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  1. Thats what the people in the office might say. Although this is a marketing strategy my old firm used to use. They'd release a voucher for Services that seemed 'too good to be true'.. And then when the clients used to ring up, we used to say 'Oh its an error, but we'll honour the mistake'.. Its just an awful way of giving those that pre-purchase the middle finger.. Its been just over a month, and this is the thanks we get for pre- purchasing..
  2. Is this for real? A month after EA, and its in Sale at less than EA price?
  3. So the F10 map WILL show you waypoints IF you have a wingman. If you're flying solo, it doesn't show you the waypoints. You'd have to look at the map on your knee pad.
  4. I mean, it's not really.. It's a modern vehicle in a ww2 setting. It would be brilliant if they just added the same lighting effect to a vehicle (or vehicles) from the asset pack. But then, what do I know?
  5. Depends what map, but you can make them up where ever you want them with the FARP tools.. They dont take long and once youve made one, youll realise you can make them for anything, even Warbirds.. You can make them huge, or just a tiny refuel point.
  6. Yeah, i just want it stamped on the F10 Map, But without an AI, it doesnt happen. Cant imagine why..
  7. Yes, you mean like a button in the Mission Editor?
  8. This needs an overhaul.. Pilot connected... Pilot disconnected... Repeat 18 times and fill up my screen without the ability to highlight actual chat messages.... Give us a filter in the options to lock out the spam..
  9. Does this work from every module?
  10. I specifically asked and wanted to disable the module, which is why your post is very unhelpful.. The problem is in the post title. In my opening post I ask for insight into something I might of missed as a solution to my problem. It was resolved- by disabling the pack in the module manager, something I never thought of doing. A template has nothing to do with helping anyone disable the pack.. Please! Stay On Topic.. Hijacking a post and then suggesting that a solution to the problem, is 'the people that don't have it should install it' is not helpful, and has nothing to do with my post or disabling the Asset pack. It dilutes the post and fills it with nonsensical input. Which is unhelpful. Unless you are going to be helpful towards the topic, please don't contribute to the post.. Nobody needs a 'well done' unless they ask for it just hit the like button.
  11. Please allow us to display Waypoints on the F10 Map for a single pilot in a single plane.
  12. Ive had similar issues but only in this mission..
  13. H4 in Jordan is used as a drone base, and yet Drones cant actually operate from this base as there isnt the parking for it. It would be grateful, if you could expand us some details into which aircraft can 'park' where..
  14. What are you on about? The issue is solved! How is a template going to help me disable the asset pack?
  15. If you opened with this, you be getting a thanks sticker. Try and be more helpful rather than pushing people to the instructions. That doesn't help.
  16. They haven't bought the module that's why I'm not using it. Keep the discussion ON TOPIC! Every time you chime in, you try to take the discussion off topic. Stop. Yeah, I know what they are, just easier to eliminate them from the menu by disabling the module. Thanks anyway.
  17. Ah, the old 'just read the instructions' comment. Nothing says 'youre not welcome to help', like comments- like these.. Okay, so the easiest way I find to work this out, is just set up a mission with unlimited ammo enabled. Spend a good few hours flying around trying to hit landmarks, it's truly the only real and efficient way of getting your aim right.. I don't think anyone has a real guide to work this stuff out easily.
  18. Boom! Exactly what I was looking for.. Many thanks! This will save me countless uninstalls.
  19. Trust me, we need a button that disables the Assets, scrolling through the list of the assets just to find to the ones that aren't in the pack is frustrating even in historic mode. I would not ask if it wasn't desperately needed. I end up uninstalling it as it saves time when mission making.
  20. Can we get a button that disables the asset pack when mission making? Is there a way to do this without uninstalling it every time? Ie I want to build a mission for the mosquito without the asset pack for my friends..
  21. PLEASE- Allow us to play the game while the downloads take place- New modules/ Updates etc. Then prompt us to restart. There is nothing worse than leaving this game to just 'update' knowing i could be designing missions while it does. Many thanks..
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