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  1. So whenever I'm in a nice server trialing a nice weapon load, all I've got to do is leave the game, open up the editor and edit or create an existing loadout, before returning to the server I was in .. What a time efficient solution.
  2. I think the bigger issue is turnover. We obviously need a constant turnover. Lets go hypothetical for a minute. What happens when we sell an specific unit to 'everyone in the market'.. And no more money comes in for that unit ie the FA18c (either because its not a popular unit anymore 10 years later- or because a better unit has been released maybe a super hornet).. Who's job is it to support that unit for the rest of the games life? Its not selling, so should we take money from the new FA18 Super Hornet release EA? That would mean the profit from the Super Hornet is diluted? That money is earmarked for the Super Hornet, but the customers who bought the FA18c and brought in profit for the base game 10 years ago, now want a bug fixed. Weve used all the FA18c money for devlopment of the FA18c and over the 10 years its been out the profits have been eaten into by continued support and fixes.. Now, we can do many different things as a business, lower the price of the old units, increase the price of the newer units? But eventually- along the line, units will stop selling. And this is when the game takes a hit.. Its all good and well for people who bought the FA18c in EA to be unhappy and want a bug fix, but in order for the business to survive and for development of the next module- We cant afford to revisit that module right now until sales of the newer unit increase and we make more more profits or the old unit sells more and we can spend more on development. Look around the modules/forums, are you seeing a pattern with other modules? What happens to the modules that have poor feedback? Do we carry on selling them (snowballing the 'bad feedback', or do they dump them? Because by looking over in the Steam shop, we can see the feedback of the modules that are up here and listed 'for the cheap @sses', as not that good. Which in turn as its pointed up here by @Tippis, are being advertised as 'poor modules' in word of mouth. This hugely effects the whole business as ED are reliant on turnover of units/modules.. And the minute they dont hit a profit over development costs, the module then hits a wall. Where the bugs never get fixed. Until either ED figure out a way of increasing their turnover systematically, were never going to see any changes to the way in which the business is run as a whole. And that will mean, customers (cheap @sses) paying for EA packs that never get finished just so that ED can get a quick buck.. And if were being asked to pay to increase the gameplay mechanics on a promise that 'it will be great and will have this amount of stuff within 2 years, i think its worth putting into place, a system that also rewards the customer for their investment - when bad workmanship or unfinished modules dont hit their targets..
  3. Well, looking at the poll at least we know that ED is losing a 15% stream of revenue every month. Thats 15% that you personally wouldnt need to even worry about. With the monthly revenue, being brought in they could offer both teams full time jobs. No more part time working on modules..
  4. YES!!! WE GOT NIGHTVISION!! Awesome work guys! Thankyou very much..
  5. Here is the solution for anyone who wants it.. Many thanks..
  6. Just started playing around with this, where is the switch that changes the Gun RPM?
  7. Thats the long running argument.
  8. Reproduce it, save the track, upload it here..
  9. You know, you can force it to happen in a fast mission, Just jump into free flight, dive and hit electrical cut off until you hear the engine whip' then turn on the generator.. dorabug.trk
  10. I always feel like the guy behind the counter in this video when speaking to 'simmers' here..
  11. On the same Mi24p variant that was in introduced in 1972..
  12. I'm not the one arguing against them, I'm arguing for them and provided various sources. Why would I need to put forward a source against that idea. Perhaps I'm not the master debater like yourself?
  13. Look at the way my name is spelt- does that look like an English spelling', just because I was born in Stockport, doesn't mean I only speak English. I don't need a source, we have lots of sources listed towards why we SHOULD have NVG's.. And no real sources to suggest we shouldn't. If the Mi24p is not classified, link your information against NVG's here. X It's says the variant was introduced in 1972. If that's the same variant used today' then we have information linked FOR NVG's.
  14. More than likely they are taking the highway. You can force them to move off road, and then click on road with a waypoint.. And theyll pathfind from there..
  15. Laptop user here. Dont leave home without it.. Just use my trusty quest..
  16. Well, lets leave it for ED to decide..
  17. Ah, 'Im being an awful human being because you arent agreeing with me..' That old chestnut. Well we had a person just like that during the latter part of the 1940's.. He's the reason we can enjoy the 'Warbird game'.. Thanks for attacking me on a personal level too. Although discriminating against me because you dislike my grammar and mainly because i dont agree with you, is in poor taste- even for you.. Surely you could manage to be at least a little respectful, my good friend? So, Ive just checked the shop.. I dont know how to tell you this, but the shop doesnt say its not a Mi24P from 2001, and our model is actually from 40 years ago. It only says that the 'variant' was introduced in 1972. Maybe youve not read the shop properly? The most common Mi-24p didnt have NVG's? How can we actually and factually know every detail about this module, when we cant access the specifications considering they are STILL classified? Do you have classified information we dont? I think its important you realise, that this game cant go FULL sim. Its never going to happen, and you need to let go. We already have information that suggest we can have features on modules that dont exist - See this page for example. And any feature that is beneficial in generating interest to a larger market, is always welcome.. I think its about time, you calmed down. Had a bowl of ice cream, and realised that anything is possible.. Anything.. We know this from the delightful way the F16 HARM issue was handled.. Now stop talking down to people and relax.
  18. Ooops look out' youll get a smack on the wrist from the 'realism police' for asking that.. However, I like this idea. Itll be interesting to see how they lay this out..
  19. B) I was born in Stockport, Manchester, England. If it never gets finished how the heck are we going to keep you from complaining? C) Honestly, it seems (with youre condescending tone) like youre on edge about this NVG conversation. It seem like if we get the NVG you might further complain and come across as more 'miserable' (difficult i know) because you arent happy you arent getting your own way. Alot of my work involves reference books and report writing, im not gonna come home and stay tuned in to that kind of lifestyle. I prefer to 'switch off', and enjoy my spare time.. When i choose to play the game, its alot more fun to me to stick a video on one screen, and replicate it on the other. You do you. You read books, and enjoy spending your evenings jotting notes down on your sim pit knee pad for all i care. Its not personal, but im not taking you too seriously due to your profile name, and profile picture. Im just taking you in jest. Im sticking up for the people that want it. Im also looking to see which way it goes. When eventually its out of EA, ill love nothing more than speeding around the valleys, both in the day and the night. Im not too sure how id spot things, or see things at night without the NVG's but knowing that the Mi24p has been used at night with NVG's as mentioned and re-linked here. I can look forward to flying at the tree tops and enjoying the module the way i choose to play it. Which is why i personally love this game, the choice to play it my way. Isnt it great? Ive proved you have no argument, and yet youre still here.. Thats the great thing about this game, we can still converse together and socialise on a platform where everyone gets to say his peace. Ironically, I came here to argue that the Hind shouldnt have the NVG's, but then i found out NVG's were being used in the hind. So i brought it to the forum. And realised, who am i to say wether or not a module should have its limitations- especially when its in print that they have been used.. Then you started arguing with me, being rude and condescending and i thought 'hmmm, maybe just maybe, with all this manual reading- this guy doesnt get chance to actually read the news..' Do i even read whats written? What?!? I come here to discuss a module, and to report bugs. Im not like you in that i cant argue nonsensically, i bring news, videos and support the active discussion. So far youve brought a bad attitude, but its ok. Because we both know if you dont like NVG's on the Hind, you can make sure you dont make them available in the Mission Editor. Lack of meaningful activites? Oh.. Youre saying i have no life.. Well you can be as eristic as you wish, but im kind of sensing you need a friend in your life, so all you gotta do is keep talking and ill talk back..
  20. I dont fly the hind. I own it, but not yet flown it. If someone else wants it, and its capable.. Then sure lets have it.. On the store page, theres nothing about which year its supposed to be, so even if it came out and a week after launch that the manufacturer decided to upgrade it and add an NVG compatible cockpit, then we should too. The links ive previously provided prove that this hind can operate with them. If youd like to stop NVG's on the Hind, or even HARMs on F16, argue with ED. Not the customers that would like the option 'for' capabilities. Send a message to support, start a petition, go for a sponsored walk if you have to. But sitting in a chair and arguing on a forum -over a capability, isnt going to change the mind of those that want it.
  21. A) Ya think? B) Yeah? The bit where it says it’s ‘their dream’? Dream - As in not real? C) There you go then. Now maybe you can relax and play that..
  22. I agree, which is what Ive been saying from the start. Hence why NVG should be added, as its been used in the real life counterpart. I dont call it a game, DCS does.. But as youre lacking the understanding of why.. Allow me to point it out for you.. Be as condescending as you wish. Its not going to change the game..
  23. ‘I landed at the wrong door’? .. Because I choose to play a game a certain way? Are you ok? I joined the forum in April 18, 2014. If youd like me to send you a message from that account (or the later accounts) just let me know. How long someone has been here isnt important. Core values are. I prefer grim reaper videos because my time is more valuable than to sit there and study a book built around a game. I value my time at a rate which is important and while I’ve donated my own time to this community, I’ve reached a point where there are no longer returns. Spending 5 minutes watching someone do something in this game, is far more valuable than spending more time reading the manual. without this understanding we’d have no twitch, YouTube or even promo videos, but if you aren’t the sort of person that watches these videos then I guess there’s no point in me explaining the basic principles of why you are here. Nice profile pic x
  24. How else are DCS supposed to bring the money in? Manuals? Who uses manuals? I just watch grim reapers videos, no point wasting my time reading manuals.. So, youre quite a bit off topic here, are you for or against the NVG?
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