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  1. Am i right in thinking these are new ground units? Im talking about the infantry at these two moments..
  2. Suggestion to make it easier to scroll through the modules.. Clicking a tab brings up the relevant modules.
  3. Since the changelog has anyone noticed extremely long loading times for this module? Over 4 minutes for each instant action free flight on Caucasus.
  4. Various new bugs came, loss of function in some parts of the game meant I could no longer enjoy it on my travels.. Go through my post history and have a mooch for more details..
  5. Yeah, Dynamics are gonna give you 2FPS, Im sure there will be future optimisations and perhaps a different more random start if the server kicks off, but i dont think it will happen for a while. Comms, I agree..
  6. Are you serious? Youre gonna start a riot in here with talk like that..
  7. The Question is 'So, alot of people want to support DLC, Would you be interested in Donating a small fee every month for Bonus Content? ie Special Skins, One off Asset Models for the Mission Editor, Special Forum Flair, Custom Missions, and maybe some miles points too?' Either say 1) yes you want to pay towards the stuff on offer, 2) No you want to pay for just modules, or Say 3) youre on the Fence, and explain what youd want for the subscription cost. Im not telling people they can have all the modules, thats down to the individual to click 3) and explain that they would like that option.. Ive not suggested anything was bad. Your opinion is welcome. Thank you. Yeah thats alot of work, im only looking for the discussion, youre welcome to go that route if it interests you that much though..
  8. Everyone can have it both ways.. Were in a forum, which actually means 'a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.' It doesnt matter who's right or wrong, its just a bit of fun. Its only a discussion and youre welcome to explain how you'd have conducted the poll, and with what options. Its genuinely welcomed.
  9. So what didnt you like about it?
  10. Well yeah, Pools are pretty entertaining, especially on a sunny day.. Thanks for that..
  11. Yeah, Thanks dude. Its appreciated. Its good to know youve got a little empathy in you. If you ever need a server donation just send me a PM.
  12. The gameplay has quite alot of issues. And the warbirds are never free of bugs. But if you can look past that, then yeah. We have a pretty decent Flight Sim. I say Flight Sim, because the Combat isnt there yet. Which i guess is what you mean. Were missing ALOT of content for the Warbirds, The Asset Pack, is a tenth of the Assets we actually need, and from the sounds of things, were a long way off getting what we need. If you dont mind utilising the old LOMAC/modern assets, then you can create a sort of fun gameplay that works. Its not ideal, and its gets a bit uninteresting. Once youve mastered bombing, and dogfighting- its time to enter the Mission Editor. If you can get into the game, then the warbird modules, are always looking for good content creators, and building missions is a skill for a good story teller. Id hold off on the Channel map for now, weve WW2 Marianas coming, and unless the Channel is expanded, then its not worth the cost, vs Normandy. The Channel is the better looking map, but i took off in the Mosquito yesterday for the first time, and it wasnt long, before id reached the end of the otherside of the map. It was then i kinda wished we'd get an expansion.
  13. So, its okay, but the largest problem so far ive noted is that nearly everyone that I fly with on SRS are utilising the two week trials, and a mojority of the people that i speak to, tell me theyre going back to the modern servers when the trials are over. Ill wait a month, and see if the server can do what Tactical Pascale, and Grim Reapers could do. But i think its a really hard sell, even for GS.
  14. That would mean creating an entirely new map for the North of the map (Battle of Caucasus), Id much rather we got something else.. But lets see if anyone else is interested..
  15. Pathfinding is more than broken in Multiplayer.. Youve no chance there, i didnt know it was that bad in singleplayer too? Is there no sign of a fix yet?
  16. We got the NVG for the win.. None of this really matters anymore..
  17. Yup, the updates due christmas 2020..
  18. The Poll is vague on purpose to push discussion.. If you genuinely think you could do a better poll i would honestly welcome it. Im very open to your 'options on a new poll', perhaps you could put one together? The asset pack has 0 to do with this poll, please keep on topic. Its not my idea. I was curious and my opening statemement is 'This is Hypothetical. And just for fun.'... This was good insight, thanks for bringing this into the discussion.
  19. Such amazing physics.. I love those games..
  20. You can send them a message, theyre both cool. Otherwise you can join the 4ya Discord, https://discord.gg/d5aTn6F
  21. Its alot easier to air to air refuel without NVG's..
  22. Speak to Woj' or Sandwich on Discord.. Wojtek#9532 or Sandwich#9016
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