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  1. Did you try rolling back your driver to nvidia 457.51?
  2. Ive a 2080ti, with an i9 and not even i can get steady frames on the Channel (Im talking even 2D not just VR). Im not complaining- I just think that your expectations are way too high for the hardware you have.. Alot of people in hoggit seem to hike up all the resource heavy settings and then get upset because they cant achieve 90FPS. Its just not realistic yet. No one is delivering any game in VR on high settings, with huge textures.. Even on my laptop, ive an i7 with a 2070, and i have to play the game on low, with that hardware. Heres my settings.. by comparison. Tur
  3. I didnt get a track- Sorry.. Just a query, Is the map still in Beta? Only Ive noticed quite a few faults, including fighters using only one runway on a multi runway airfield in dire wind (ie abbeville). And more specifically the Dora seems to have engine cut out issues (ive posted the video in the Dora bug section) including the AI. The taxiways and the release of aircraft onto the runways seems a little broken- On Abbeville, if i stack up 20 '190s or 109's ready on the ramp, only batches of 3 are released sometimes, which means by the time the last 3 takes off, either the Doras engines
  4. Its easier without in the hornet due to the light on the probe.
  5. We can go back and forward like this forever, the analogy wont work, because some will come to fly modern helicopters, some for Warbrids, some for Cold war, some wont have maps etc, the list goes on, there are too many differing variables, and in the way your analogy looks at 'food flavours' in a 'burger joint'. Choice becomes more abundant with each module thats released, and only ED will have the real world figures to tell us 'who prefers burgers to pizza' and with those numbers, they can pick and choose where to put the 'most profitable' development, and where to 'outsource' the stuff tha
  6. Here you go.. I count 1312, So were at about 2%. Hope this helps.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fighter_aircraft Also, id really like to purchase different variants, like the two seat EA18G, and the Super Hornet. And id also like Russia's number one WW2 ground attack aircraft the Ilyushin Il-2 (ironically). Just to name a few. But im spitballing. Arma on DCS would never happen. Tank modules might.
  7. I Agree, however Il2 just delivers in such a different way despite being very low fidelity in comparison. That analogy is wrong int that it assumes you have no cholice but to walk into 'a hamburger joint', use that same analogy in a different context. Say- A high street.. You walk down the high street and see 10 vendors selling pizza, and a single vendor selling burgers.. Id say that would give you a clear and open vision of what food was popular (or rather -what sells). Then take a look at the servers and players we have, and ask ourselves why Il2 does so well with their game n
  8. Yes, exactly the same kind of lists we have in mind.... ***Then a few pages later later in the week, they come back again and end with the assets packs.. on a multitude of Differing posts. In the first instance we would like to work on the Airfield Pack if we can make that possible.. We've not ruled out Naval Assets.. Everything we have said so far is our intent, and wishes and vision.. Seriously @Callsign112, @3WA, Youll probably do yourself some good, from actually re-reading page 1 not just spamming the same paragraph thats b
  9. I see where youre coming from, But thats just pulling context away from the actual topic in hand. And thats why some people are speaking up and diluting the focus away from op's post- with regards to them selling asset packs. Because when i read that full post, i read the statement, as 'If we sell enough asset packs we'll look on towards.. 'Ground vehicles etc'" I think thats where some people are taking words out of context, like this. Im speaking up, because i dont want to have asset packs as a 'First Instance' (To quote the very post you quoted), and youre speaking up becau
  10. Youll probably do yourself some good, from re-reading page 1. Op (BP) starts by asking us if we want Post- Cold war, Cold War, And airfield asset packs, then when the overall response isnt good, there is a move from others to talk about Combined arms. Since that first opening post, there isnt really anything specific mentioned, there are a few posts where they are asked to do ground vehicles, but also a few posts where BP re-affirm that they want to make more asset packs. They havent yet posted a response to actually making 'ground units'. And from there last post, theyve said even makin
  11. I can confirm this, The VR place holder has gone, Any attempt to grab the stick in VR moves the Stick to the rear. A10, and A10-2 Now no longer flyable in VR with touch controls..
  12. 100% Agree, the argument is i can play this game on my surface pro. I can load it up, and run it at 1080p, and use an xbox controller to plop around in a yak (which is THE best module right now despite it not being finished) and have a laugh.. Or i can play this game on my desktop with a full HOTAS and run FA-18 missions online.. Thats the freedom of choice. And im saying that im 100% behind paying for more modules, so that i can still carry on playing with others who might own all modules, or just some of them. Im agreeing that if Battlefield Productions do their modules like the s
  13. The point of the video was to suggest that not everyone goes out and spends their money on expensive hardware to enjoy this game. Some people can do with a basic setup and enjoy the basics, in order to enjoy the gameplay. Some people might buy 'the tank module' but might not want to buy 'every other' ground unit module on offer from BP just to enjoy using the module in the the game. If youd like any questions answered regarding the video, start a post and invite me to come discuss it, dont take the topic of discussion away from Battlefield Productions.
  14. 100% behind an all accessible 64 player server that any person can play on with each of the modules they've paid for.
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