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  1. 1 hour ago, amazingme said:

      The new AI seems more "human" in reactions, but it still can't cook the engine. I made some quick videos with various planes and AIs. The Anton can hold its ground pretty well against Ace AI. Enjoy!














    Instead of spamming the forums with videos none of us will watch, can you break down what the point is youre trying to make and how it effects Ops' post..

  2. 3 hours ago, rkk01 said:

    DCS WW2 is brilliant - best Sim modules on the market

    Each modules feels very different and all are immersive

    BUT, being WW2, getting up close and personal is part of the game - Mk. 1 Eyeball & unguided weapons

    PvE works well, and I don’t use MP… but the SP combat sim is broken by the AI models and systems

    AI Modules - an AI model should have the same general flight characteristics as the player flyable module, which clearly isn’t the case.  

    In this thread I describe a series of 1v1 flights set up in the ME - Mossie v Anton, Dora & Kurfürst, with player control set for either Mossie or the LW aircraft.  As a player aircraft, the Anton was hopeless against an AI Mosquito… Couldn’t turn, climb, role, dive or accelerate to evade, let alone take out the Mossie. Any aggressive moves stalled and snap rolled the a/c.  The only way to beat the Mossie was head first on the first pass😮

    Flipped the other way, player controlled Mossie could successfully engage the Anton, but the repeated vertical loops defied physics and the flight model - still climbing in the Anton at 170kmh…!? No stall? No snap roll???  With two Merlins the Mossie was even better at hanging on the props, but it didn’t feel very realistic…

    Repeats with the Dora and Kurfürst were similar, but not as extreme - as should be expected, both German planes could dispatch the Mosquito, but it’s AI turn and climb performance both seemed unrealistic compared to player flown Dora and Kurfürst 

    AI AA / AAA / Flak…. OK, so radar guided AA made an appearance in WW2, but not as represented in DCS…

    Gyro stabilised gun mounts were developed for warships towards the end of the war / post war (Hazemayer, STAAG etc), but AFAIK aren’t represented in DCS - they don’t need to be…!!!

    AI fire is so accurate that it can only be based on the game engine knowing the target coords (which of course it is constantly computing to run the game 🤔 )

    Ship and aircraft gun platforms are constantly moving through all 3 axes - pitch, roll, yaw… yet “manually” guided, sighted and trained guns can still put rounds on target at extreme range…

    10.5cm hit on a Mossie at 16km

    50cal B-17 hit on a FW 190 nightfighter, at night, at 6km range…!!!

    C’mon, this stuff isn’t realism and is tarnishing the sim 😕


    How come you dont use MP?
    You know its the only way youll ever get a more realistic representation of a dogfight..

  3. On 10/19/2021 at 7:18 PM, Bagpipe said:

    🤣 made me think of this...

    So far we have had a very unsatisfactory FW190A8 "out of EA" so that doesn't leave me hoping for much for the Yak.

    It has been a difficult year so I would like an update on the status of this module's progress at least, so that I can adjust my expectations again.

    T Hanks


    Here you go, only last month we got a status update..


  4. On 10/12/2021 at 12:23 PM, Rongor said:

    Not criticizing in any way, everybody is allowed to do it how he prefers, just being curious:


    How can you guys enjoy this way of "flying" a helo?


    So often I see them on MP servers, guys who's only way to do it seems to be to set max power and lift the helo up as quickly as possible to then hopefully manage to somehow transition into a forward flight that stabilizes the initial erratic wobbling. I guess when they then zoom across the map (leaving the power at max all the time of course) they have this voice in their head whispering "you are flying a helicopter, you did it!" with a satisfying grin and after some minutes of enjoyment, when boredom sets in, there is always this ultimate attempt to end the flight with some sort of landing. There is this impatient experiment of boolean alternation of the pitch lever. They get closer to the ground and as they do, speed reduces and the spin sets in. After some seconds of spinning and apprarently max/min power setting alternation each and every second, the helo eventually crashes into the ground and ends as the usual fireball. The voice in their heads then whispers "See, I knew this would happen, it's just pointless to do it any different than how I did the takeoff. Don't bother me with doing anything else than forward flight". Then they log off.


    Why? How can this be satisfying?


    We can assume you guys are interested in flying helos.

    At least those of you who purchased the module or at least didn't just try it out of boredom. So why giving up this fast?


    Keeping a helicopter from crashing, especially at low level and the lower speeds, can be immensely occupying, stressful, demanding full attention and max possible spatial awareness.

    Yes, it can be hard, it can be seen as an art, as a sport and it probably is depending more on your controls hardware at home than flying a plane is.


    Yet these aren't reasons that should make you give up that fast.

    Also you being a weekend warrior, a casual simmer, can't really count as an excuse.

    You will have one hour of free time right? If not, why would you install DCS at all... Yes, if you don't have much time at hand, nobody can expect you to study deep into the systems of the Hind, let alone an A-10C. But you don't need that much time to only touch the controls while disregarding all the systems aboard.


    I think you guys are overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of all this stuff in the cockpit, you are feeling miserable seeing other DCS pilots in steady hovers and slowly guiding their helos at low level along taxiways and onto rooftops; their level of handling performance seems as distant as planet Mars after your first initial attempt to takeoff which ultimately failed. I understand how high this mountain may seem to be. Still, your excuses are hardly valid to not even attempt to climb it.


    Stop being lazy. 🤓

    Don't be satisfied by this kind of "flying". You already figured out this isn't flying. Don't claim you don't want to be better at this.


    Decline your next mood of just max power and leaning forward for quick flying fun. In the same time, try to do it right, renounce the quick fun, aim for the rewarding feeling of achievement. You will get there.


    Let's go, start to climb this hill!






    People can play this game how they want, at a pace they want.

    We paid for a gunner seat we're gonna use the gunner seat 🙂

  5. They weighed in a year ago

    Since then, every Tom', Rick', and Harry- Keep holding their words to ransom, and using those words against them. So theyve reached a point where they cant say anything else, otherwise someone else, will use those very words to ransom too.

    I know you seem to be unhappy with the fact that this module is still in EA. But you got it discounted, which is a plus. So enjoy it.
    Many dont have it and when its finished the price will go up, as the mods have mentioned it is discounted as it is now.

    If you genuinely arent happy, you can speak to support, a freind of mine was able to get a refund as he wasnt happy either..
    Just come back to it, and buy it when its finished.

    Otherwise, be happy that you get to fly it, because its in EA.
    There really is no point in getting upset. Its only a game.

  6. 18 hours ago, v2tec said:

    it is boring, waiting for every little gallon running into the tank. Can we speed up the process or add at least an animation for refueling - tank moves beside the aircraft, people attaching the hose...

    This is WIP, i believe it may one day become part of a pack you can buy.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Desert Fox said:

    Looking at how much fun wingman and me have as a vehicle crew in Squad, combined with how much we love DCS: high fidelity tank module would be a no-brainer. ED gib StuG-III G Schürze rn!

    A good range of those tank also would not only be WWII relevant. Looking at AIW or 6DW for example, lots of WWII gear there.

    Land based modules would actually open DCS for 3rd party developers that did not specialize in aircraft. So this would not necessarily slow down anything else.

    Whats that game like? Its been on my wishlist for a long time..

  8. 19 hours ago, Devil 505 said:

    I know the topic has been brought up in the past, but I thought I would reignite it again with DCS WW2 ramping up.  ED has said in recent past that their military customers had come to them asking if it was possible to create a high fidelity armor module like their aircraft.  To the best of my recollection, they said it was being taken under advisement and they would like to work on one.  YEARS ago they were talking about an M1A but it went cold and dark, never to be spoken about again.

    I think the best intro into tanks would be WW2 with so many variations being available for the time periods we have for our current maps.  The video below shows just how fun it could be in DCS.  I know this is IL2's rendition of tank battles, but for the accuracy and realism I am looking for, no one can do it better than ED in my own opinion.  With the announcement of a cargo plane coming, Wags video this week on the free draw tool in the mission editor,  and the Dynamic Campaign getting closer to release it only seems logical we will want armor modules.  Also the announcement today of the human motion model with intelligent behavior is another massive red flag of what is coming down the road.  What are your opinions/thoughts?  


    The poll above is to get an idea of who would be interested in taking the fight to the ground.  This is Digital Combat Simulator after all.




    Grim reapers sure have alot of fun..

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  9. 3 hours ago, ceecrb1 said:

    First off, thank you to all who spent the time to read and reply.
    There have been some comments we agree with, and some we disagree with. That's just the nature of the beast.
    Like said at the start of the initial post, we were communicating our feelings and experiences. Others have differing opinions and experiences and that's fine.

    We are just as a community burnt out. There's nothing left for us.
    Just 2 nights ago we had a nearly 2 hour chat about how we'd spent YEARS dreaming of the apache. Now it's on presale, none of us have paid for it. It's hard to say why, but we just all collectively feel like there's "no point".

    A broad sweeping reply to some of the themes in replies.
    To those insisting it's all about a perfect simulation of reality:
    How do you measure how close it is to reality when you have very likely NO experience of what reality is. ED "could" make the aim120 react any old way they like and make a facebook post saying they've tweaked it to some document they've gained a copy of, when really its all made up, and we'd be none the wiser (not saying thats been done or going to be done, just an example of how we truly have NO idea what the actual reality is for us to compare it against). Is it all just "bragging rights" that "the sim I fly at home is the most real?

    For those who say being a fighter pilot is repetitive and boring, I can respond the other way. How many fighter pilots get an air to air kill, or even fire a missile in anger? How many ai aircraft have you shot down in 2 hours of DCS, let a alone a week. You cant pick and choose which parts are "like the real job" to suit. The whole experience of DCS is the "fighter pilot fantasy" for us grown ups with money for decent gaming rigs and hotas's. Why is it so embarrassing or painful to admit that? In our group we admit and own it and have a laugh about it.

    For filling out bug reports etc.
    This comes back to the long running never ending argument that we the user base are pushed towards using the open beta as most servers run this. Yes we started our own and were free to chose, but then we decide to visit others, rolling back or upgrading, or dedicating ssd space to 2 installs.... not so much fun.
    The end result is that it feels like us, the paying customers who just want to play a game, have the experience of being unpaid testing staff. Forever filling out forms, uploading logs and investigating crashes and tweaking settings or changing drivers on system just to keep DCS happy, when all other games (or work software) just happily keep on working day in day out without the need to spend hours reading articles online to fix issues, sign up to their forums or discord groups like we do here.

    RE the aim120 facebook post. It's less about the work done. Hats off to the guys, seriously sounds like some complicated code.
    More about the project management and tasks being handed out. In simple "why do that when there are so many simple issues that have been around for years still to fix!?!"

    Again, in short.
    We don't like the feeling of spending money on modules (yes I wrote units in the original thread, oops). To feel like we have a shiny new gleaming unit, is a muddy broken environment and UI.
    As stated by another poster. Our VR experiences in other games just can't compare with DCS. The fact that some get upset they don't own VR or fly in DCS in VR for whatever reason doesnt make our VR experiences invalid. A lot of the "marketing" and pull of dcs to get new people in is the VR element....
    As a group our experience is that after so many years, we know where every ai is coming from and how it will react. Yes so many missions are scripted stories. But even with some of the VERY well built missions for online multiplayer, there was an attempt to build in randomness but they are all just a selection of spawn points of the same selection of units.
    Hell just having the ability to create a MASSIVE area on a map and say "randomly spawn from this list of ground or air units, in random values of quantity with random values of ability, static or with random tracks towards enemy area to follow, up to X value of units alive at a time". It wouldnt be controlled or "realistic" battle ground but with fog of war on would at least break from the same old script, would involve hunting for enemies and you wouldnt shoot down the same old SU27 and know to turn to a certain bearing because the next one always "spawns over there at fl X".

    Hopefully see you all again in a couple of years. Untill then I'm sorry to say, our server will remain cold and dark.
    Right or wrong, agree or disagree, as a group, with DCS we've learned all we can learn, experienced all we can experience and we feel it's not because of us not trying hard enough but rather there being nothing left to gain, when we feel like their could be.

    *engine shutting down and canopy opening noises*

    Support this too...

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  10. 14 hours ago, ceecrb1 said:

    First off. This is not meant as a rant or a complaining/offloading session.
    Second. I expect backlash from fanboys. Fill your boots, we know how we feel and what experiences we are having.

    I'm writing here representing a group of DCS pilots who met on a public server and have taken things so far as to all pitch in and build our own server which is connected to a symmetrical gigabit connection, we are all fully paid up users of warthogs, pimaxes, hp reverbs, 3090s, 2080ti's, physical helicopter collectives etc etc etc and have dedicated many hours of time to all aspects of the game, from flying, to mission planning, learning units and even god forbid, trolling, pissing about and having a laugh.

    As a group we spend our time in a large variety of games but have always based the group and friendship on our original meeting place and "beloved" DCS.
    The last 2 months, the server has been powered down. Before that, it spent nearly another 2 months not being used while running 24/7.
    This is where we used to fly daily. Interspersed by other games, (cod, onward, project cars 2 etc etc, but always returning to dcs).

    We all have ended up with the same feeling.
    All that is left for us is new units and once you've gotten over the "ooo new and shiny!" It always ends up being the same, just a new unit in the same environment.

    Again, this is not a rant, we do need to acknowledge the amazing work that has been done on so many parts of the game. (eg new clouds, was a long wait but worth it).
    We just want the base game to get some attention.
    No matter which mission we build or download, in the end we know exactly how it will play out. There's no "ai battle commander" moving things around as a surprise for example.
    We spawn into aircraft on the other side of the map to the AI enemies and have to rearm and refuel with an RWR lock warning blaring in our ears, while inside a concrete bunker.
    The locating lights under a tanker are NOT visible (who cares if they are "realistic" or not, you CANT see them in vr headsets).
    The current fashion of new units needing us to rebind hotas's after updates. Stop it! just STOP.

    These are a few minor examples.

    The fact is that today's facebook post about a rebuilt aim120 radar just wound us up.
    We see it (and many other things on the changelog when there are updates) as time spent obsessing over tiny fine details that really don't matter to 99.999999% of the people PLAYING dcs
    Yes I said playing, we ARN'T fighter pilots, this isnt a training session where your nations military are going to call you up at the start of WW3 to "save us all" because you have 2000 hours in the DCS f16.

    In short.
    We loved this game and spent HOURS on it EVERY day.
    Now we just see it as the same repetitive experience with the same basic base game that hardly gets 'love', improvements or fixes while we are getting spoon fed new units like they are distractions to cover up or hide the base issues.

    We REALLY hope we can get back to DCS one day. Right now, we are sorry to say there is just nothing left for us after we all learned our favored units.

    100% supported! This has been a long time experience for me..

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  11. 1 hour ago, stuart666 said:

    Yes, exactly. I could create that right now, but they are still going to be in British camo and with British crews. If you are strafing them with a Mosquito you are probably going to notice a some point.


    I mean, I understand the want for more skins, but I don't think youd notice what uniform someone was wearing, especially if it was just infantry.

    I made a full ww2 campaign for the community, and I've not had a single person notice they're actually strafing Syrian Insurgents not ww2 infantry.

    But maybe you should add a 'more skins' wish in the wishlist.

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  12. 10 hours ago, Mars Exulte said:

      I've been having an issue for a while now where when I attempt to post, it just doesn't wanna do it. On my phone, I have long since lost the ability to readily post. I type, click submit, then refresh, it saves my comment and I click submit again THEN it posts. On my PC, it just... didn't want to do it period. It just took me like ten minutes of screwing around, refreshing, logging in/out, blah blah blah to get it to post a message.

    Anybody else having this issue? Any ideas what's causing it?



    This thread created without issue, surprisingly enough.


    -edit edit

    As did the edit.


    It's your network.

    If I'm in a part of the country with bad signal I can't post.

    If I'm within the city, no issues.

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  13. Well If you really must know the details.
    A family member has cerebral palsy, He plays using touch controls, but as ED have revoked the binds from the touch controls, he now has to fly one handed while his other hand is using the keyboard.

    There is a long list of complaints with this game since ED made the changes into 2.7. Feel free to go into my post history to see my other issues, as im not going into them here.
    Having a poor UI, in a game that constantly changes every update, while having a different routine (for no sake whatsoever) between similar modules, make this a wish that is sorely wanted.

    I dont mind having a difficult weapons release button, but make them all the same ie 'Alt+Space', Dont give us 16 different ways (im exaggerating) to weapon release for 16 different modules..

    Having different buttons for different modules (when they really shouldnt need to be) makes this game awfully unfriendly towards those that struggle with every day life.

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  14. 3 hours ago, MAXsenna said:

    I don't mean to be negative, but as you say this have been discussed to death elsewhere. So why start a new thread?
    You now know who will show up here and what they will write! emoji6.png
    80% are single players like me, and probably get the assets/SC to play missions and campaigns where required, along with the required module/map. On sales the cost is not that high anyway. And new players do get a first time 50% rebate anyway. That's how I feel about it.
    I don't find your comparison with the SC a good one, as it doesn't break MP. Why should they be allowed to land exactly?
    As for the assets, a solution could be non owners would still be alowed to join, as both you and others already have advocated for.
    This is an expensive hobby, but compared to the hardware.... emoji2373.png

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