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  1. Have we had any comments regarding an expansion? Or Updates about adding more airfields?
  2. Firstly, Thankyou for the addition of touch control support. This was a very welcome suprise to load this up into VR and be able to grab the controls and actually enjoy my first flight in the Mosquito. TL/DR; If you buy any Warbird, Buy the Mosquito Im gonna end on a high, so ill start with the negatives.. The instant missions NEED to have some indication which missions require the asset pack. Even I didnt know, the AP was being used in the Instant Missions.. A new player was doing everything he could - running repairs, reinstalling the game, reinstalling individual modules, because he couldnt figure out why some of his Warbird Instant Missions werent starting up. Its because youve installed the asset pack into some missions, and did not tell anyone or mark those missions, as Asset Pack required. I really need you to understand how much that effects a new players first impression, after ive told them to spend their money on a Map and the Mosquito, and he's trying and failing to jump into instant missions for the first time, he's having a really bad experience and not realising that all he needs is the Asset Pack to run them. It matters that they are in the instant action menu, as youve not at least told new players that some missions require the asset pack youve just stuck them in there almost secretly and its problematic. Just add an 'AP' label to the missions. No one minds them being there, but mark them so new players know and Problem solved.. No more issues. Please dont stamp them in the instant action menu and expect the new players to know the missions wont work without it, they dont have a great time when they cant figure out why those missions arent loading. Its put new players off the Warbird game. The Flak is a killer in this module. Seriously, and overwhelmingly a killer. And its effect on the gameplay doesnt feel positive. I know youre tweaking it, but it needs a kick, not a tweak. The Mosquito is a big bug, and in any of the missions where there are even the smallest amount of Flak, Im not getting very far, before im being wiped out from miles away. Give us a 'super dumb' difficulty for the AI, otherwise i might as well turn it off.. Update the comms while we wait for the the new ATC. Please give us the ability to 'mute' any variation of the same American voice we all share for the ATC in the comms menu, Hearing the constant 'Enfield 1-1' reminds me im in the same simulator where i can fly an FA18 only minutes away, and i want the feeling i get from flying the Mosquito to stay with me for longer while im in the game. Pay Suntsag to provide and replace the voices for all British Warbirds, he's the perfect candidate. Thats it. On a positive, this is THE best WW2 module Ive bought, and its brand new so i cant imagine how its going to get better, But everyone is raving about it.. And alot of people are jumping on the Mosquito, So credit owed where credit is due. The feeling of flying this thing, is overwhemingly positive and was even a little emotional for my grandad when i turned up with my Laptop and an Oculus. He's even thinking of buying a computer- Just for this module! It feels cramped, stubborn, and all in all a mature experience that really binds with the feeling that WW2 was a vicious and dangerous time to be in, I absolutely love it.. Just chugging along in this thing is a wonderful way in which to pass the time, it sounds phenomenal, looks the business, and has set the bar for WW2 flight simulation. I cannot find the superlatives to describe just how good this module is, The history of the mosquito is felt right here in this module. Good Job.
  3. On the mark, Everyone like this comment.
  4. This is constantly repeated in this forum, the damage model need to be applicated to not only ships, but buildings, aircraft, and ground vehicles. Id love to see ships, modelled correctly, but honestly- Even dropping a 2000' pounder near a tank, should result in damage to tracks, systems, and mechanicals..
  5. You can add a track to the start of the mission, If you can create a cutscene in the game, you can add it to the mission..
  6. Id prefer Combined Arms worked, before we even looked at infantry.. But a nice thought if all the modules were fully developed.
  7. Well the campaign I made for my discord doesn't work and I don't have any scripts. Maybe ask in the correct topic. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/532-combined-arms-frontlines-georgia/
  8. Check the changelog, If theres been an update for the module/campaign, itll be mentioned in that. If there is no mention, there is no change. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/
  9. Pick your favourite, and talk about it. x
  10. Only available from in the M/Editor.. Select Group > Select Late Activation > Land in Zone > Activate Group
  11. I've been literally non-stop since work boomed in April last year, my contract price has doubled from demand.. I had 2 weeks off at the start of lockdown, then it was work more than normal since. Covid's been bad, but not in the uk tech industry. Me and the missus bought a second house, and were looking at a third. Covid was a good excuse at the start, but companies put infrastructure into their business to accommodate the struggle. By the end of June everyone had that sorted. Everybody here knows we're going to eventually get the yak finished. We're not under any illusions about that, they're frustrated because it's not being worked on (from the changelogs), and when they ask -it's the same excuse 'we'll get around to it when we're not busy'.. And I'm not sure that's making people feel any better. A year ago, it was promised on Reddit that this module would leave EA (along with the AP), and yet still not even an update on the yak. It's upsetting, and like you said- we have to enjoy other modules, but this is the cost of Early Access. If ED genuinely don't want the complaints, they have to either re-evaluate their stance. And either finish modules before they reach the shop front or stop selling them in EA. As a business, they can't make promises to the customer in return for our early investment, then get upset with us when we aren't happy that they haven't delivered. This isn't a personal vendetta, it's honest feedback. People will always buy the modules, that's not going to change. If they wish to carry on going the way they are they have to take the complaints when they don't deliver. 'The team will get around to it' is not a valid excuse to put a module in the shop. Hence why the yak thread is becoming the way it is. And it's a little sad that people aren't been given estimates even if the expected delivery time is 5 years from now I mean I can't even get a response, on the actual RRP price of the module. Meanwhile the shop just says EA $39.99, no discount, and yet it's been pointed out that the module is discounted. That's despite previous posts where it's been pointed out that EA status modules won't be put into sales for two years. Can you blame people for their complaints when the standards are as they are? On a positive, I also enjoy the yak, and hope the 'finish it' crowd get some resolution soon.
  12. This is very wishful thinking.. If they did this, I could optimise and patch DCS myself..
  13. Have you tried pushing the clock (historic mode) at the bottom of the mission editor?
  14. Yeah, I don't care Thanks though
  15. I mean I cant agree with this enough. Even having Assets for Nevada that werent controllable would be a great start. Ambulances, Tv trucks, Police, News Choppers (Kiowa without the radar and a normal skin) would add a significant boost to the orientation of mission in Nevada alone, and then with an extra skin for them, they could be used in Syria too. Id like to see 3d Models placed higher in the priority list, and then added to the core game. What models would you like to see added sooner rather than later?
  16. Insurgent would be great for both the Hind and the new Apache. Turkish is definitely a welcome for Syria too.
  17. He is 100% right, you need to stop talking to me. We cant agree on anything and thats never going to change. You insultingly offered me 2 assets packs, to me- in offer i build a campaign for the people WITH the asset pack. Firstly, what about the 30+ other people in my discord i fly with that dont buy the pack, because of the awful reviews? Am i to pick who can and cant fly on my new campaign? Secondly, 2 Asset packs are £80- Thats just over one hours work in my profession. Everyone has access to the ME, I dare you to make one decent mission in the ME. A good mission can take upwards of 2 weeks to get right and test and most times i build them with someone else. Would you do two weeks work for £80 when a campaign has 6-12 missions? Near all the campaign designers do it part time, as it doesnt cover living expenses. The cost of requirement is a mute point to you, are you to suggest, I buy a campaign and then swap the required map/asset/module just so i can use it on caucasus? Do you know how much work that would entail? No, because you havent built your own campaign yet. The cost of requirement is not amute point to the majority, which is why we have such a huge devide over this subject. Now lets just say were friends, move on, and never quote each other ever again.. On the Money.. Really great points.. Number 1 is a given... I cant help but wish we'd get some civilian assets. Or feedback towards the assets we can expect to recieve.
  18. Thanks for the support, All im doing is responding to a user. Youd never hear about it from me, if said user wouldnt start the conversation with me. Ive asked, Ive pleaded and yet here we are..
  19. Does anyone know the final price on the Yak? Apparently its already been discounted but their is no RRP on the shop.
  20. No, You seem to think its overpriced.. I buy modules on EA release day. Youre openly waiting for sales before buying them.. If you honestly dont believe DCS World is overpriced.. Buy the Yak now, stop waiting for sales.. The next paragraph can be answered by the search engine. We all know how much work goes into a module, They tease us, then it goes to EA, then it goes to module complete. This discussion ran its course weeks ago, buy you keep quoting me so here we are in the midst of yet another pointless discussion with regard personal opinion. Truth be told- Here you are yet again, not reading the question and side tracking the question by pushing the conversation Off Topic. Heres a forum mod and his opinion on the openly suffering MP game (granted it was before the release of the GS server- lets see how that does). The question was how much to play the campaign YOU recommended to me, vs how much to play the campaign I recommended to you. All you had to do is add up the module, and the requirements.. You point refuse to answer. This is the poor argument i talk of. Despite the majority views towards the subject of any assets. You just cant help but argue and swerve the question.. So i dont think you and i will ever reach a point where you'll be empathetic to the general opinion of assets. I dont care if the relationship is goods between ED and third parties, I care if the product i buy isnt performing how it should be. And thats the bottom line. As a conclusion, youre suggesting i make a Campaign (which i know im good at) with the Asset Pack - For ED to sell on its website? That i have to maintain for the rest of my life after ED's Open Beta patch breaks it? That is two things i dont ever want to do. My campaigns are free to everyone. Not just those who buy the Asset pack. Not only that, the AP isnt optimised and runs like kack on my friends machine.. So no.. Well thats offensive, you feel a campaign is worth £80 of my time? Well now i know your trolling.. Hey man, did you manage to complete Schnellkampfgeschwader 10 I. Gruppe?
  21. Seriously just go through his videos and stop having a defeatist attitude.. Practice x I believe in you..
  22. Ive watched your videos man, Youve got some very serious skills.. Keep up the good work.. Check this landing out..
  23. So you asked this before, and @grafspee uploaded you a video to show you its possible..
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