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  1. Hi Kevstosmart, sorry for my late answer. I didn't change back to an older driver. I used the 19.12.1 Radeon driver for a long time. After I ran into the described issue I tried the 20.9.1 WHQL driver but with the old Radeon GUI (not these Adrenalin GUI crap) because I need the Frame Rate Target Control setting, which isn't present in the Adrenalin GUI anymore although the function is still existing within the drivers. With the 20.9.1 driver and the increasing of the DRAM voltage the crashes are completely gone. I didn't try the newest WHQL driver (20.11.2) yet, You know, never change a r
  2. Hi Flappie, actually, when this thread came up I had the same orange and yellow flashes like described, together with these black flickering. The orange flashes where gone sometime (maybe because of a DCS or a graphics driver update), but the black and grey flickering stayed. If you say that's two different glitches, then I am glad if my track can help to fix it. Thanks to Bignewy for opening a new thread. Best regards, Rene
  3. Hi Bignewy, hi Flappie, I flew a test flight in an F-15C on the Caucasus map to demonstrate the graphical glitch (track attached). There is black and partly light grey flickering after the Su-24's are hit and going down. It seems it is caused by the smoke trails (black and light grey). Best regards, Rene Testflight Graphic glitches F-15C Caucasus.trk
  4. Hi Jim, thanks for the hint, but Enhanced sync on or off doesn't make any difference (I already tested it and tested it again now). I am using Enhanced sync for a long time and never had problems with it in DCS. I am experiencing the described slightly stuttering during head moving only since the DCS Open Beta update. Best regards, Rene
  5. The only WWII module I own is P-51D (but fly it very rarely). I see the same flickering in modern aircraft modules like F/A-18C, F-15C, F-16C, Su-33, MiG-29, Mirage 2000C and so on. I don't have a NVIDIA graphics card but an AMD card with the latest recommended driver. I saw this flickering already with the old 19.12.1 driver (maybe a little heavier), for the very first time at the beginning of September this year.
  6. Hi Flappie, I see a black flickering at the beginning of the track (short after some of the planes have crashed into the ground), which only affects the sky (means, the whole sky from the horizon upwards is flickering black for about one or two seconds). I see another flickering (grey in this case) when your plane flies through the smoke columns, but this flickering effects the whole cockpit (or even the whole field of view). Best regards, Rene
  7. Hi BIGNEWY, all my relevant tracks they could show the issue are corrupt, what means, if I replaying them I am flying like an idiot and crashing into ground (nothing of this happened during the real flight). If ED wants us to send tracks to investigate issues, the tracking system should be fixed urgently. Best regards, Rene
  8. Grahpics Card: Sapphire Radeon 5700XT Nitro+ SE Graphics Driver: Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.9.1 (Recommended by AMD) I see this glitch only in correlation with explosions of aircrafts (missile hits, crash into the ground) even if the target aircraft is hitted or crashing BVR. Sometimes it's a yellow flashing, sometimes a gray/black flashing, probably caused by a corrupt rendering of explosions, flames and smoke trails of the hitted/crashing aircraft. I guess it came together with the rendering improvements of fire and smoke. I will try to upload a track if I find one which isn't too larg
  9. Hi Flappie, just for your information. The last two weeks I flew several missions in different aircrafts (A-10C-II, AV-8B, F-15C, F-16C, F/A-18C, Su-33) with mission durations between 45 and 90 minutes without any further CTDs. It seems the solution for my issue was a mix of graphic drivers update and DRAM voltage increasing. Best regards, Rene
  10. The same as mine. Just a slight stuttering and only during head movements without any impact to the frame rate. The stuttering in the video of Guppy is very heavy.
  11. Here there are two tracks they (hopefully) show the issue. The first one (F-16C Caucasus) shows the slightly stuttering by using DelanClip headtracker. The second one (F-15C Nevada) shows heavily stutters by using the mouse for view steering. In the first case the frame rate is between 60 fps and 41 fps (over large forestry areas) without any stuttering as long I look straight ahead or to the side without head moving (in flight). As soon I move my head there is a slightly stuttering without any impact to the frame rate. In the second case the frame rate is rock solid at 60 fps. As soon I move
  12. Hi twistking, thank you for your tips. (Ingame-)Vsync wasn't active but Enhanced sync within the AMD Radeon settings was enabled. I tested DCS without this (deleted fxo and metashaders2 folders before), but unfortunately it didn't help. Fullscreen already is enabled in DCS and in Radeon settings and I also disabled the Windows fullscreen optimization for the dcs.exe several months ago. I am experiencing this slighty stuttering only since the latest update. I changed nothing else on my system or in DCS. EDIT: And another interesting observation. When I deactivate headtracking and I use th
  13. Hi ED Team, hi DCS pilots, since the DCS Open Beta update I am experiencing a slightly stuttering when I look around with my headtracking clip (DelanClip with PS3 Eye Camera and Opentrack). The game frame rate stays between 40 and 60 fps (it is locked at 60 fps) and DCS runs without any stutters even over the large towns at the Syria or the Persian Gulf map . But the head movement isn't fluent anymore. Especially when I turn my head slowly there is a permanently slightly stuttering (no frame rate decreasing). This destroys the immersion for me and wasn't definitely not existent
  14. No it wasn't. My DRAM has a factory clock of 3000MHz. Before I upgraded it from 32GB to 64GB it ran with 3200MHz and 1.2V without any issues (all above 2666MHz is overclocking speed for my mainboard). After the upgrade it wasn't stable with this RAM clock and also with lower overclocking speed settings, even with 1.35V (Windows didn't start or crashed with bluescreens). I read that Ryzen processors don't like DRAM overclocking when all RAM banks are full, not sure if it's true. So I set the RAM to non-overclocking speed of 2666MHz with 1.2V. With this it was stable so it seemed. But maybe 1.2V
  15. Hi Flappie, yesterday I deactivated all third party mods (these were A-4E-C by Heclak, Su-57 by Cubanace and some liveries for different aircraft types), then I flew the syria mission and had no crash. Today I activated the mods again (except Su-57 because I had installed it only for testing), flew the Syria mission and also had no crash. But in both cases the mission duration was a little shorter than one hour. Not sure whether duration time could be a factor. What I did also yesterday was to increase the DRAM voltage from 1.2V (it was the auto setting in the BIOS) to 1.35V (the max. reco
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