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  1. good to know Su-30 is still on the table Is that Deka's discord? Does anyone have a link?
  2. Canards aren't the problem. Australia did run a test on a J-20 model to see how much radar signal it reflects. The front angle where canards are located was quite good. The problem is on the side, and they can certainly improve the rear aspect by making a square-shaped exhaustion port and trapezoid vertical rudder fin. The rumor was that the trapezoid fin is more stealthy but decreases stability, while China is yet to design an FBW system to compensate for this decrease stability. This is why J-20 doesn't have a trapezoid rudder. If you take a look at the 2nd prototype of FC-31, they also gav
  3. if it doesn't have Russian DL, does it have support for Chinese DL?
  4. Yes, I know. I am not studying aerodynamic for a living either. I was just stating what I saw from the documentary. I heard that long fuselage area ruled design increase high altitude high speed performance or something like that. That's why J-8 has this very slender body. I think it actually decrease performance at lower speed, maybe. I did a search online and maybe have something to do with this. I am not sure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_rule
  5. This is interesting. I once watch a documentary on TV about J-20. During one of the airshow, many foreign spectators believe J-20 is an high altitude interceptor due to its elongated body. When J-20 showed its maneuverability later, people had hard time believe how could a fighter with elongated body can achieve such maneuverability. The military spokesman mentions the reason why J-20 could achieve its high maneuverability. During the designing stage of J-10, the designer team argued about the configuration of J-10. After some research, it was understood that the reason for the high maneuvera
  6. J-8F was a modified MiG-21? Just ignore them. Remember the election between the Labour and Liberal?? When one party got ahead, the other would bicker them at anything and everything, and talk down on them. Just because they like to bicker that doesn't mean what they said were true. The lies can only show their own inner insecurity that is they are losing the election. I remember I once had a friend came to me with this other guy. They wanted me to be their judge. After I heard their story I realised that they were arguing about Zhuge Liang. That guy was saying that Kong Ming and Zhuge Lia
  7. This is awesome. It seems that this L-15 thing is even better than the South Korean T-50. We must have this. Deka once express their wish to take a break from making MFD aircrafts, because it is hard. But if this is very much the same as the JF-17, then it will save a lot of work. So I think plane will get more profit for them while for less work and effort.
  8. I just found this supposed J-8II model made by Deka. If I remember, J-8F is the only variant with 2 wing fence. If so, that means the model is already made. That means we have high hope of getting J-8F
  9. Only if they can be accurately modeled. I don't know if the EF can model those accurately, if not, I am not buying it. Actually, as far as I know, the EF we are going to get is one of the least capable version which only have AIM-120 for BVR attack.
  10. Nope, things like R-37 are very much classified. So they won't be properly modelled. As a flight sim, we are here for realism. Nothing should be buffed or nerfed unless it is for accuracy sake. If Mkk2 can't be done, then it can't be done. F-16, 18 and 14 watch you from datalink. Well, that's their feature. If it is accurately modelled, then it is not their fault. In fact some people were saying that JF-17 should be nerfed because it has better staff than many other western planes. If they play the game just to sooth their nationalist ego, they should go and play ace combat, where they won't
  11. Also, SD-10 is a downgraded variant of PL-12. So some feature maybe lost. In fact, avionic and sensory wise, JF-17 is very much a downgraded J-10.
  12. Dude, this is a flight simulation. Not a game. Fairness should only be achieved via getting a better plane or a better variant of plane. If it is the MKK, then it is MKK. Deka only make Chinese modules, so if you want something better, you will have to ask for MKK2 or MKK 3 or even a J-15 or J-16. But as of right now, there isn't even enough data for MKK as it is. So we are definitely not getting the MKK2. I doubt we will have enough data to make R-37M or the Meteor. You are not excused :P
  13. First of all Su-27 is an air superiority fighter with no air to ground capability (dump bomb and unguided rocket don't count). Su-30 is a multirole fighter bomber. Basically the Russian version of F-15E strike eagle. It has a full range of air to ground weapon for precision strike, antiship, SEAD etc. missions. Su-27's radar use S-band, that's why sometimes you lose radar lock then your enemy flies much lower than you. And Su-27 made it worse since it has no fox 3 missiles. If you lose your lock after R-27 launch, your R-27 won't be able to hit anyone. Su-30 on the other hand use X-ban
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