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  1. It's your network. If I'm in a part of the country with bad signal I can't post. If I'm within the city, no issues.
  2. Well If you really must know the details. A family member has cerebral palsy, He plays using touch controls, but as ED have revoked the binds from the touch controls, he now has to fly one handed while his other hand is using the keyboard. There is a long list of complaints with this game since ED made the changes into 2.7. Feel free to go into my post history to see my other issues, as im not going into them here. Having a poor UI, in a game that constantly changes every update, while having a different routine (for no sake whatsoever) between similar modules, make this a wish that is sorely wanted. I dont mind having a difficult weapons release button, but make them all the same ie 'Alt+Space', Dont give us 16 different ways (im exaggerating) to weapon release for 16 different modules.. Having different buttons for different modules (when they really shouldnt need to be) makes this game awfully unfriendly towards those that struggle with every day life.
  3. I changed the keybind once, the last update reverted it back. Hence the wish. I use sticky keys, so I'm not disabling it every time I start up DCS
  4. My method, is to be slow, and keep the sling as short as possible. I cannot sling load with a long sling. On a short sling, its easy..
  5. This also applies to Railway bridges, and supports.
  6. Youve picked very poor quality videos.. Heres a Rocket Strike training vid, a strike from a little bird, and an FA18. As i cant find any real rocket strikes from a hind. Can you show us an example of the Hinds rocket damage?
  7. Yeah, im pretty sure these are training/practice rounds..
  8. I like this.. Imagine being the hero of the server, for going 'Rambo' on a Machine gun emplacement and taking down the guy in the Apache..
  9. Ive just checked this out, and the Channel (during winter) has trees with brown leaves. Zoom in and have a looksie. And green fields where london should be.
  10. Do the trees have leaves on in the winter map?
  11. Well you seem very serious.. Heres my take, Buy the Hornet! Relax a little.. Buy Syria! Relax some more.. Buy the Mi8.. Enjoy the game.. If you find yourself wanting more, buy some more.. Thats my opinion. Lets hear from others on what they think.
  12. Well I dont want markings visible from the cockpit. ie Lympne/ Eastchurch, Those Airfields are damn near perfect in terms of how 'they were'. Lympne EastChurch All im looking for, is an indicator for the M/Editor that will allow me to see where the Dynamics will 'taxi/travel', so that i dont plonk a 'static' in front of a dynamic and cause it to queue up until its free to taxi past the obstacle, as the AI doesnt know that it should taxi around the obstacle, it just sits there waiting forever... Which is a constant issue in missions i build on the Channel. Many thanks.
  13. Ah, Probably after George Chapman.
  14. I keep putting airplanes in the way of 'taxi ways' on some of the grass strip landing. Can we have an indicator for the Mission Editor so that we dont block the paths of dynamics we want to start / land.. Thanks
  15. Im having a recurring conflict with 'sticky keys', please can we move away from using the shift keys as a modifier on buttons we use alot of. Many thanks..
  16. And you havent post a track?
  17. I think the bigger problem is seeing that first target take the bomb on the chin, spit a countermeasure, chill, and say 'sup'..
  18. 1940's diesel tractor mod from the sounds of it.. It sounds utterly dreadful. All those man hours invested by a sound engineer.. Wasted.
  19. I mostly build these types of missions. What you're asking is really possible, wouldn't take very long and you wouldn't even need to touch the radio. At the end of the day, I think having a more intuitive AI is a great wish
  20. I mean they will.. Ive done it before.. But lets leave it as a wish.
  21. Yeah, thats possible, but youve got to programme the AI to do it in the tasks menu.. Wether or not the Mosquito is a little behind due to the EA status i dont know, but you can do that with every single Warbird, as long as youve programmed it in the M/Editor.. Hope that helps
  22. The Mosquito wasnt a carpet bomber, but a precision strike aircraft..
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