confirm, it is still there, less strong than before in my opinion but it still exists.
  2. I still see this black flashing whether the mirrors are on or off, but in my case only at night.
  3. Hello fellows, yesterday I had a strange and probably rare bug. I flew a mission over Syria to destroy two warehouses of the IS with GBU-10's. Because of the cloud layers and an SA-6 SAM site nearby I flew below 10,000 ft AGL. On the second run over the target area I was hit by an SA-18 Grail. But I did hear no explosion, I saw no plume. Actually I saw the missile missing my tail and going straight into the sky. The flight behavior of the F-16 was normal, no warning lights, no fuel or hydraulic leaking. I realised the heavy damage just after switching to the external view. But something was strange. The SA-6 stopped tracking me right after this "ghost" hit. I couldn't radio the AWACs, nor the tanker or my homebase and on the F10 map the F-16 was gone (see video below). Nevertheless all was fine until I dropped the landing gear on final approach to Akrotiri. In this moment the plane went into a deep unrecoverable dive and I had to eject. In the debriefing I saw the only damaged system was the AN/ALE-47. In this mission I had activated some mods, but only one that affected the F-16 (CFT Mod 2.0.2 by Nightwolf). This is not a serious bug and I think it is very rare, but I have seen some other reports similar to this in the WWII subforums. I have no track file because they are completely useless for longer missions, especially with A/A refueling (in not a single replay of such tracks I saved, the plane was able to connect to the tanker). Attached you can find the dcs.log and the debriefing.log. dcs.log debrief.log
  4. Hello everyone, not sure whether this is already known but I found a small graphics glitch in the upper right corner of the upfront panel (black flickering square): Best Regards, Rene
  5. That may be, but I think you'll agree that if this problem occurs in 2.7 and not 2.5.6, something has changed between those two versions and is causing this issue. When I experienced this problem, nothing had changed on my system, and when I went back to 2.5.6 a day later, my system was still unchanged. Perhaps it is a side effect of another change in the 2.7 source code.
  6. Sorry, but I highly doubt that. The problem occurred after upgrading to 2.7 and was gone after I downgraded back to 2.5.6 because of it. So the only thing that had changed was DCS.
  7. This issue doesn't matter to me anymore since I bought a larger monitor with native WQHD resolution and higher pixel density. But apart from that, in version 2.5.6 the super resolution worked very well. Why is it problematic now in version 2.7? Your explanation is not really convincing, because other game manufacturers don't see it as a problem.
  8. I have investigated this bug a little bit and it seems it is related to the wind settings combined with lighting at night (at least in my case). But only the Marianas map is affected. I created test missions with the same settings on Caucasus, Persian Gulf, Syria and Marianas: - LHA-1 Tarawa, 25 knots, course approx. 225 - 1 AV-8B for the Player - 3 AV-8B uncontrolled aboard - Time is 21:00, Date is 12th July 2002 - Cloud setting is High scattered 1 - Wind is 4 knots, 65° With wind settings the black flickering appears, without it is gone. Only on the Marianas map I could reproduce this. Here is a video to demonstrate it.
  9. I experience this issue only since version 2.7.5 or 2.7.6. I never saw it in the versions before.
  10. Looks like the same issue I am having:
  11. Giant tree on Tinian island near North Field:
  12. I have experienced a similar black flickering which only happens at night probably caused by lights. In daylight I cannot reproduce this bug. Here is a video: Here is a second video captured from the same track but in daylight: Here is the trackfile: Black Flickering Bug at Night Track Marianas.trk My CPU, RAM and GPU aren't overclocked nor undervolted. My windows drivers are up to date. My graphics driver is the second last WHQL driver recommended by AMD (the newest WHQL driver has only optimizations for some new games, no bug fixing in the release notes). Best regards Rene
  13. I tested the track file on my system, result: SSAO = On: black flickering spots along the bridge SSAO = Off: no black flickering spots along the bridge (and also nowhere else)
  14. I already tested it with my track file before I posted my video because I had the same suspicion. But the black spots are appearing no matter SSAO is on or off. EDIT: I have to correct myself: Your issue (black flickering spots along the bridge) happens only with SSAO = On (at least on my system), I will post this result also in your thread The issue described in this thread (short black spots in the sky) happens with SSAO = On and SSAO = Off (at least on my system)
  15. Hi Flappie, in the video I posted in the thread "new clouds corruption" you can see the jittering from 1:35 min (clouds right of the HUD) and from 1:56 min (clouds within the HUD): When you jiggle on the stick, the clouds move up and down in the same rhythm. Best seen when the clouds are in front of hills or mountains. Trackfile: F-18C Test Graphic glitch Cloud jittering NTTR.trk Best regards, Rene
  16. Hi Flappie, hi BIGNEWY, just for your information, the graphics glitch is gone with the update to 2.7.1. I tested the Mi-8 mission several times yesterday, but no bug anymore. Thanks to both of you and a special Thank you to the ED developer team. Best regards, Rene
  17. Hi aviators, I updated from 2.5.6 to 2.7.1 this weekend and I am impressed of the look and feel of this new DCS World version. It feels much smoother than 2.5.6, even with a slightly lower frame rate. Unfortunately I also have these graphic glitches with activated cloud presets. Without a cloud preset I don't face this issue. Here is a video of the track (by the way the clouds are still jittering, see from 1:57 min): The three pictures are taken from this video (00:56 min., 1:02 min., 2:21 min.): Here are my graphics settings in DCS: I also have an AMD card (Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+ SE). Here is the dcs.log: dcs.log ... and the trackfile: F-18C Test Graphic glitch Cloud jittering NTTR.trk Best regards, Rene
  18. Uhm, I tested it on the latest 2.5.6 openbeta few minutes ago and it worked. I could roll, I could start, I could fly around and I could land safely. Only the animations of hook, flaps and airbrakes are not showing in the external view (landing gear up and down is working) but at least the flap and hook switch in the cockpit are working and have have effect. The airbrakes seems to be not working (yet?).
  19. The real problem ist that DCS has an old graphics engine, which is not able to use the advantages of the modern graphics cards optimally. Another problem is that ED is using high end rigs to develope DCS, but 80% of all gamers out there just have older or midrange gaming computers. So there don't know what does it mean to play such a simulator with all these restrictions you need to accept to run it smoothly. But that's not only a problem of ED. Almost all software companies (not only for games) developing there products for the upper 20% of customers. With a new graphics engine and an optimized source code DCS would run with all high details also on a 5 years old gaming rig smoothly.
  20. The same as here ... ... and here: Other resolutions but the same effect. In 2.5.6 everything was fine. In 2.7 it doesn't work anymore. That and some other issues were the reason for me to rollback DCS to 2.5.6.
  21. Hi Aviators, after some tests I have decided to rollback to version DCS 2.7 is a great update without doubt. The new clouds, the new lighting and all the other improvements are amazing but for me there are too many bugs and performance issues at the moment. 1. Virtual Super Resolution doesn't work. No matter what resolution I choose in DCS it ever runs with the nativ resolution of Windows. I use VSR to improve the picture quality so I can reduce the ingame MSAA settings. Ingame SSAA isn't an alternative because it has a much higher fps impact than VSR. 2. Starting and Ending DCS 2.7 tooks much more time than DCS 2.5.6 3. In DCS 2.5.6 a frame rate of 45 fps in a virtual resolution of 2560x1440 is much smoother than a frame rate of 55 fps in native resolution of 1920x1080 in DCS 2.7 (there are a lot of jiggling, tested on Caucasus map in the forested mountains and on Syria map around Haifa). So I will wait until ED has optimized DCS 2.7 and fixed all the minor and major bugs. Nethertheless I want to say this update is a great work by the ED team. I am looking forward to the improvements and future updates (especially the graphics engine update). Best regards, Rene
  22. It seems you have a very similar problem to mine
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