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  1. Thank you sir, and sorry for the delay - my wife got me the PS5 I've been lusting after, so I have been living my life as a samurai for the past few days. The tutorial you sent across for "streamlining" my PC for gaming has helped quite a bit, but it is still getting laggy close to the ground and somewhat in large formations, especially while firing guns or introducing some other type of load to the CPU. After running diagnostics, along with all the other troubleshooting that you've helped me with, I've pretty well dialed it down to my computer needing more RAM. I'm definitely gonna check
  2. I followed that guide, but did not have the time to play around in game tonight, unfortunately. Hopefully it will make at least a minimal improvement, and I’ll get on and check CPU/GPU usage in game tomorrow and report back. Thanks for all the help, and the super useful links!
  3. Thanks! I should have thought of running a diagnostic app in the background, there’s even an overlay built into my AMD panel that I can run in game or record the performance and review. I’ve kind’ve hit a sweet spot with my settings where I can mostly maintain 40fps, but it still drops down to 10-15 at times and the game isn’t as pretty as I want it to be after the settings I had to turn down. I’ll run the diagnostics tonight if I have time and take that info into account. Good looking, and thanks again!
  4. Thank you! I know that we messed with the BIOS and turned it back (I think) to 3.0, as 4.0 for this card allegedly caused problems. Thank you also for the suggestions on what to watch out for when buying RAM, I’ll have her read your post as she is about to start shopping.
  5. Ouch. I usually get stuck with the DCS standard 1.8 mbps. That's brutal, man. Keep your head up, and it'll be over when you wake up tomorrow.
  6. VKB SCG Stick Logitech X56 (refurbished) throttle. Stick is amazing. The throttle had some ghosting issues until I plugged it directly into the motherboard port, and since then it's been working very well.
  7. DISCLAIMER: My wife built my computer (laugh it up, chuckles) and I am computer illiterate, so any delays in my responses are because my dumb ass will need to parse everything through her. From what I can tell I may need more RAM (?), but I would like to pick your brains before investing into a solution that may be a dead end. The problem: Horrible FPS drops and stuttering on large/populated single player missions. Down to like ~7 FPS at times. Otherwise she runs OK. I badly want to buy a the Channel map, but am worried it would be a waste if I can't get Norman
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