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  1. If you bounce, youve come in too hard, or with a speed thats too high.. A non bounce landing is easy with thorough practice.
  2. Just to ask' what's the discount? What will it normally be sold at? If you look at the other EA modules you can see the RRP, then it's discount. You've also previously discounted the yak from this price' which is why we believed it was the RRP. To which I think is the whole argument and the double standard towards this module.
  3. Personally, I know how hard it is to trawl through these forums and do your job. I get that dealing with peoples complaints is very hard work, it is not a job that I could do. I respect your position, and I'm not trying to go about 'being negative' genuinely- I'm just sharing an opinion. But if I'm being unbiased, we're not talking about the odd module. We're talking about alot of modules. And a recurring theme. Is there nothing you can do for the players that frequent the forums? Can't you just send an email to whom it matters, and get us information for some of the modules? Even if it takes us 3 years to see some modules finished, while me might complain- we will know.
  4. How about an update to regards where we are with bugs and modules? While I'm sure you believe me to 'be negative', we've had no updates from you or ED to point out where we are in relationship to the numbering bugs that are being racked up. I'd love to push things more positively, but I can't help but feel the communication with the users is none existant Rather than just talking to us and being honest (yes I know that some will complain that things aren't happening quick enough- me included) all you do is lock posts, which means the complaints then rack up. I mean all you keep telling us is that 'youll get around to it' I've been hearing that since the start of lockdown and you've not really give us any insight. What would be the possibility of recieving compensation (miles points will do) for the modules that haven't received the maintenance they need or aren't finished considering that they were promised?
  5. In my experience its one or two certain assets, much like new modules, alot of them havent yet been optimised. When me and a friend fly using the Asset Pack, (him on an RTX 2070 and me on a 2080ti) we have a bad time when using certain assets.. Swapping the asset pack for non A/Pack stuff seems to give a much better performance for both of us.. In most experiences, you can add quite a considerable amount of non asset pack assets, and you barely see a dip in performance. Then after you pick out the assets causing the issue, youre left with the effects.. But the minute you start adding certain assets and effects, you see a visible and considerable hit. When we deleted the asset pack as a whole in a short campaign we made, we found we could add a huge amount more assets- Flak, Havocs, Enemy fighters and the cost to performance was much lower. Then after highlighting the issues, youre left with managing effects, which again- need much more and better optimisation. Alot more time needs spending on the Warbirds game. A few updates ago we got it down to one or two assets that werent optimised. With the last few updates, we've seen really poor performance with assets across the whole of warbirds. Im scratching at walls waiting for improvements.
  6. Is this the Russian voice we need?
  7. Pleasing the crowd has its advantages you see..
  8. Its time to move on, there will always be a bigger and better plane to work on. DCS Yak is dead, and we must salute the module and allow it to be lost.. Even if it gets updated/finished, can you imagine the speed at which bugs will be fixed, considering how long its been ignored.. Were still waiting on the Dora's engine to be fixed 3 years on, and that module is popular..
  9. Yes, ROE - Rules of Engagement, Hold Fire.. Yes, Random Flag Value set- If Flag value is 1 Spawn unit 1 from this direction with preset instructions to do this.. If Flag value is 2 Spawn unit 2 from that direction with preset instructions to do that.. I dont think you can yet.. As above, The sea part of the war hasnt been developed. If im mistaken can someone point me out on it, cheers.
  10. This is such a poor argument... Who could argue that? Are you arguing that? Im not.. EA, Yes.. And while im waiting for an appropriate amount of assets to be released for the air, sea and civil units, weve just recieved another tank.. You can find it described as 'DCS: WWII Asset Pack will be receiving yet another free of charge update.' - I mean that sentence is bordering on patronising, we should be grateful yeah? Again, the free stuff we have for modern- Is not even on the level we have for stuff for warbirds and we've all paid to contribute to that pack being developed.. And its not growing at a rate that the free stuff is.. You work that out. The asset pack is being supplied by a third party. Notice how modern assets are being released free, nearly every update, and yet were still only getting tanks while waiting long and far for the paid assets? The difference between the P-51 and the FA18 So, whats the difference in cost- between the two modules? If a new user wanted to purchase each of these campaigns? How much would it cost for me to play your campaign in the P51, vs how much would it cost to play mine in the FA18? The 'cant' in my statement.. Notice the first and most upvoted comment, and then the name that goes with it? My arguments are not a personal vendetta towards ED, My arguments are for the player base. I want a larger player base, Ive waited, Ive struggled to watch people try and grow it, and nothing has happened so far. Why would anyone wait for the asset pack to go on sale? Which is my point- Everyone with a brain, waits for the sales- Youve given us the number one reason for NOT buying the module, they are naturally far too expensive... Something more Positive.. Show me what youve spent your energy on... What i know, We will always get modern assets for free (because the new users that plow their pocket money into that part of the game, will NEVER pay for them).. Warbirds will always be second fiddle and at a higher cost, because it only sells to the mature player, and the model is wrong to attract the new players.. EA only works for ED, not the customer..
  11. Dearest Callsign112, Its been so long since we've shared many a discussion. Perhaps, if you arent clear on a topic, maybe you should just leave it alone. I cant help but feel like you follow me around, Which is okay too. My intention? To discuss the topic. To seek out what people value, and compare it to previous discussions and see if players are interested in anything like whats mentioned in the opening question... In my day, You used to get a free Airfix kit, with every copy of Takeoff Magazine. So why not free skins, with every purchase of DCS eZine? Changing my view in what way? Do PLEASE keep the discussion on topic, if youd like to take the conversation away from the topic, feel free to PM me, or start another topic, and tag me.. Many thanks, Dear Callsign112..
  12. So weve just been given the Xian H-6 for free, The question is why was this for free? And not part of a DLC Asset Pack- I mean we all want to support DCS with module purchases right? Surely they'd allow us to buy the DLC pack with all the Chinese Assets in it? ED isnt that stupid, they know what would happen if they tried to charge the 'new market' for assets.. However, they also know that us 'mature gamers', are used to the other flight sims that have come along, and the way they used to do business. They cant approach the kids and say 'buy this DLC target pack' it just wont fly. If we look carefully over the last 2 years, nearly every youtuber has tried (and failed) to get new users into some sort of WW2 server. You can see the numbers on the new GS WW2 server. Its down to a total of 6 players as of this moment and guess what, its 2 weeks after it launched. Last night in my normally prime time it was 7.. And 5 of the players werent even in the air.. Why have i paid for the Asset Pack, and still not seeing the same amount of Assets coming through that pack, that ED are giving away for free to the FA18 customers.. While us 'mature gamers' are fans of the game, and want to do 'everything we can' to help ED', the newer players that are coming through and into the game, arent here in this forum. The habits of younger players- who game, have changed, and now the same person that buys the FA18 gets one hell of a decent game for their money. They dont get anything like the same game for MORE of their money, in Warbirds. While yes' we can be ignorant to users that 'wont' play our 'Asset Pack' missions, its more about the focus on the person that 'Cant' play our missions.. A majority of people (including youtubers) are ploughing bad reviews into the Asset Pack, and ED's lack of awareness towards the MP game, and the younger people that want to take the game over, are actively damaging Warbirds with bad press. This is because us older folk, are far too stubborn to accept change, in welcoming new players come into the game. Young gamers shouldnt be treated like fools, theyre the generation who will own the Warbird game in 10-20 years.. Instead of having one standard towards Assets and A/Packs- Like we do in the modern game, we have two standards.. And thats why we have two very different opinions in this forum. Ive heard were going that way anyway..
  13. It can be anything you want it to be.. As long as you use the correct assets for each task
  14. Am i right in thinking these are new ground units? Im talking about the infantry at these two moments..
  15. Suggestion to make it easier to scroll through the modules.. Clicking a tab brings up the relevant modules.
  16. Since the changelog has anyone noticed extremely long loading times for this module? Over 4 minutes for each instant action free flight on Caucasus.
  17. Various new bugs came, loss of function in some parts of the game meant I could no longer enjoy it on my travels.. Go through my post history and have a mooch for more details..
  18. Yeah, Dynamics are gonna give you 2FPS, Im sure there will be future optimisations and perhaps a different more random start if the server kicks off, but i dont think it will happen for a while. Comms, I agree..
  19. Are you serious? Youre gonna start a riot in here with talk like that..
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