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  1. Ok i was able to remove the detend with a file. That gave me a bit more control. But still i was unable to keep the speed of the tanker for mire than some milliseconds. In the Video of redkite or matt it looks so smooth. Could it be that the closer the tanker gets the more cpu power is needed and therefore the framerate (or whatever makes it smooth) gets slower? So maybe it’s not the controller but my low end laptop?
  2. Thanks a lot Flappie! I haven’t heard of OvGME before.
  3. Hello, this is a question regarding custom liveries skins. So imagine you are flying together with your friends a multiplayer mission. is it possible that these skins are visible for all players? Since these skins are usually stored on the client I guess there needs to be some kind of Exchange process?
  4. Ok nice. That can be option. But I guess more expensive throttles like the warthog do not snap and have more room for maneuvering?
  5. Thanks for the hints and the very useful video. I see you really need a lot of practice even with good throttle settings. But since my Hotas snaps in the middle position I might really need to buy a more professional one. Can you recommend one? As a workaround I could maybe use custom curvature to move the 250-300kts position out of the snap zone and have more adjustment freedom. Is that conceivable? Another issue is that the closer I get to the fueling pipe the more difficult it is to remain in a centered position. Again thanks for your valuable information
  6. Hi, I don't know if you ever tryed to refuel an F16 with this cheap Flight Hotas One. But for me it is horrible. I always overshoot the tanker and it is impossible to get even close to the refuling pipe. Even with extended speed/air brakes I could not manage to hold the speed. Is there a way to make the throttle more sensitiv in the controller setup or do I need one of these expensive hootas? Maybe it is also because of my low end laptop that there is a visual delay? Tell me how you practice it? At the moment I did it like pushing a bit more throttle and then back to initial position
  7. Hi, I just train to use the Mavericks (D) in PRE mode with TPOD and auto hand over to weapon. I just wonder why the cross hair does not center on a target on TMS up (point mode). I thought the contour of a target is recognized and therefore centered to it. Or do I need to switch mode or weapon?
  8. All right. Tank you. Since I am beginner I switched on alt hold to at least don‘t hit the ground during trim procedure. ;-)
  9. That is not that easy when you are already airborne. Is it possible to do that in the mission edition? Do you know if there is a data describing how much to trim for specific loads? does the attitude hold function of the auto pilot handles automatically trims?
  10. Hi, I just discovered during a training mission with TPOD and Mavericks that the f16 slightly starts to roll without any controller input. If this is the usual behavior when carrying a TPOD than this is totally anoying since you always need to countersteer which is nearly impossible when targeting an enemy with the cursor. does anyone know if this is a known issue and/or how to solve it?
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